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inflation report The Inflation Report With inflation hitting a 30-year highs, every American is now feeling the consequences. So what is the true meaning of inflation? And how do we protect ourselves from the rapid decline in our buying power?

Swiss America CEO Dean Heskin and Dr. Jerome Corsi have just released a new Inflation Report which offers readers the inside scoop on both the root causes of this rapidly rising inflation as well as some time-tested solutions.

RMP 2022 2022 REAL MONEY PERSPECTIVES - 40th Anniversary Edition In 2022, savvy investors must stay focused not on what they are told, but instead on what they see.

The are so many risks to your savings this year; from geopolitical uncertainty and an overdue market correction to skyrocketing inflation and the bizarre phenomenon of stagflation (a stalling economy while prices are going through the roof).

In this edition we answer a wide range of practical questions about major financial trends including; cryptocurrencies, the 'metaverse,' and how to safely grow your retirement funds.

RMP21 2021 Gold Report - 2021 REAL MONEY PERSPECTIVES
In this 39th Anniversary issue of Real Money Perspective you will learn ... Why Gold Is The Ultimate Inflation Hedge ... How to Preserve Your Future Buying Power ... Why Debt Could Crash The Dollar to Zero .... Who's Behind "Magic Money Tree" Politics ... and much more!

SWII The Secret War: What the War on Cash is Doing to Your Money
The government of the United States and many of its global allies are fighting a secret war - a war to destroy your right to own and use cash. Their goal: To make only transactions that can be tracked and taxed legal. Today a "cashless" banking system has become key in creating an all-pervasive, all-controlling global government surveillance and power over each of us. This is why governments are so eager to impose a "cashless" society before their citizens understand their loss of freedom.

TAGS Timeless Truth about Gold and Silver
For over three decades Swiss America Trading Corporation has provided Americans with tangible financial alternatives and a portfolio diversification formula proven to protect wealth over time. Today your money is at risk - both from the steady decline in the dollar's buying power as well as a sudden, unexpected financial market meltdown. We believe owning physical U.S. gold and silver coins today is no longer a luxury, but rather a vital safety hedge for you and your loved ones.

inflation Inflation Nightmares: Present, Past & Future
Soaring inflation can arrive like a thief in the night, but with the right preparation you can survive and even thrive when it happens. This White Paper covers three inflationary events; 1. The hyperinflation right now in socialist Venezuela, 2. The hyperinflation that followed World War I in Germany's socialist Weimar Republic, The hyperinflation that soon could happen in America because of the rapid socialist drift of one of our two major political parties. Learn how to shelter yourself and your family.

silver report The Silver Report
In 2021, silver may present the opportunity of a lifetime as prices hover near raw production costs; add a supply deficit, a host of rising industrial demand factors as well as rising inflation and you have the makings of a new bull market.

TCS The Crashless Society: Connecting the Dots to Prepare...
Suddenly, experts are warning of a potential stock market collapse. But what if it never comes? America appears to be getting stronger by the day And so what if the stock market takes a big correction? It always recovers, right? Well, this topic is covered in detail in our latest Special Report. In it, you'll discover how to find the hidden positives and negatives of today's rising economic optimism. Are you worried about your retirement account? Stop worrying and start planning for the best years of your life!

ratio trading Ratio Trading
In this report you will discover the Ratio Trading Strategy used in precious metals for hundreds of years as a smart means of increasing metals holding over time - especially during opportunities like today with a distorted Gold-to-Silver ratio.

cyber America's Cyber-Hit List
In 2017, a worldwide cyber-attack caused computer chaos in at least 150 nations and more than 200,000 computers; hitting banks, hospitals, and hundreds of major companies. This so-called "WannaCry" ransom attack shut down ATMs in China, leaving citizens without access to their money. Credit cards failed to work at many gas stations. The Bank of China was a primary target. Your bank, stock and retirement accounts are NOT safe from a cyber-attack! Find out what can be done to protect your money before the next attack.

dont bank on it DON'T BANK ON IT! - White Paper
The Many Ways Your Bank Account Is At Risk Should you "bank on" - put all your life savings and trust in - today's banks? Not so long ago, bank accounts felt secure and paid several percent interest. Today we live in a very different world - a world in which your bank account now pays you almost nothing and has been suddenly transformed from a low-risk asset to high-risk asset. Explains why and how banking and money have changed - and the forces now reshaping and threatening all savers ...

Our right to privacy has been called the civil rights issue of the information age. "A series of mounting controversies is exposing both the risks of political promise-making and the limits of national-level governing. Recently Obama has been involved in the IRS targeting of conservative groups and the siphoning of phone records...

Gold prices, which have been at the mercy of technical selling since 2012, are today witnessing a flood of "paper" market sell orders as short-term speculators take profits. Swiss America CEO Dean Heskin reminds gold owners that the physical gold market is still alive and well, despite ETF liquidations from major banks, brokerages and traders...

In President Obama's second term, he will need enormous amounts of money to pay for his unrestrained big-spending ever-bigger government agenda.His next takeover target is almost certainly the $18.5 Trillion that Americans have saved in their personal Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), 401(K) plans and pension accounts...

gold IRA IRA brochure - How To Spin Your Retirement Account Into Solid Gold
Swiss America has been helping our clients create personalized precious metals savings and retirement plans to help preserve wealth for nearly forty years. Request our free Precious Metals IRA Guide for details.

crisis timeline The Crisis Timeline
What if you had the power to predict the next economic crisis? Crisis TImeline is an overview of the past century, ever since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, revealing at least one major crisis has happened during each decade, a convergence of negative patterns and cycles.

Bible What the Bible Says about Money
What the Bible Says About Money: Biblical Economics to Enlighten a Darkening World explains why it is critical to diversify your assets into biblically sound money today!

wealth Protecting Your Wealth in Today's America
Investing today is riskier than ever before, and protecting our savings now requires savvy investors to take this new danger into account. Some once-prudent investment strategies have become high-risk gambles, and those who unwisely still use them may see their capital suffer. This White Paper shows you how to survive, thrive, and prosper in today's Brave New America.

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