We’re here to help you save your life savings now - before the next major crisis or government intervention robs it from you!

Since 1982, Swiss America Trading Corporation has provided Americans with tangible financial alternatives and a portfolio diversification formula proven to protect wealth over time.

Today your money is at risk - both from the steady decline in the dollar’s buying power and from the threat of a sudden, unexpected financial market meltdown. We believe owning physical U.S. gold and silver coins today is no longer a luxury, but rather a vital safety hedge for you and your loved ones.

Unlike every other form of money on earth, gold has been preserving wealth and offering instant liquidity worldwide for millennia, while offering you a way to maintain your personal privacy.

Our goal is simple: to inspire you to rediscover gold as the world’s most trustworthy financial foundation. Gold always shines brightest in the world’s darkest hour.

Over the years, our clients tell us owning tangible assets gives them greater peace of mind. Our educational resources and knowledgeable representatives will provide you the tools to understand the truth about owning gold in a world so full of broken political (and paper) promises.

Swiss America proudly stands behind our products - and behind you! We offer our clients the expertise and service they deserve and tangible solutions that can be trusted for a lifetime.

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Dean M. Heskin
President, Swiss America


The moment you contact Swiss America, our team of trained professionals stands ready to serve you. Everyone at Swiss America—from our account executives to our support staff—plays a vital role in ensuring your Swiss America experience is a pleasant one.

Here are 7 simple steps we recommend following before buying or selling precious metals:

1. Buy from a recognized national broker/dealer with at least a 10-year track record, who has experienced the ups and downs of the market. Check their references. Ask a lot of questions and get satisfying answers before you buy.

2. Be sure the coins you want can be bought and delivered at the prices quoted. If they say it’s “unavailable,” find it elsewhere.

3. Be sure the broker/dealer offers you a two-way market. A reputable dealer will not only sell you a coin, but they should also be willing to buy it back from you.

4. Reputable companies should settle a trade within 72 hours and deliver coins within 2 weeks maximum.

5. Be sure the dealer you buy from has presented you with both the upside potential and downside risks and has accurately disclosed them. All investments have risk.

6. When buying collector coins, buy only PCGS or NGC certified coins that allow you a reasonable inspection period after arrival.

7. You’ve heard the experts say to buy low and sell high. But doing that is hard, even for professional traders. Therefore, we recommend buying on each dip, if possible. The smartest and wealthiest investors in the world have been buying gold on every dip for decades. Emulate their success and learn from their wisdom.



Everything else is credit. Gold and silver can never default and are superior to any other currency. They are one of the best forms of long-term wealth protection and cannot go bankrupt.


A physical asset can be held and stored. It can’t be hacked or erased like paper or electronic assets.


Many of our collectible coins allow for the purchase and sale without the 1099-B reporting required by the IRS for their bullion counterpart. Collector coins were excluded from FDR’s Executive Order 6102, Section 2B of 1933. Few assets offer this level of privacy.


Gold and silver are commonly traded, so converting either to cash is quick and easy.


Gold and silver can provide both financial preservation and protection from government infringement.


Gold and silver are uncorrelated to conventional assets like stocks and bonds.


Gold has historically been a natural inflation hedge. Gold demand and gold prices tend to increase when inflation of the money supply increases.


Central banks in many countries buy physical gold - a tier 1 asset- as a reserve currency. Central banks are buying gold at the fastest pace in over 50 years.


Global demand for gold and silver is growing. Virtually all major government mints have seen record levels of sales, with most already operating at peak production.


Precious metals have been a recognized form of currency for centuries.

Today, they also offer a way to diversify your investment portfolio, including your retirement savings accounts. The IRS allows you to own gold and other precious metals (silver, platinum, and palladium) in a Traditional, Roth, SEP or SIMPLE IRA.

Diversifying is one of the most important strategies any investor can follow; but investing in precious metals is often not available through retirement accounts marketed by banks and brokerage houses. Only a self-directed IRA gives investors the freedom to invest in physical gold (or silver, platinum, and palladium).

Adding precious metals to your retirement account could help you avoid the risk of unstable markets and inflation.

We can help you transfer paper assets into gold with no tax penalties or new contributions, by converting an existing IRA—or other retirement account—into a Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA.


Bullion Coins/Bars
Swiss America offers a wide array of U.S. and foreign gold, silver and platinum bullion coins. Popular U.S. coins include gold and silver American Eagles. Bullion gold coins are minted by the millions annually and are available in one-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce and tenth-ounce weights. Bullion coins offer a solid, precious metal hedge from financial uncertainty as well as instant liquidity worldwide. Bullion prices can be volatile due to short-term speculation and do not offer the privacy of ownership historic U.S gold coins provide.

Generic Numismatic Coins
Generic United States gold and silver coins are a popular choice for many Americans. The classic $20 Liberty and $20 Saint Gaudens gold coins, as well as Morgan Silver Dollars, are the most popular U.S. gold and silver coins ever minted. Generic numismatic U.S. gold coins offer both the gold value of bullion plus the added benefit of being considered a 100% private asset by the U.S. government - unlike public record bullion coins. Mint-State coins do not require 1099 reporting like bullion coin transactions do. Certified generic numismatic coins trade daily worldwide and are valued based upon their scarcity, condition, grade and market demand.

Rare U.S. Coins
For collectors interested in the finest quality U.S. gold and silver coins with low populations, Swiss America offers a wide selection of rare U.S. numismatic coins. The market for these authentic American treasures is similar to fine art or antique collecting. Rare U.S. coins are highly sought after by collectors because so few exist today in pristine condition.

At Swiss America our goal is to help our clients find a suitable tangible asset diversification strategy, which may include U.S. bullion, U.S. Mint-State coins and/or U.S. rare coins. We suggest all forms of gold and silver assets be held for a minimum of 3-5 years, longer if possible.


Because classic, Mint-State U.S. gold and silver coins become harder to find every day, their value tends to increase over time. The number of coins originally issued (mintage) is one indication of scarcity, but it is the interplay between the market demand with the remaining supply that determines the ultimate scarcity of a coin. Mint-State coin population reports indicate the monthly changes in a coin’s scarcity and “survival” rate.

The condition of a coin is another key factor in determining value. The grading of a coin is performed under exacting specifications that require specialized training. The recognized specifications of each coin’s grade are a decisive factor in the value. Numismatic experts use a numerical scale from 1 to 70 to describe a coin’s condition and grade by giving the obverse (front) and reverse (back) of each coin equal examination.

Once the grade of a coin is “certified”, it is placed into a hermetically sealed, tamper-proof plastic holder with its grade and certification permanently displayed. There are three major coin grading categories:

Circulated: Coins graded 1-59, mostly for hobby level collectors.

Uncirculated: Coins graded “Mint State” 60-70, never used in circulation.

Proof: Coins graded Proof 60-70, special mintage using polished dies and planchets (coin blanks).

3. SUPPLY: The degree of collector and market demand also plays a key role in determining a coin’s value. Since classic U.S. coins are no longer minted, the supply is very limited due to: attrition loss, mishandling, donating collections to museums, hoarding, government meltdown and government intervention.

4. DEMAND: The key factors determining market demand include: a coin’s rarity, historical significance, quality and track record. True coin collectors often invest decades in building a lifetime collection, with no immediate intention to sell; whereas classic U.S. coin investors are more interested in growth and return.


Today’s savvy Americans realize the urgent need for tangible asset protection and diversification of their financial portfolio in the midst of an uncertain economic environment. Mint-State $20 U.S. gold coins offer superior asset protection, privacy and long-term growth potential.

The History of $20 Gold Pieces

Pure gold and silver coinage has been used as a medium of exchange and a store of value throughout recorded history. Since then, mankind has understood that gold and silver coins represent real money. This explains why America’s Founding Fathers designated gold and silver coins as the only “tender in payment of debts” in the U. S. Constitution, Article 1, Sec. 10.

U.S. gold coins were banned from general circulation with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Executive Order of 1933. Under this order all circulated gold coins and gold bullion had to be surrendered to the Federal Reserve Bank in exchange for paper currency at face value. Thankfully, a precious few classic U.S. gold coins survived the melting pot by finding a new home in Europe. In 1975, gold ownership again became legal, causing many of these early American $20 gold coins to return to the U.S. where they’ve gained great popularity.

These early U.S. gold coins - once used in daily commerce - were nearly one ounce and had a $20 face value. That value was based upon an exact gold weight and purity. The two largest and most popular issues of U.S. gold coins were the $20 Liberty and the $20 Saint Gaudens.


The first U.S. $20 gold coin, referred to as the Liberty Double Eagle, was designed by John B. Longacre and was minted in the U.S. between 1849-1907. U.S. Liberty gold coins were produced in five different denominations with a face value of $1, $2.50, $5, $10, and $20.

U.S. Liberty coins have become the symbol of America’s unique heritage. These are the same gold pieces used by the American settlers of the Wild West and during the Civil War era. Today they remain in strong demand as a reminder of a time when our money was “good as gold”!


The second U.S. $20 gold coin, minted from 1907 to 1933, was designed and named after the famous American sculptor Augustus St. Gaudens and is referred to as the Saint Gaudens. This design is considered the most beautiful American coin ever minted. This series of coins also includes St. Gaudens’ classic Indian head design which was used on the $2.50, $5 and $10 gold coins.

Both the Liberty gold coin series and the Saint Gaudens gold coin series were discontinued in 1933 when gold ownership was outlawed. The only exemption from the government confiscation of gold was for collector gold coins with “a recognized special value to collectors of rare and unusual coins”.

This collectible value is a key factor in maintaining privacy of ownership and may provide protection against a possible government gold confiscation in the future. Historically, bullion coins valued solely upon their metal content have not qualified as collector or numismatic coins.


Twenty-dollar gold pieces are wealth preservers that you physically hold in your own hands. By owning a hard asset, you control your own financial destiny. A simple test: If you were aboard a sinking ship, would you rather have a life preserver or a life preserver certificate? Gold is real money.

Finding assets that offer privacy today can be a daunting task. This privacy does not exempt you from taxes in any way but allows for you to purchase and hold the coins privately in an age when little in our lives is not public domain. Twenty-dollar gold pieces are a haven for those who value the benefits of asset privacy. Their status as a collectible allows for the purchase and sale without the 1099-B reporting required by the IRS for their bullion counterpart. Collector coins were excluded from FDR’s Executive Order 6102, Section 2B of 1933.

Collectible U.S. gold coins have performed well over the years due to an ever-increasing demand and limited supply. As a result of the 1979-1980 gold rush, Mint-State $20 gold coins in particular have seen impressive increases in value. U.S. $20 gold coins have been one of the top non-leveraged performers in the past, even during difficult economic periods.

Professional coin grading and certification adds to liquidity and eliminates uncertainty when purchasing or selling U.S. gold and silver coins. Because gold is “universal money”, thousands of U.S. locations will liquidate certified coins. Cashing out coins doesn’t take weeks as it may with stocks.



The “war to end all wars” fell far short of that noble aspiration. What history now refers to as World War I, which ravaged Europe from 1914 to 1918, did stir worldwide yearning, however, for peace. Following the war, there was widespread sentiment for issuance of a coin that would celebrate and commemorate the restoration of peace. First struck in 1921, the Peace silver dollar instantly became one of the most popular silver coins in American history. Many consider this silver coin to be the last “true” American silver dollar minted for circulation.


Political pressure, not public demand, brought the Morgan dollar into being. There was no real need for a new silver dollar in the late 1870s; the last previous “cartwheel,” the Liberty Seated dollar, had been legislated out of existence in 1873. The beautiful Morgan Silver Dollar was sculpted by George T. Morgan and is considered by experts to be the peak of the engraver’s art. Morgan Silver Dollars were minted between 1878 and 1904. Then in 1921, Morgan Dollars were again minted as an encore and the last year of the series. Gem quality uncirculated Morgan Dollars are sought after by coin collectors and investors alike.

Peace dollars and Morgan dollars are avidly sought by coin collectors and silver investors looking for extra leverage to the silver price. Because of their true scarcity and strong collector demand, they can appreciate in a rising silver market much faster than silver bullion. Their status as a collectible allows for the purchase and sale without the 1099-B reporting required by the IRS for their bullion counterpart.

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of American history. These coins are a tangible reminder of our country’s past and a valuable investment for your future.

Silver is a Good, Long-Term Wealth Preserver

Along with U.S. gold coins, Swiss America also recommends purchasing U.S. silver bars and coins, because of their of widespread public circulation during the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1964, due to lacking U.S. silver reserves, the minting of U.S. silver coins for circulation ended abruptly.

Silver is a precious metal with a very bright future, due to basic supply/demand fundamentals.

New high-tech uses for silver are straining already tight supplies. World demand for silver now exceeds annual production, depleting silver stockpiles.

U.S. Silver Eagle coins serve as an excellent long-term store of value and are therefore allowed to be held tax-free for retirement in a Precious Metals IRA.


There are two nationally accepted independent companies which certify and grade coins: the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). Both companies use standardized criteria to grade coins and are accepted worldwide due to their expertise.

Each coin is inspected by a panel of numismatists using precise criteria to determine the grade of each coin. Coins are graded either Circulated, Uncirculated or Proof. Coins graded MS-60 and above are Uncirculated (also known as Mint-State coins). Both Mint-State and Proof coins graded 60 and above typically have the best track record for growth.

Each numismatic coin is encapsulated in a tamper-proof holder with its grading certificate showing Date, Type and Grade. The certified holders are molded from a durable transparent plastic, impervious to the elements, which presents an unobstructed view of each side of the coin.


American Numismatic Association

Certified Acceptance Corporation

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation

Numismatic Consumer Alliance

Professional Coin Grading Service

National Coin and Bullion Association


Step 1: Upon consultation with your Account Executive, selection of each coin will be discussed.

Step 2: We will connect with our trading department and reserve the coins for you. The trade desk will issue a confirmation number for each coin to ensure price and availability.

Step 3: Payment options:
Bank Wire to: Wells Fargo Bank, 420 Montgomery St. San Francisco, CA 94104 • ABA #121000248 • Account # 4159531235

Send a cashier’s check or personal check to: Swiss America, 15018 N. Tatum Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85032

Step 4: Your purchase is shipped via U.S. Postal Service registered/insured, return receipt requested. This procedure affords insured U.S. mail delivery of your coins.

Step 5: After you receive your coins, you may track the performance of your portfolio online at You may also call your Account Executive toll-free at 1-800-289-2646 to request a periodic portfolio evaluation.

Step 6: When you decide to liquidate, simply forward your coin(s) to Swiss America via registered, insured mail. We will liquidate your coin(s) at the prevailing wholesale market price and your funds will be sent to you promptly.

Liquidation Protection: Since Swiss America’s inception in 1982, we have offered the most comprehensive, uninterrupted buy-back program in the industry. Speak with your Swiss America representative regarding the details of this program.


Clients and friends alike tell me they’re concerned about the safety of their assets and savings, which are at risk today in scores of new ways. Over the past five decades BIG government - with the support of BIG banks - have created debt, housing and stock bubbles. Sadly, bubbles always end badly for the unprepared.

Most are building their entire financial future upon a fragile system of computer networks that have never withstood the test of time. Today our money, markets and banks are at risk of being robbed both by misguided political policies as well as by cyber-attacks launched half a world away.

ONE asset has served ALL mankind as a trustworthy monetary foundation: Gold!

“Numeraire” is an economic term defined as; “money, coinage, or face value”. Numeraire represents the ultimate unit of account, which serves as a universal reference for all economic transactions. Gold has served as the world’s ultimate numeraire for over 4,000 years.

Many perceive the U.S. dollar as the ultimate form of money but without gold backing, today’s dollar is at high risk of losing its world reserve currency status.

If the truth be known, Gold’s price never really changes!

An ounce of Gold today buys about the same amount of goods or services as it has throughout all of history. Back when $20 gold coins were in circulation, one coin could buy you dinner and drinks at a five-star restaurant and a nice three-piece suit. Today, that $20 gold piece would still afford you the five-star dinner and the three-piece suit but a $20 bill, by comparison, would barely cover the tax on either. Gold is much more than just another commodity or investment; it is honest money.

Gold and silver are respected and accepted worldwide because they’re pure, liquid, debt-free assets which can still be held privately in your own hands. Owning physical gold and silver coins today also positions you to preserve your wealth for a lifetime, as well as for the next generation.

I invite you to take the first step today!

Let Swiss America help you secure your assets with a “personal” gold standard. Then you can enjoy a secure and peaceful life, no matter what happens to stocks, bonds or banks! Please act now, before the declining dollar drives gold prices further upward!

At your service,
Craig R. Smith
Chairman Emeritus, Swiss America

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: 1. Swiss America Trading Corporation, its principals and representatives, in no way guarantee a profit or guarantee against a loss on any coin purchased. 2. The rare coin market is volatile and thinly capitalized. Significant price swings in a short period of time are possible. 3. Certification by PCGS or NGC does not guarantee protection against the normal risks associated with potentially volatile markets. 4. The degree of liquidity for certified coins will vary according to the general market conditions and the particular coin involved. For some coins, there may be no active market at all, at certain points in time. 5. Population report information is provided for information purposes only. Population figures should not be the sole reason for purchasing a coin. Population figures are constantly changing as services grade coins on a daily basis.

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