Client Testimonials

Tom was very knowledgeable and informative about the coins I was inquiring about. He answered my questions that allowed me make an informed decision to purchase. I will call again to purchase.

Larry C. Smith - 2023-02-10

Always a good experience to deal with Swiss America. I trust my broker and the firm. I get the guidance and direction I need and without pressure, hype etc. I always recommend Swiss America to anyone interested in this field of investment.

Philip Jos - 2023-01-20

I experienced an outstanding educational process by my representative and was delighted about the opportunity to initiate a numismatic based financial plan. Thank you!

Judy G. Martens - 2022-12-23

My experience with Swiss America was excellent from start to finish. Earl and Curtis were both helpful and insured I knew more than I thought I needed to know about precious metals and collectables. I found them Both to be courteous, respectful and willing to go the extra mile to insure I was Completely Satisfied with my purchase. I couldn't be happier!! Thank you Swiss America!!

CvB - 2022-12-22

Wes is awesome! He is always right there for me and helps with all my needs. Michael is also great to work with and answers my questions. Wonderful experience!

Andrea Badon - 2022-12-15

Steve M. and Jim P. were very thorough and helpful in every aspect of my transaction from sale to the final delivery of my order. A very comfortable and reassuring experience. Thank you

Dan Cramer - 2022-12-13

Candice is a wonderful representative. She has guided me with my rollover process and has answered every concern I have had. I can see why she must be a valued employee. I wish there were more representatives like her.

Debbie Owens - 2022-12-10

We are very satisfied with Swiss America. We are kept informed of any 'new' happenings and information that is important to us. The 'office' is also very kind and efficient as well. Thanks for treating all clients as well as you do.

Carl G. Schulz, Jr, - 2022-11-29

We have had nothing but excellent service from Swiss America - from the start and through each transaction. Highly recommend this professional, courteous, knowledgeable company.

Carl G. Schulz, Jr, - 2022-10-21

We are very pleased with your service. Curt and Earl are super knowledgeable and friendly and get the transactions completed in a short amount of time. Very happy with your company.

Caroline Collinske - 2022-10-18

As always Curt and Earl are so friendly and knowledgeable and are just awesome to work with. They always respond to all questions quickly and are wonderful people!

Caroline Collinske - 2022-10-14

Overall, from the first contact to receiving the balance after purchase by check, was efficient, extremely positive, friendly, and professional.

Romy Klinger - 2022-10-04

Tom is knowledgeable, courteous and professional. I enjoy our conversations. James P. is prompt on updates and deliveries. I am always satisfied with the products. Thank you.

Daniel E. Fitzgerald - 2022-09-29

Both Richard & Joe were very pleasant & knowledgeable about gold & silver. They made very good points about owning gold & silver.

Rosamond (Roe) F Die - 2022-09-16

Very courteous, knowledgeable, called or emailed when expected and responded to questions immediately. Answered all questions quickly.

Bradford Smith - 2022-09-09

Jim and Bill have been exceptionally helpful since my first contact with Swiss America. I could not have been more pleased. They have explained situations to me with great patience, returned phone calls quickly, kept me 'up' on things as my transactions were taking place, etc. They are a great team!

Sally A. Reagan - 2022-09-08

Over the years dealing with Curt, It continues to amaze me how much he knows, understands and is able to explain to me so that I can understand any question I throw at him. It truly feels like I have a friend to talk to each and every time I call in (which is pretty rare these days). Keep up the awesome work!

Jonathan Magro - 2022-09-03

My interaction with Jim and Steve have been professional and cordial. Very knowledgeable guys and a willingness to satisfy their customer. Friendly men.

David Madjerich - 2022-08-08

Exceptional service!!! I have already referred a couple friends to Swiss America

Wesley Schumann - 2022-08-06

Michael was extremely personable, knowledgeable and helpful. We could not have asked anymore of him. Thank you.

Roy Purves - 2022-08-05

Wes and Micheal have been exceptional in their knowledge of precious metals. I have learned a great deal about purchasing precious metals from them. I also have a great deal of trust in their abilities to be my best advocate in the precious metals area in protecting my investments.

Mark S Marohl - 2022-07-27

Matt has been a pleasure to work with. He listens to my concerns and answers my questions. He always returns my calls in a timely manner. When I inquire about something, he goes out of his way to explain. He takes the time to help me understand and I appreciate that. I can tell, he genuinely cares about me and each of his customers. I will refer my friends and family to Swiss America because of Matt's exceptional service.

Gaylynne Myers - 2022-07-20

Pleasant and very knowledgeable. Straightforward and that is how I prefer the conversations of this magnitude. Took the time to explain everything and how it works, answered questions, and got back to me promptly when I had questions. Made me feel good knowing my rep(s) get back to me this quickly.

Joseph Rella - 2022-07-14

Dustin is a very knowledgeable and thorough representative of your company. He instills a feeling of confidence as he is straight forward and honest. He was helpful in guiding me through the process of obtaining precious metals and the upside and downside of the options I was considering. You are fortunate to have him on your team.

Nino Posella - 2022-07-13

As one who has only invested in mutual, money market and S&P index funds through my Edward Jones financial planner, I had a lot of questions about moving a percentage of my IRA over to a physical gold and silver IRA. Every Swiss America representative I spoke with over the phone was knowledgeable and patient with me, taking time to answer all my questions and resolve all my concerns. They walked me through all the steps.

Richard A. Evans - 2022-07-01

Jim and Bill were beyond helpful!!! They were informative and friendly! Both of these guys earned my respect and trust quickly. I will certainly recommend your company because of these two gentlemen!

Amy Voights - 2022-06-27

Michael has been very responsive to my calls, questions and accommodating my deliveries. Looking forward to future acquisitions.

James Edwards - 2022-05-03

Curtis is a wonderful rep and I have learned much about this sector of investment. I am truly grateful for his advice and most importantly his friendship!

Martin C Boyd - 2022-04-28

I have been very happy with everyone I've dealt with at Swiss America. Everyone is friendly, helpful and attentive! Good job!

Jan LaRue Frichot - 2022-03-31

Very professional,helpful people who know their business and products. A trusted company.

Blanche Witmer - 2022-03-30

Cliff is very knowledgeable and very attentive to my goals in precious metals. He keeps me updated on my portfolio and also how the market is doing. He works very hard in helping me get the most for the money I am able to invest. I highly recommend Cliff.

Patricia A Velez - 2022-03-29

My broker Tom was an absolute professional. It was always a pleasure talking with him. He was patient and understanding with all of my questions, delays due finance situation. Tom walked me through what I based my decision on. After my purchase, Tom kept me updated (by phone) with shipping, tracking, and delivery. When I am ready to purchase more I will most definitely be calling back Tom with Swiss America. Thank you all for your outstanding customer service and professionalism. God bless you all.

Ronnie R Lora - 2022-03-25

Dustin is awesome! He is a very caring person. It's been great having him listen to me and continue educating me on what is happening in the gold and silver market...I am thankful that he is on my account! I'm trying to get used to the fact that gold and silver are the real money and not takes a bit of getting used to...Dustin has helped me tremendously!

Christie Orr - 2022-03-23

I am so new to investing in precious metals, but Steve mainly and your website have been a great learning experience for me. Having also done research on the recent increasing value of precious metaIs, I am confident that this new way of investing for me will eventually reap benefits, I surely hope so.

Graham Lincoln Cornf - 2022-03-23

Everyone at Swiss America was professional, courteous and patient as this is my first time investing. They understood my hesitation, answered every question politely even when I asked the same question more than once. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Swiss America and my broker.

Marie H Heyne - 2022-03-21

My experience was good, Reps. were friendly and helpful. Very knowledgeable. Will definitely contact them for future transactions

D. VanderMeulen - 2022-02-23

Everyone I dealt with at Swiss America was very professional and knowledgeable. I have nothing negative to say about my experience with them. I just want to thank them for helping me with my purchases of gold and silver. And, I'm hoping to deal with them again in the near future.

Jerry Botkin - 2022-02-16

I am both a coin collector and someone who invest in silver. Swiss America is able to supply both at a fair price with fast and effective results.

Steven Crawford - 2022-02-11

Joe is great to work with. I am new to this and had a bit of hesitancy when I first called but Joe made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions. I’m glad I called your company and will do business with Swiss America again.

Michael Fischer - 2022-01-26

The service we received exceeded our expectations. Purchasing precious metals was a learning curve for us and our broker was very patient and helpful in walking us through the entire process. We have recommended your company to a friend.

John & Susan Kir - 2022-01-10

My representative knew all about the products that I was looking for. He took the time to answer all of my questions so that I was comfortable in making a purchase. I will definitely buy from Swiss America in the future.

Dave Goodrow - 2022-01-03

I am very satisfied with Swiss America and the help that Mike gave me. I received the coins in record time and they came packaged very nicely. Thank you and I will plan on working with you again.

Susan Bromen - 2021-12-27

Michael and Wes are fantastic. They are always very helpful and courteous. I will continue working with them in the future.

William Sells - 2021-12-15

The two gentlemen that guided me through this process and very thorough, courteous and professional. I very much appreciate this being a newcomer to this market. I would definitely recommend them as well with deal with them again myself and the near future. Thank you!

Michael J Cooper - 2021-12-06

Cliff is a wealth of knowledge. These decisions are stressful but his clear knowledge of the world of gold and silver is immense. Kelly, too, is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Mark Clapper - 2021-11-09

I received excellent guidance and recommendations based on my needs. Discussions were thorough and exhaustive (being a new buyer, I asked a lot of questions following my own research). It was a rewarding experience arriving at what I wanted and needed. Thank you!

Nino J. Abbott - 2021-10-25

The two gentleman representatives came with high refences and did not disappoint! They explained items well to me, were patient with me and were very knowledgeable. When I wish to purchase gold collectible coins again, I will certainly contact hem. Thank you!

Michael Sabel - 2021-10-22

Bill was awesome! Professional, knowledgeable, kept me inform along the way. Everything was exactly how he said it would be! Thanks! Would definitely buy from him again!

John Thomas - 2021-10-22

Steve has always been extremely patient, courteous, prompt and professional in responding to my questions. It is clear that he enjoys his job and helping his clients. Always a pleasure.

Anastasia Petryczka - 2021-10-08

Learning more about this process and the investment; and S/A was very helpful. The materials sent to me and the website are very useful tools for a novice to this product. Thanks for your help.

Eldon Rollins - 2021-10-05

I thank God for the forward thinking people at Swiss America. I feel safer now that I have secured a portion of my retirement in gold and silver.

April - 2021-09-16

Tom was very informative and caring. As a first time buyer, I felt well taken care of so I would be comfortable and confident about my purchase.

Laura Brysacz - 2021-09-15

The team of professionals with Swiss America helped make the process of my metals purchase seamless. I'm very glad I selected Swiss America to help me preserve/protect my wealth.

Patricia Crawford - 2021-09-11

John has been wonderful working with my limited knowledge about gold and silver investments. He has provided me with a lot of information. He has responded to my calls quickly and I have never had this fast of service by any other company.

Annette Deluna - 2021-09-05

Steve understood each of my concerns and questions! He was very attentive and helpful. I appreciate his help very much.

Elaine F. Vann - 2021-09-02

It’s truly a wonderful experience, to talk with Randy, he and I are like minded. His expertise in precious metals is second to none. It is a Blessing to transact with him and with Swiss America. Thank you.

Joseph C Bailey II - 2021-08-27

Both, Bill and Jim, have been very helpful in explaining why investing in precious metals is so important in being part of my investment portfolio. They answered any questions I had when I invested for the first time about 10 years ago, and, again, in July.

Patricia Ann Cochran - 2021-08-18

You guys are great, This was my first time buying silver and it could not have gone smoother. Would recommend you guys to anyone . Thanks again.

john bertram - 2021-07-01

Candice did a great job answering my questions and she was very knowledgeable. Thank you, Candice for taking care of my order so quickly and judiciously!

Kimberly Madsen - 2021-06-28

Exceptionally knowledgeable & consistent with the information given. Very helpful when dealing with a novice buying precious metals & readily available for their customers. Would highly recommend Swiss America.

Wendy Elizabeth Byru - 2021-06-11

My first time dealing with a company of your type of product,a very small buy,ten silver coins. Yet I was treated professionally and courteous, I will recommend and be back. Thank you.

James Gardner - 2021-06-04

Kelly was prompt, professional, and personable. She walked me through the entire process making it easy for me to complete the transfer. I would recommend her to anyone considering Swiss America.

Mercedes Holland - 2021-06-04

My husband and I consider ourselves very fortunate to be customers of your company. All of our experiences so far have been pleasant, informative, and I trust beneficial.

Michael D. Hartley - 2021-06-02

Tom and Jim are great people to do business with I have been doing so since approximately 2010.They are both great at answering any questions and have never tried to do any high pressure sales at anytime.

Kevin Berner - 2021-05-31

This is my first purchase from Swiss America. I purchased some Walking Liberty half dollar coins. The price was excellent, coins were in good condition considering they all had been in circulation and the shipping was prompt. I am very satisfied with my purchase and am considering to purchase more coins .I have also referred SA to friends. Thank you.

Michael Anthony de M - 2021-05-25

This being my first time acquiring precious metals I wish to express my tremendous gratitude towards Jim and Bill who are so patient and thorough in explaining and caring about my concerns they're the reason why I decided to go with Swiss America and not the other commodity companies that were seeking my business. Their integrity and character has proven through the whole process of my purchase and now my ownership and for this I am extremely thankful that you would have insight to have such quality people representing Swiss America for which I am extremely grateful and look forward to more opportunities with Jim and Bill

Wayne Howes Smith - 2021-05-20

Curt and Swiss America are very knowledgeable about the Precious Metals sector and have aided me immensely with my education of Monetary History. I feel a sense of comradeship and I do not feel alone as the world heads towards a historic collapse of the current financial and fiat monetary systems. Thank you all, people of Swiss America!

Jason Morioka - 2021-04-24

It’s always a delight to work with Randy He is so helpful in finding just the right product for us and is super caring. We would give him a 20/10 in customer service.

Lois Schwamman - 2021-04-23

Swiss America has treated me well over the years. Tom has been very helpful and informative about the markets and sharing information. I feel they are trustworthy and reliable.

Cheryl A. Janssen - 2021-04-21

All of my interactions with Swiss America have been a positive experience. They are an honest company with integrity which is difficult to find in this present age. I trust their representatives who are helpful, courteous and knowledgeable of the world economy. I recommend them highly.

KM - 2021-04-13

Steve and Joshua are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful in guiding us in our investments with precious metals and make a great team. I would highly recommend both to any friends and family. Keep up the great work!

Gregory Michael Appl - 2021-02-20

Bill, my representative, is always nice and patient. Got exactly what I ordered in a reasonable amount of time. The whole experience was a real pleasure. Will be recommending to friends and family. 👍🏻

Chance Petty - 2021-02-18

Joe is terrific and we really enjoy talking to him. He has provided us with incredible information and has advised us conscientiously. The coins are beautiful and we are looking forward to doing business in the future

Vivian S Vetere - 2021-02-10

I was pleasantly surprised to receive my coins very fast. Earl answered any questions, I had and worked with me on the amount I had to spend at the time I called I'm looking forward to doing more business with swiss america into the future. I would like to thank you for your services, and i hope for the success off swiss america into the future

Travis Rybiski - 2021-02-04

I was very pleased with my experience. Matt kept me up to date about the process and was very courteous and friendly. When I am able to invest again in the future, I will be happy to use Swiss America

Deborah Hale - 2021-01-12

Curtis helped me feel comfortable and trusting in my very first time of buying silver.

carol gonzales - 2020-12-19

Dustin spent lots of time helping me with some long term gold investments. He was very patient and thorough.

Anita Woods - 2020-12-18

He was detailed, professional, and efficient. He explained well and opened the door for a positive future relationship with your company.

Mary Lou Hornby - 2020-12-18

I wish to thank Steve fo his prompt and courteous handling of my transactions his advice grew my portfolio very quickly after the transaction was made. I am very pleased. Thank you.

Jimmy Ames - 2020-12-16

I enjoyed reading all the information that was sent to me. Everyone was very kind and helpful. Thank you very much.

Jean Severson - 2020-11-04

I am very satisfied with my rep Dustin. He is always willing to answer my questions and he makes me feel comfortable. I have dealt with him for many years and I like that I’m dealing with someone that I know(even though we’ve never met) and that knows &remembers me.

Kathleen sieg - 2020-10-30

Once again, it has been a good experience having both Michael W. & Wes P. handling my business. Any questions or concerns I have had, either in the past or at this present time, have been discussed. For both me and my husband, we have peace in knowing we have the best help we could ever find in both Michael & Wes! It is so encouraging to know we can get in touch with them quickly, if need be! Thank you, to you both! We are truly blessed with your help and guidance in these turbulent times! God Bless!

Elisabeth M Osborne - 2020-10-27

My questions and concerns are always addressed to my satisfaction. It is a pleasure to have such a knowledgeable and professional team working with me to achieve my financial goals.

Cheryl Nazario - 2020-10-26

Kelly and Michael were professional, competent, conscientious and very helpful. We were happy to work with them and purchase some coins.

GARY F LANGE - 2020-10-03

My representative Candice was amazing. She explained the importance of owning physical silver and gold verses faux paper reserve. I will recommend Swiss America to my friends and plan on purchasing more in the future.

Leticia Sullivan - 2020-09-16

As always, SwissAmerica took good care of me! Richard and Phil were patient with me, and answered my questions without hesitation, and fully. The shipping came very fast, and was delivered to my door for my signature. I do not buy metals anywhere else....that says it ll!! Thankyou.!!

Sandra Lee Orozco - 2020-08-29

This was my first time buying gold coins and had some anxiety about investing in precious medals. The staff at Swiss America was professional, knowledgeable and responsive to my inquiries. I have received my first purchase of gold coins and awaiting my second purchase of coins with enthusiasm . I am a new customer with Swiss America but I have been made to feel that I have been with you for a long time. I know that I have made the right choice with Swiss America.

Cheryl Nazario - 2020-08-27

Joshua and Steve were very patient and informative with me (first time gold buyer). Thank you for making me feel confident and happy to venture into buying gold and how that will affect my retirement nest egg. I am happy that I chose Swiss America for my investment choice.

Lyle Edward Kummer - 2020-08-22

Excellent knowledge Chris provided, and exceptional guidance. I plan to do much more to invest in this way, including considering my IRA. Chris is willing to work with the company to discuss options. Extremely helpful

Dina Samora - 2020-08-14

Darrell was very helpful and knowledgeable about the coins I was inquiring about, giving me info on others as well. This is my second transaction with him and Swiss America, I will be definitely doing more transactions in the future with you. Thank you so much for all of your assistance

Chris Franceschelli - 2020-08-08

Michael & Chris always take good care of me! I will use them again, and continue to refer them to someone to invest in metals.

Malena Lynn Bradshaw - 2020-08-05

Had a great experience with swiss America ,can't wait to do more transactions with them.

Michael C Toombs - 2020-08-05

I am very new to precious metals and appreciated all the time and answers to my many questions, vey much appreciated and highly recommended.

Claude Chew - 2020-08-04

Have made several purchases with Swiss America & trust the advice & expertise of my representative.

Diane A. Sell - 2020-07-30

Everyone was courteous, knowledgeable and very professional. Tom instilled confidence in my investment. Very much appreciated

Annie Ireland - 2020-07-30

Your representatives are the best always there to support the client and educate and offer there experience expand the client's knowledge. Jeff always goes the extra mile.

Ronald D. Tears - 2020-07-24

Randy is very knowledgeable and informative, I have learned a lot about gold. Thanks for your help!

Erica Zach - 2020-07-17

Both representatives were friendly, knowledgeable, detailed and helpful. Keep up the good work!

Matthew Kenney - 2020-07-16

Customer associates very helpful and conscientious as usual. No hesitation in recommending SATC to anyone.

Dorothy Sturmer - 2020-07-15

Candice was exceptional keeping me up to date concerning the status of my order.

Jon H. Zwanziger - 2020-07-10

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