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Home Page:'s main index page with up to date precious metals and numismatic coin information and commentary.


About CRS: Up to date information about Craig R. Smith, Chairman of Swiss America Trading Corporation.

Senior Associates: Swiss America's Senior Account Executives with over 10 years experience with the firm.

Broker Directory: Listing of Swiss America's Account Executives.

About SATC: Background information about America's most trusted gold and silver coin dealer.

Contact Us: Online form and real world contact information.

Why SATC?: Why choose Swiss America for your precious metals and numismatic purchases?

Our Credentials: Swiss America Listing of endorsements, accreditations and associations.

Client Testimonials: Watch and read what other clients think about their experience with Swiss America.

SATC In The Media: Information about Swiss America and Craig Smith media appearances.

Complaints: Information about dealing with coin gold complaints.

Employment At SATC: Apply to work with Swiss America.


Gold Market News: Geopolitical, Economic & Precious Metals Market Trends, News & Commentary.

Featured Commentary: Featured commentary from Swiss America and other sources

Real Money Blog: Daily news headlines and market news updates.

Gold News Daily podcast: - Latest market news in audio format and text, also sent via email.

News Releases: - Latest press releases from Swiss America of interest to the public.

Research Reports: Newsletters, research reports and analysis from Swiss America.

Browse News Archives: Browse older articles from our Market News and Featured Commentary sections.

Enews (un)subscribe: Manage subscriptions for email market news updates.


Why Gold Prices Rise: 7 major forces propelling precious metal prices higher.

About Numismatics: Educate yourself with this overview of U.S. rare gold and silver coins.

U.S. $20 Gold Pieces: The history and mystic of owning classic Americana coinage

Silver Dollars: The silver rush is on, but which type of silver is best?

Getting Started: Basic steps to start building a hard asset portfolio.

Free Resources: Browse the latest free multimedia educational resources.

Avoiding Gold Scams: 5 steps before buying or selling precious metals.

Links: Swiss America related web sites and other recommended news and commentary sites.


Request Free Resources: Request gold and silver coin education materials be sent to you via regular mail.


Login To Your Account: Login to your membership account.

Account Overview: An overview of your account information.

Modify Account Information: Inform us of any changes to your address or contact information.

Account Notifications: Manage your account notifications to be alerted of changes in trading status via email.

Trade/Payments Status: Look at your trade and payment status in realtime.

View Your Portfolio: See a realtime listing and values of your Swiss America Trading Portfolio.

View Trade History: See your trade history and print duplicate invoices.

View Receiving History: View your recent history of coins you have sent to us for liquidations.

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