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Are You Prepared For Trumponomics? -- By Craig R. Smith - Political administrations change regularly, however, government behavior rarely changes quickly enough to surprise the money world.

The Trump Effect Upon Tangible Assets -- by David Bradshaw, Idea Factory Press - With the dollar hitting 2003 highs and the stock market enjoying the "Trump effect" here are a few things to keep in mind when considering asset safety and growth in 2017.

FROM THE DESK OF THE CHAIRMAN -- by Craig Smith-- It was debt that caused the 2008 crisis. Today we have even more debt than we did in 2008. There are many ways to deal with excessive, unmanageable debt.

Trump's Triumphant Capitalist Revolution -- By Lowell Ponte - On election night, at 9:06 pm Eastern Time, veteran journalist and Fox News anchor Chris Wallace said in stunned amazement: “It's possible that Donald Trump could be President of the United States.”

Preparation is Preservation: A Reality Check -- By Dean Heskin - You don’t have to flip too many channels or look at Facebook for very long to realize we’re a divided nation. If volatility had a colloquial definition, it would likely include a divisive presidential election between two polarizing candidates who are miles apart on every issue.

Paper is Poverty! -- By Craig R. Smith - Thomas Jefferson once said, "Paper is poverty. It is only the ghost of money, and not money itself." Jefferson was a man of many accomplishments among them Founding Father, author of the Declaration of Independence, Vice-President, President and an early proponent of honest money.

Why the 2016 Election is Economically Volatile -- By Dean Heskin - Presidential elections by their very nature are volatile. They can be contentious and unpredictable. Despite the projection of the pollsters or the predictions of the pundits, no one can really say for certain who will prevail on Election Day.

Brexit Money-Quake -- By Lowell Ponte - The world's ruling elite expected the June 23, 2016 United Kingdom Brexit vote to fail. Investors who believed these elitists were shocked when this referendum won by 52-48 percent, launching a countdown to separation between the UK and European Union.

Will the Brexit Unleash a Global Meltdown? -- By Lowell Ponte - On June 23, the British people voted in a national referendum to declare their independence from the European Union. The ruling political establishment, right and left, had joined to crush this populist uprising with a campaign of fear and authority.

The Great Regression: The Crash of 2016 -- By Dean Heskin, CEO, Swiss America - Is the US economy regressing? We are in the midst of the slowest and most lackluster economic recovery since the end of World War II, and it appears to be weakening.

GOLD’S RISING ROLE IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY -- By Craig R. Smith, Chairman, Swiss America - When it comes to a means of trade and exchange, it seems that the world has come full circle. In ancient times men bartered with grain and livestock as a method of payment.

DON'T BANK ON YELLEN'S FED -- By Craig R. Smith, Author/Chairman, Swiss America - After listening to Fed Chairman Janet Yellen's statement justifying the increase in interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade, I am convinced her ability to contradict herself rivals that of President Barack Obama.

The Implications of Russian Aggression -- By Lowell Ponte - This is a time for crossing fingers, fingering crosses, and buying gold in this time of soaring political, economic instability and rising global debt defaults.

Stock Market Meltdown Confirmed -- By James M. Carrillo - The overinflated, propped up stock market bull is over. Long term market analysis has signaled that a long term sell off is imminent.

Where retirees should invest today -- By Dennis Miller-- Earlier this summer I cautioned readers to tighten up their stop-losses as the market was flying high and due for a correction.

Fed-Rigged Stock Sell-Off Foretold -- NEWS RELEASE - Global equities saw their sharpest fall since the 2008 financial crisis on what's being referred to as "Black Monday" - as an 8% rout in Chinese shares sparked worldwide panic.

The Obama Economy Is Flatlining -- By Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte- “Labor Costs Rise at Slowest Pace in 33 Years” read a New York Times headline on July 31 as this newspaper spun the news frantically to paint lipstick on the pig that is President Barack Obama’s wallowing economy.

The 21st Century Case For Gold -- By David Bradshaw - Being a so-called "gold bug" can be very counterintuitive in today's world of changing economic and monetary values.

The Greek Showdown -- By Craig R. Smith & Lowell Ponte-- The Chaos in Greece Could Severely Impact Your Assets In Many Ways, Unless You Take Wise Actions Now

Prepare for U.S. Dollar Collapse NOW! -- James M. Carrillo-- The U.S. Dollar is currently in the strongest SELL territory of the decade, which means gold is now at the best BUYING point of the decade.

The Cyber-Terror Bank Bailout -- Bloomberg, 9.2.14 - Bankers and U.S. officials have warned that cyber-terrorists will try to wreck the financial system's computer networks. What they aren't saying publicly is that taxpayers will probably have to cover much of the damage.
Craig R. Smith comment: I firmly believe the biggest threat American citizens faces today is a cyber attack upon U.S. financial institutions and banks. More...

Will The New EU Strategy Backfire? -- By Craig R. Smith, 6.6.14-- Today Europe joined America in abandoning austerity by lowering interest rates to below zero. This move forces depositors to withdraw assets from banks and move them into assets with more growth potential; such as stocks, real estate or commodities such as gold.

Is The Constitution Being Replaced? -- By Lowell Ponte, 5.27.14-- President Barack Obama is unhappy with the U.S. Constitution and wants to change it. America's Founding Fathers, Mr. Obama has said, had “an enormous blind spot” and produced a “deeply flawed” document as the cornerstone of our republic.

U.S Citizens Must Take Bold Action -- By Craig R. Smith, 3.4.14 - There is a great deal of similarity between what is going on today and what happened 35 years ago that is very important to consider. In 1979, several events simultaneously occurred that had a profound impact on the markets as well as world history.

Urgent Memo from Our Chairman -- By Craig R. Smith, 1.29.14 - Imagine waking up one morning to find your bank locked and access to your money via ATM denied. Your ability to pay bills or buy food – and your boss's ability to pay you – all gone in an instant, without warning. If your bank accounts and credit cards were suddenly out of reach for days, for months, or forever, what would you do?

Americans the Real Losers -- By Craig R. Smith, 10.20.13 - The latest crisis in D.C. was just the opening act in the unfortunate last chapter of Obama's America, one that will have a very tragic end for all hard-working Americans.

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