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The moment you contact Swiss America, our team of trained professionals stand ready to serve you. Everyone at Swiss America, from our account executives to our support staff, plays a vital role in ensuring your Swiss America experience is a pleasant one.

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A private, family-owned firm with 50 experienced account executives to serve you.

Building strong portfolios of U.S. gold and silver coins for our clients.

In 1982, Craig R. Smith (Founder and Chairman) started the company in his home with just $50. It has since grown to one of the largest and most respected firms in the industry.

While our headquarters are in Phoenix, AZ; we work with clients all over the world.

To educate and prepare our clients on how precious metals - in physical form - offer asset protection, security, profit potential, privacy of ownership and peace of mind as well as offset the liabilities of owning other assets.
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JP Morgan Issues Major US Financial Warning
In a time when most families are struggling to get by, many are hoping for some financial relief on the horizon. According to Jamie Dimon, the only thing on the horizon is more pressure on our US economy, and the dollar, from abroad.
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Bank Of America Sees Gold At $3,000
Another day, another headline highlighting gold. Bank of America has jumped on the $3,000-an-ounce-gold bandwagon. Simply put, with gold trading at $2,350 today, and the number of predictions saying $3,000 gold is coming, don't wait any longer to buy! Call us at 800-289-2646 and one of our representatives can walk you through how easy it is to get physical gold in your portfolio.
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Dethroning the Dollar
The inflation wave continues to roll, according to recent data, and this is becoming a bigger and bigger financial nightmare for families by the day. Adding to the already concerning figures, there is no relief in sight.