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The moment you contact Swiss America, our team of trained professionals stand ready to serve you. Everyone at Swiss America, from our account executives to our support staff, plays a vital role in ensuring your Swiss America experience is a pleasant one.

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A private, family-owned firm with 50 experienced account executives to serve you.

Building strong portfolios of U.S. gold and silver coins for our clients.

In 1982, Craig R. Smith (Founder and Chairman) started the company in his home with just $50. It has since grown to one of the largest and most respected firms in the industry.

While our headquarters are in Phoenix, AZ; we work with clients all over the world.

To educate and prepare our clients on how precious metals - in physical form - offer asset protection, security, profit potential, privacy of ownership and peace of mind as well as offset the liabilities of owning other assets.
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Homes Are "Unaffordable"
The typical American household struggles to make ends meet these days. And if home-ownership wasn't an already obtained goal, it's being shoved even farther out of reach ... and fast. If very few people can afford to buy, then even fewer people can afford to sell; especially considering a large majority of those people locked in very low interest rates. So what does this all mean? Sadly, rough waters are ahead, especially with other areas of the market faltering and an election coming up. Now is the time to make sure your portfolio is well diversified with assets that perform during troubled times.
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Gov't Shutdown: An illustrated guide
A great, to-the-point summary of what next week may look like and what it will mean for us, for government workers and for the economy. Let us hope - for the sake of the country and our economy - this is resolved quickly.
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Should the possible shutdown concern you?
Should investors be worried about this government shutdown? Will this one be worse than the others? Only time will tell but the stakes are much higher this go-around. Now is the time to take defensive action to be on the safe side. This is why Swiss America recommends a portion of your assets be hold in physical assets like precious metals; to weather whatever storms come due to political inaction. If this shutdown comes to pass, it has the potential to be one of the longest, and as Mr. Rickards puts it, "that could do serious damage to an economy that’s already on the edge of recession."