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33rd Anniversary Issue of REAL MONEY PERSPECTIVES Newsletter 2015RMP

Discover why chance favors the prepared mind In 2015! THE TRUTH ABOUT MODERN BANKING will explain...

* The alarming G20 Summit's global green light to redefine your bank deposits as bank "assets" which, in a crisis, are available to the government for Cyprus-style depositor "bail-ins."

* A book review of DON'T BANK ON IT! puts you on the fast track to identifying today's 20 major banking risks and what steps of action must be taken now.

* The true value of GOLD. Learn why physical gold is much more than a mere commodity or investment - it is the world's ultimate currency and foundation for economic growth!

* The U.S. Dollar illusion. Discover why the buck may appear strong, but in reality is nothing more than the healthiest horse in the glue factory.

Your view on money and banking safety will never be the same! Call 800-289-2646 for a free copy of THE TRUTH ABOUT MODERN BANKING or register HERE ...

Urgent White Paper From the Authors of Don't Bank On It! AftG20

DON'T BANK ON IT! authors Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte expose what really happened at the G-20 meeting 'down under' in Brisbane, Australia: American and global banking were turned upside down. Laws and rules are being changed that could make government confiscation of bank deposits as 'unsecured assets' easier via what governments now call 'bail-ins.'

The G-20's November actions are redefining the "ownership" of what we used to think of as "our" bank accounts. Under today's law, you no longer necessarily 'own' your bank account. Your bank does!

The message from the G-20 is that our banks are no longer the safe haven we once believed them to be – and the U.S. Dollar may no longer be as reliable a store of value as it once was. Our deposits in the bank should henceforth be regarded not as secure, but as "at risk" investments for which banks now pay depositors near-zero interest.

Did your dollars in the bank just become dollars at risk? Call 800-289-2646 for a free copy of AFTER THE G20 or register HERE ...

Pat Boone Interviews "Don't Bank On It!" Author Craig R. Smith

DBOI CD A new era of big bank "Bail-Ins" has begun worldwide, where your money in bank savings, CDs and even money market accounts could be used to cover bank losses - just like what occurred in Cyprus last year - causing some bank depositors to lose 47% of their savings overnight!

The gravity of today's growing financial uncertainty prompted me to invite my trusted friend - author and businessman Craig R. Smith - to share his latest insights on the future of banks, the economy, the markets and explain his latest book, DON'T BANK ON IT! The Unsafe World of 21st Century Banking.

We focused on money and banks and our brave new banking world in which everything is becoming; "hackable, trackable and taxable!" I was in SHOCK after this one-hour interview with Craig ... and you will be too!

The entire interview is available on a new audio CD or MP3. Call 800-289-2646 for a free copy of THE FUTURE OF MONEY & BANKING or register HERE ...

The Unsafe World of 21st Century Banking

Should you "bank on" - put all your life savings and trust in - today's banks?

Not so long ago, bank accounts felt secure and paid several percent interest. This encouraged the virtue of thrift and generated savings that built a solidly-prosperous America of opportunity.

Today we live in a very different world - a world in which your bank account now pays you almost nothing and has been suddenly transformed from a low-risk asset to high-risk asset.

* DON'T BANK ON IT! is a new 32-page White Paper by Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte that explains why and how banking and money have changed - and the forces now reshaping and threatening all savers.

* DON'T BANK ON IT! is a survival guide that shows you better ways to diversify, protect and grow your life savings.

Call 800-289-2646 for a free copy of DON'T BANK ON IT! or register HERE ...

MCWSD Middle Class Weapon of Self-Defense

Life, as the U.S. middle class has known it, is being crushed between a stagnant economy, the biggest debt in world history, a debased dollar and a skyrocketing cost of living.

So far in 2014, food prices are up 20% - and a drought could make it much worse. Utility costs are at all time highs. Gasoline prices have doubled under President Obama. The cost of a college education is through roof. The list goes on and on.

Historically, owning physical gold and silver serves We the People as personal "wealth insurance" against reckless politicians bent on destroying the U.S. dollar, the middle class, small business - and ultimately America herself!

Wayne Allyn Root's FREE Special Report, which is ripped from the pages of his new bestselling book, "The Murder of The Middle Class", will help you learn to protect yourself now - before it's too late!

Call 800-289-2646 for a free copy of "Middle Class Weapon of Self Defense", or register HERE ...

timelsstruth 2014 "THE TIMELESS TRUTH ABOUT MONEY" Newsletter & DVD

Swiss America's 32nd Anniversary REAL MONEY PERSPECTIVES Newsletter and DVD will help you get a handle on what's coming in 2014.

- Swiss America Chairman CRAIG R. SMITH offers his expert analysis about why bankrupt Detroit is a forerunner of other major U.S. cities.
- Think tank futurist LOWELL PONTE offers his research and insight on the "bitcoin" experiment and why it will likely end badly this year.
- Bestselling author WAYNE ALLYN ROOT provides "7 Timeless Truths About Money" and explains why Obamacare could sink the economy.
- Idea Factory Press publisher DAVID BRADSHAW explains why 2014 offers financial choices that will either build or destroy your wealth.
- Researcher and Security Analyst CHRIS HOLTON simplifies the reasoning for converting an IRA or 401(k) into a Precious Metals IRA.
- Entertainer PAT BOONE speaks out on how we came to be America, and why we don't want it "radically transformed" by this president.

"The Timeless Truth About Money" DVD is hosted by Wayne Allyn Root Root and identifies 7 "realities" that could ignite major economic problems in 2014, and offers tangible solutions to provide "wealth insurance". Read/Watch more...

special offer 2013 "THE SIMPLE TRUTH" Newsletter and CD

Swiss America's 31st Anniversary Real Money Perspectives Newsletter and CD boil down the confusing economic news and financial trends into "The Simple Truth".

Swiss America Chairman Craig R. Smith offers his sobering expert analysis about what we should expect over the coming year as political currencies continue to crumble. Craig is a frequent guest on Fox News "Your World With Neil Cavuto" offering common sense strategies to help Americans prepare wisely for the future with a golden legacy.

The 2013 Simple Truth CD features in depth coverage of these issues;
-Who is really behind America's 100-year "Great Debasement"
-The dubious 100-year anniversary of the Federal Reserve and IRS
-What we can learn from history about previous great debasements
-How to stop Progressives from stealing our children's future
-Where you can put your assets for protection and growth

As we enter the next stage of this historic 21st century gold rush it is vital to understand the fundamental forces driving precious metals. Read/Listen to more...

Preparing for a Global Currency Collapse

remakingmoney Our once great nation and economy is about to hit a wall. “Today public confidence in more than 200 paper (fiat) currencies worldwide is hanging by a thread,” says Swiss America Chairman Craig R. Smith.

As a client of Swiss America since 1995, I have listened carefully to Craig's advice ever since. After writing four important books accurately predicting the future of Gold, Oil, the Dollar and Inflation, in this interview we will cover the heart of his next book and vision to prepare America for an event never seen before in world history.

Call Swiss America at 800-289-2646 or register below to get your FREE copy of our "THE FUTURE OF MONEY" CD ... and as a bonus... you'll also receive Mr. Smith's latest 40-page White Paper, "RE-MAKING MONEY: Ways to Restore America's Optimistic Golden Age" Read, Listen to more...


rmp2012 Americans are awakening to a stark reality in this election year: our social and economic problems have grown so large they cannot be solved by changing one group of today's politicians for another.

It's time to invest our best hopes and the fruits of our labor in something far more dependable than politicians and their self-serving promises.

We are now at the end of a century-long party of; free-spending more than we produce, living on borrowed money, counterfeited paper fiat currency created out of thin air, and credit cards and loans taken out against a giant bubble of home prices and easy debt.

Regardless of your political affiliation, preserving wealth is an economic issue every citizen must be concerned with in 2012.

Astronomical Bills Coming Due by 2020!

Democrats have bought their voters and power for the past 80 years by adhering to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's famous motto: "Tax and Tax, Spend and Spend, Elect and Elect."

Republicans say they want to stop such profligate spending and soaring debt, yet in summer 2011 they voted yet again along with congressional Democrats to increase the debt ceiling. READ MORE


satccoin For three decades Swiss America has advised Americans that the only way to preserve wealth in today's inflation-driven world is to diversify assets to include some physically-held gold and silver.

Over the years Swiss America has been right on the money! Our clients have benefited from our expertise.

Today, given the growing probability of higher inflation, extreme stagflation or even hyper-inflation we would like to introduce you to our Fourfold Swiss America Diversification Strategy specially designed to help you to win the coming inflation war.

It is a fight to the end to see if you can defend your assets from the coming economic onslaught of a disintegrating dollar, parabolic oil prices, rampant commodity and food price inflation, while at the same time enduring a bottomless housing market money pit! READ MORE


inflation Today the public and the media are both caught in the web of contradictory disinformation about inflation, which is then spread by governments, political partisans, ideologues and pundits to further their own causes.

American citizens know that rising inflation can be extremely dangerous, so why do politicians and central bankers keep printing reckless amounts of paper money, knowing the catastrophe this can cause?

"The answer is that inflation is many things in addition to devaluation of the currency," writes Craig R. Smith, businessman and author of "Crashing the Dollar."

Mr. Smith invites readers to discover six major hidden government uses of inflation: MORE...

Understanding & Preparing For The Impact of a Crashing U.S. Dollar

2011 RMP: Economic Solutions 29th Anniversary Edition of Real Money Perspectives, Featuring authors; Craig R. Smith, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Lowell Ponte and RMP Editor, David Bradshaw.

Today millions of lives are at stake as the lifeblood of our nation – our money system – is being slowly poisoned by anti-free market national policies. Americans do not trust government or Wall Street. Gold, the only trustworthy barometer of our currency’s health is now flashing red alert! Survival instinct and moral conscience demands action.

Topics Covered; What to expect in 2011 … Is the Fed trying to Crash the Dollar? … Why the markets are flashing "Red Alert" … We're headed for "Weimerica", unless... Swiss America Special Alert: WHY SOME U.S. GOLD COIN PRICES ARE DOWN, WHILE GOLD BULLION PRICES ARE UP! … Crashing the Dollar Book Reviews and Quotables … (MORE…

Understanding & Preparing For The Impact of a Crashing U.S. Dollar

Economic Solutions CD RMP Editor David Bradshaw interviews Craig R. Smith,Crashing the Dollar author and Swiss America Chairman. This companion CD includes Mr. Smith's annual economic forecast for 2011, Q&A on the book and excerpts from live radio interviews.

Mr. Smith answers probing questions about his new book Crashing the Dollar. Topics covered include ... What's the central message of your book? Don't economists say that the big threat now is deflation, not inflation? What signs point to the dollar getting weaker? How close is a crash of the dollar? Aren't there a few signs of recovery out there? What led you to write this book? (MORE…

How to Protect Your Wealth With Precious Metals
2011 A Rare Opportunity
Everything you need to know about gold investing...in about a half-hour! -- Gold hits $1,400! To help celebrate our 29th anniversary of inspiring America to rediscover gold, Swiss America has just released a 2011 edition of "A RARE OPPORTUNITY", a new TV special hosted by PAT BOONE.

A RARE OPPORTUNITY will help you understand why today gold still offers excellent buying opportunity for safety first, then profit, as we enter the next stage of this 15-23 year bull market cycle in precious metals.

A RARE OPPORTUNITY covers all of the basics investors need before buying gold, including; six major forces driving gold higher, five steps before buying gold and four types of gold worth owning. (MORE…


Silver Rush With very little fanfare a new bull market in silver began a decade ago, driving the price of silver from $4.50 an ounce in 2003 - to over $20 an ounce in 2013! That's nearly fivefold growth!

Since 2008, circulated Morgan Silver Dollars have risen 70% in price, while silver bullion prices have risen just 32%! Both silver and gold are easily storable and offer an alternative to a shaky, dollar-based financial system. (MORE...

NEW REPORT: Spiraling Into A Greater Depression

The Savage Truth About Money Michael Savage recently interviewed Craig R. Smith to discuss the sweeping political and economic changes rushing at us in 2011 and beyond. Craig explains to The Savage Nation how to protect against a global currency crisis or hyper-inflationary depression.

Here's a sample of the Savage questions tackled: * Is the recession over, or is today a rest stop on the road to ruin? * Will the U.S. Dollar decline further under Obamanomics? * Will trillions in government stimulus create inflation in 2011-12? * Is it time to buy, sell or hold stocks, bonds, cash, real estate, gold? (MORE...

Understanding Precious Metals Long-Term Bull Market Cycles

5 Reasons for $1,300 Gold Gold touched $1,425/oz. recently, a fresh nominal record high! Is it too high to buy? Not at all. In fact 2011 represents the halfway point of a major financial super cycle that began in 2001. Now is the time to own gold for safety, liquidity and growth!

"Long-term or 'secular' bull market cycles for stocks and commodities over the last century average 18 years in length. The last bull market in equities started in 1982 and ended dramatically in 2000 when the stock bubble popped. Since 2001 precious metals have proven to be the best investments of the century," according to author Craig R. Smith. (MORE…


Global Currency Crisis Currency Crisis in the Making: Central banks worldwide are printing trillions in paper currency, trying to engineer a "soft landing" from the global recession. But this Herculean effort is destined to fail.

U.S. government debt is now over $75 trillion and private sector debt is over $42 trillion, totaling a mind-staggering $117 trillion! When the real panic hits, within 24 hours U.S. politicians will find it almost impossible to borrow money to finance regular budget deficits, much less pay for porkfests.

The head of the International Monetary Fund suggested the organization may be called on to provide countries with a global reserve currency that would serve as an alternative to the U.S. dollar. (MORE...

Experts say gold prices will rocket over $2,200 an ounce

Gold's Future Bright The commodity supercycle has swept gold prices up over fourfold since 2001. Amazing! Yet nearly 100 experts say we are still just in the bull market's warm-up phase.

How high will gold prices rush? We should expect at least $2,200 an ounce gold, say most gold experts. Gold is signaling the world's fading confidence in all paper currencies and rising inflation fears, fueled by trillions in new U.S. government debt.

In recent years a growing number of analysts have offered dozens of fundamental reasons why gold prices may double or triple again. They say gold is going mainstream in 2011!

"The most bullish news for gold is that the public hasn't gone crazy for it yet. Demand for gold coins is certainly higher than it was a few years ago, but we're a long way from speculative mania," reports Wall St. Journal. (MORE...

How To Fight Back!

The In-credible Shrinking Dollar Once upon a time... American economists used to arrogantly say, "The dollar is OUR currency, but it's YOUR problem!" But not any more! Over the last 93 years the dollar's buying power has shrunk to just 3 cents! What next?

* "Next big political issue? The U.S. dollar," reports Reuters.
* "Dollar's fall setting off alarm bells overseas," reports The Washington Post.
* "UN wants new global currency to replace dollar," reports The London Telegraph.
* "Dollar Reaches Breaking Point," reports Bloomberg.
* "The Weak-Dollar Threat to Prosperity," reports The Wall Street Journal.

Here's what's covered inside ...
INTRODUCTION ~ The falling U.S. dollar is the barometer for U.S. credibility
I. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? ~ How to prepare for the next crisis
II. THE DOWNFALL OF THE DOLLAR ~ Can anything stop a new global currency?
III. THE ASSET OF FIRST RESORT ~ Gold's surge reflects a flight to safe, liquid assets
IV. SUBSTANCE VS. SYMBOLISM ~ A currency's destiny determines nation's destiny
V. GOLD BULL'S NEXT PHASE~ How to put yourself on a personal gold standard today!

"The simplest solution for protecting your time, your labor and your family's nest egg is in converting some of your wealth from unstable dollars into gold, the most stable currency in the world," says Swiss America's Craig R. Smith in THE IN-CREDIBLE SHRINKING DOLLAR. (MORE...

Are We About To Lose It Again?

The Right to Own Gold Did you know that the U.S. Government still has the authority to prohibit private possession of gold and silver bullion by U.S. citizens during wartime and declared emergencies? It's true.

Some believe that the prospect of government taking away our right to own gold is a bit far-fetched but this is precisely what happened less than 80 years ago under President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order 6102.

A lot has changed since the last gold confiscation in this country. The Obama Administration has grown the size of government exponentially since 2009, becoming more intrusive every day.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal reports, "The financial-overhaul bill includes a provision limiting public access to SEC records that runs counter to the administration's policy of more government transparency." (MORE...

How to take back control of your financial future

Inflation Solution "Inflation is the one form of taxation imposed without legislation," said economist Milton Friedman. Growing evidence suggests that Americans must now brace for double-digit inflation as a result of trillions in Fed bailouts.

THE FIRST GREAT INFLATION (1978-1985) sent interest rates and consumer prices rocketing double-digits annually. The U.S. living standard was crushed as central banks drove interest rates up to 21%!

THE SECOND GREAT INFLATION (2011-?) Fearful of a deflationary depression Team Obama is currently printing and distributing trillions, creating the next economic bubble!

"THE INFLATION SOLUTION!" focuses on explaining the root causes of inflation and giving investors time-tested steps to protect and grow wealth, despite rising inflation and broken government promises! Here's what's covered...(MORE...

Biblical economics to enlighten a darkening world

The Truth About Money "DEBT is destroying the country from within, like a fiscal cancer," warned the co-chairman of President Obama's debt commission in 2010. No wonder Americans are losing hope - we have violated constitutional and biblical economic principles for generations.

Sadly, we've allowed our leaders to postpone the consequences by heaping trillions in new debt upon future generations. Heck, even a smart teenager can understand that "debt" cannot also be "money" at the same time!

Modern banking and currency systems are all patterned after the Babylonian system (circa 2,000 B.C.) which contradicts Scriptural economic principles. This "debt-based" money usurps godly "just weights" money by creating false confidence in money substitutes, which historically all become worthless. (MORE...


2010 Real money Perspectives
2010: Economic Realities
In 2010, Mr. Smith published his 28th Anniversary issue of Real Money Perspectives, Economic Realities describing the continuous fall of the dollar and how the continuous currency crisis is affecting the economy today.

2009 Real Money Perspectives
2009: The Financial Light of the World
In 2009, Mr. Smith published his 27th Anniversary issue of Real Money Perspectives, The Financial Light of the World outlining nine economic realities of Obamanomics and how to survive and thrive during a recession.

2008 Real Money Perspectives 2008: Gold: The Next Stage
In 2008, Mr. Smith published his 26th Anniversary issue of Real Money Perspectives, Gold: The Next Stage explaining why gold is a conservative buy with liberal benefits, offering answers to the top 10 economic questions.

2007 Real Money Perspectives 2007: The Future of Gold
In 2007, Mr. Smith published his 25th Anniversary issue of Real Money Perspectives, The Future of Gold featuring 47 expert perspectives on gold's future and why the gold rush is now on the verge of going public worldwide.

2006 Real Money Perspectives 2006: The Rule of Gold
In 2006, Mr. Smith published his 24th Anniversary issue of Real Money Perspectives, The Rule of Gold discussing why gold is fast becoming a new 4th currency and offering investors a 21st century investment scorecard.

2005 Real Money Perspectives 2005: Economic Solutions for the 21st Century
In 2005, Mr. Smith co-authored the book, Black Gold Stranglehold with Dr. Jerome Corsi which exposes the fraudulent science behind the belief that oil is a fossil fuel and that it is a finite resource. Also, Economic Solutions discussing economic and worldview issues of the day and tangible future trends.

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