Gold Market News

Gold Market News

Gold prices moderately higher as traders digest latest Yellen comments. Stocks waver as investors await Friday's payrolls report. Gold last traded at $1,784 an ounce. Silver at $26.49 an ounce.

May 5, 2021

Gold jumps over 1% as weaker dollar, U.S. yields enhance allure - CNBC--5.3.21
Gold prices jumped more than 1% on Monday. Prices were supported by a retreat in the U.S. dollar and U.S. Treasury yields. Gold prices also found support from data showing U.S. manufacturing activity grew at a slower pace in April.

More states pushing to make gold and silver legal tender - former U.S. Mint director- Kitco--4.30.21
Concerns about inflation and a weakening U.S. dollar is pushing many states to try and recognize gold and silver coins as legal tender. The Constitution allows for States to give their citizens the ability to settle debts in gold ans silver.

The Outlook for Silver This Year Is Golden: 3 Reasons Why- WBAP--4.30.21
Gold has a history of gaining value during tough economic times, but silver can often outgain gold. Silver could soon see gains thanks to increased industrial demand and increased investor demand.

Mints are running out of gold; not enough physical silver to cover paper - former U.S. Mint Director- Kitco--4.29.21
A global shortage of physical gold and silver has created a premium on coins and bars. Many Mints around the world have run out of gold causing many shortages.

Why You Need to Take Advantage of the Benefits of Gold Investing- Big News Network--4.29.21
Gold is the perfect asset for an investor who needs to reduce their risks. Gold offers qualities that few other asset classes can provide. It is an inflation hedge and preserves its value through stock market crashes.

Gold looks good as Biden pushes trillions in new infrastructure, education spending in Address to Congress - Analyst- Kitco--4.28.21
Joe Biden has laid out his economic plan for America, which includes trillions of dollar in spending. This is a great environment for gold as the government continues to spend more money.

'We are sitting on economic cliff': Gold price will be 'well north of $2,000 this year' – ex-JP Morgan MD- Kitco--4.26.21
According to ex-JP Morgan managing director, investors could see a big move higher in gold soon. Jon Deane, now CEO of Trovio, sees prices trading well north of $2,000 an ounce this year.

Gold price is starting to find its 'mojo,' should test $1,900 before year-end, says TD Securities - Kitco--4.26.21
Gold prices are starting to gain momentum after a slow start to 2021. According to one expert, gold "may soon attempt to challenge key resistance at just above $1,800/ounce."

Inflation Is Coming! Should Investors Look To Gold, Oil And Energy Equities?- Forbes--4.22.21
Tax increases, massive spending and the Federal Reserve's money printing will hurt the economy and set off a period of inflation. Investors have some options, one of them being owning gold to protect against inflation.

Use current prices to raise gold allocation to 10-15%, say analysts - Business Standard--4.17.21
The second wave of Covid-19 infections and the lockdowns being imposed are adding to investors' anxiety. These developments could not only delay economic recovery, but they are likely to be positive for safe-haven investments like gold.

Gold And Silver Continue To Gain Value As Multiple Events Support Safe-Haven Assets - FX Empire--4.16.21
Gold and silver hit multi-week highs thanks to rising geopolitical tensions, dollar weakness, a highly accommodative Fed and growing concerns about the rising national debt.

Why The Future Money Is Gold And Silver- Seeking Alpha--4.16.21
Economic and monetary instability are increasing and gold and silver remain sound money as it has done for years. The demise of fiat currencies will be succeeded by sound money.

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