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September 18, 2017

Gold prices ease back amid a more risk-on attitude. Stocks higher as geopolitical tensions ease. Gold last traded at $1,310 an ounce. Silver at $17.15 an ounce.

These 3 Risks Could Cause Super-Spike in Gold Prices- Lombardi Letter--9.18.17
North Korea, national debt and interest rates could all lead to soaring gold prices. Gold has always provided safety during times of uncertainty, currency devaluation and in wars.

4 Reasons Why Gold Is Heading For A New High- Seeking Alpha--9.18.17
The price of gold has rallied 12.5% over the past ten weeks and it is only a matter of time before gold climbs back to its highest price since 2016 and perhaps even 2013.

Five Factors Which Build The Case For Gold - Seeking Alpha--9.15.17
There are a lot of factors that are supportive for gold. Five of these include: Gold being above its 15-day moving average, silver confirming gold by doing the same, gold showing strength vs the S&P 500, a weakening U.S. dollar index and a strengthening crude oil price.

Mike Maloney: The Top 10 Reasons I Own Gold and Silver - The Market Oracle--9.14.17
Most investors view gold as an inflation hedge or as crisis insurance. Gold can also provide a number of other benefits as Mike Maloney explains in his reasoning for owning the precious metal.

Gold Prices Again Prove Resilient, North Korea Fears Offer Support - Economic Calendar--9.14.17
A renewed spike in North Korea fears is supporting gold prices despite an upbeat inflation and jobless claims reports. A weaker U.S. dollar also supported gold prices.

Why the Price of Gold By 2020 Will Blow Your Socks Right Off- The Street--9.12.17
One expert is expecting gold prices to head much higher in the next three years. He is expecting gold to hit a new record high of $1,700 an ounce by 2020.

Is Gold in a Real Bull Market? This Chart will Show You - The Market Oracle--9.12.17
There are four phases of a gold bull market and right now we are only 20 months into the new bull market. Gold is currently in phase two as the market begins to hit higher highs and sustain gains for longer periods of time.

BAML Keeps $1,400 Target Even As Gold Eases On Profit-Taking - Kitco--9.11.17
Bank of America Merrill Lynch is maintaining its $1,400 an ounce outlook for gold, according to a recent research report. BAML believes weakness in the U.S. dollar will add to the metal's recent uptrend.

Money Managers' Bullish Gold Positioning Hits 2017 High- Kitco--9.11.17
According to recent data, money managers have pushed their bullish gold positioning to the highest level of 2017. One analyst is expecting even more strength in gold among growing geopolitical concerns.

Gold bulls are looking for a ‘major breakout’ above $1,400 an ounce- Market Watch--9.8.17
Gold is trading at its highest in a year and may have the momentum to test levels it hasn't seen since 2013. According to one expert, "all of the ingredients to break $1,400 are there."

Gold Bulls 'Holding All The Cards' Next Week Despite Consolidation Talk - Kitco--9.8.17
Analysts remain bullish on gold next week as the metal surged above $1,360 this week. Analysts believe the $1,400 level remains a possibility for gold down the line.

Gold Hits 12-Mo. High As U.S. Dollar Resumes Descent - Forbes--9.7.17
Gold prices hit fresh 12-month highs, supported by a slumping U.S. dollar and a sharp rise in weekly U.S. jobless claims. The yellow metal was also boosted after ECB President Mario Draghi announced there would be no changes in interest rates or monetary policy.

Physical Gold In Vault Is “True Hedge of Last Resort” – Goldman Sachs - Gold Seek--9.6.17
Jeff Currie of Goldman Sachs issued a note that encourages investors to buy gold and he refers to gold as the "geopolitical hedge of the last resort."

With Gold Rallying, Analyst Say $1,400 Is Its Next Stop - Kitco---8.29.17
Some analysts believe gold's rally could go all the way to $1,400 an ounce. Low interest rates, a weak U.S. dollar and a pickup in physical buying are all factors that will contribute to higher gold prices.

Did North Korea Just Trigger $1,900 Gold Prices? - The Street--8.29.17
Gold gained more than $27, moving over the $1,300 an ounce level, as North Korea launched a missile over Japan. While this gave gold a short-term catalyst, gold's fundamentals have been in place to some time to support a move like this.

Physical gold might be the best hedge against global uncertainties – but it’s all about how you hold it - CNBC--8.25.17
Gold is widely known as a safe haven investment, but according to one expert, holding physical gold is far superior to other varieties of gold holdings.

Gold is doing something unusual and quite bullish - CNBC--8.25.17
2017 is set to be the first year where gold has beaten stocks since 2011. So far this year gold has had a 12.2 percent gain while the S&P 500 has only had a 9.3 percent gain.

Cramer Would Invest 10% Of Power Ball Winnings Into Gold- Kitco--8.24.17
If Mad Money's Jim Cramer won the Power Ball, he would immediately invest at least 10% of that in gold. He claims that since we don't know what's going to happen in the world, we should buy gold since it keeps its value over time.

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