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Gold prices climb, set for weekly gain, on continued global uncertainty. U.S. stocks fell to session lows after China trade officials cut US visit short. Gold last traded at $1,515 an ounce. Silver at $17.93 an ounce.

September 20, 2019

Overstock Founder Dumps His Stake for Gold, Crypto Investments- BNN Bloomberg--9.19.19
Patrick Bryne, former CEO of Inc, has sold his entire holdings in the company he founded and said he will put the proceeds into gold and cryptocurrency.

The Last Time This Happened, Silver Prices Surged 300%- Lombardi Letter--9.18.19
The price of silver could be getting ready to rally big-time. Whenever silver prices jump above their 50-month moving average after remaining below it for an extended period, you usually see a massive rally.

3 Reasons Why There's Further Upside Potential for Gold Prices- Forbes--9.18.19
Gold may be down right now but the metal is still up more than 15 percent for the year. This puts gold on a path for its best year since 2010. There is likely further upside to gold and here are three reasons why.

I'm Still Loading Up On Gold And Gold Stocks. Here's Why- Seeking Alpha--9.18.19
Gold is a long-lasting store of value that roughly keeps up with monetary inflation. Gold tends to go up faster when real interest rates become low or negative and the safety of holding cash or bonds start to receive some skepticism.

Gold jumps 1% as attacks on Saudi lift safe-haven bets- CNBC--9.16.19
Gold prices jumped over 1% on safe-haven demand after an attack on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities. Investors are also hoping for more stimulus measures from major central banks and await an announcement from the Fed due later this week.

$21,000 gold is not a fantasy; here’s why it should happen- Kitco--9.13.19
According to Rob McEwen, chairman of McEwen Mining, gold should be trading closer to the $8,000 to $21,000 an ounce range. McEwen got these numbers by applying historic multiples to more recent prices of gold.

Gold prices push higher as ECB shoots monetary policy bazooka, easing rates and restarting bond-purchase program- Kitco--9.12.19
Gold prices push higher as the European Central Bank announces significant monetary policy easing actions. The ECB said its lowering its interest rates by 10 basis points to -0.50%.

Gold prices up 20% in 2019; raise allocation to 10-15% of portfolio, say experts- Money Control--9.12.19
Policy easing by various central banks have added to gold's strength recently. Signs of a slowdown have also become visible in the global economy, which could boost gold and silver prices even further.

DoubleLine’s Jeffrey Sherman warns against buying Treasurys, says gold could be smart recession play- CNBC--9.11.19
DoubleLine Capital’s Jeffrey Sherman is cautioning investors about August's exodus into long-term Treasurys and says gold makes a more compelling recession play.

Hold gold, global currency debasement looms - Blackrock- Kitco--9.10.19
The chief investment officer of the world's largest asset management firm recommends that investors hold some gold to protect themselves in case central banks introduce more agressive monetary easing policies.

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