Gold Market News

Gold Market News

Gold prices under pressure as traders digest latest U.S. economic reports. Stocks choppy after continued tech selloff. Gold last traded at $1,728 an ounce. Silver at $26.43 an ounce.

February 26, 2021

Where Gold Prices Are Headed In 2021- Forbes--2.25.21
Gold has been the best hedge against monetary bad behavior by governments for thousands of years and it remains to today. As the Biden administration begins to push another $1.9 trillion package, a cascade of cash is about to flood the economy which will give gold a price boost in the latter part of 2021.

This is the catalyst that could take gold price to $2,100 after selloff - ANZ - Kitco--2.25.21
One catalyst could take gold prices as high as $2,100 this year, according to ANZ Banking Group. Markets are not paying enough attention to inflation and inflation expectations could soon pick up, giving gold a boost in 2021.

Gold Bulls, It's Time To Buy- Seeking Alpha--2.21.21
Gold prices have seen a recent pullback, making now a great buying opportunity for the metal. Given the push for more fiscal support and the ever expanding federal deficit, gold is expected to see gains over the next 12 months.

The Value Of Gold In A Portfolio- Seeking Alpha--2.19.21
Gold has historically performed well during times of market stress and has proven this during the Covid-19 pandemic. In their response to the pandemic, policymakers has substantially increased the money supply, which will benefit gold in the long term.

Having gold in your portfolio is a very solid insurance right now – Bristow- Mining Weekly--2.18.21
Having gold in portfolio is a very solid insurance policy right now, as it always usually is during a global crisis. During a crisis, paper money is printed in large volumes while interest rates remain low, putting the spotlight on gold.

Gold Setting Up Major Bottom So Could We See A Breakout Rally Begin Soon?- FX Empire--2.18.21
One expert believes the recent downside in gold has reached a support level near $1,765. This level will act as a launching pad for a potentially big upside price trend.

Gold sees price gains on upside correction from recent pressure - Kitco--2.18.21
Gold prices are trading higher on a normal price correction and perceived bargain hunting. Gold also got a boost from a weaker U.S. dollar and a weaker-than-expected weekly jobless claims report.

Gold price target of $2,300 is conservative as precious metal sees healthy consolidation - State Street Global Advisors- Kitco--2.9.21
The gold market remains in a healthy consolidation pattern. According to one expert, gold's consolidation pattern is helping remove some of the froth from the marketplace after gold's after gold prices hit record highs.

Gold scores a 4th straight gain as platinum ends at a 6-year high - Market Watch--2.10.21
Gold prices rose for a fourth straight session while platinum marked its highest finish in six years. Gold found support from weakness in the U.S. dollar and expectations for another U.S. fiscal stimulus package.

Jim Cramer's top 3 alternatives: 'Own some gold, bitcoin, and cash'- Kitco--2.10.21
Jim Cramer thinks investors should think about alternative investments. Cramer's top picks are gold, bitcoin, and cash. These investments are good hedges against market turmoil and everyone should have a little in their portfolio.

Gold ends higher a second session, rebounding from a recent 2-month low - Market Watch--2.8.21
Gold prices rose on Monday, extending their gains from the previous session. Gold prices saw support from a poor U.S. nonfarm payroll report and also got a boost on the probability of a $1.9 trillion stimulus package.

Silver is a ‘turbo-charged version of gold’ due to use in solar panels, Goldman’s Jeff Currie says- CNBC--2.4.21
According to Goldman's Jeffrey Currie, he favors silver over gold as an investment in precious metals. According to Currie, silver is "a turbo-charged version of gold" because it is a key component for solar panels and more green energy spending is likely on the horizon.

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