Gold Market News

Gold Market News

Gold prices ease back on normal profit-taking after last week's rally. Stocks lower on latest Powell comments. Gold last traded at $1,729 an ounce. Silver at $24.79 an ounce.

April 12, 2021

As Talk Turns to Inflation, Some Investors Look to Gold- The New York Times--4.8.21
Inflation is back in the news and so is interest in gold. Concerns about inflation have put a spotlight on gold, which has long been viewed as a hedge against inflation, a declining dollar and an unstable stock market.

Gold Markets Trying to Break Out- Yahoo! Finance--4.7.21
Gold markets have pulled back slightly but gold prices are making a case to go higher and make a move towards the $1,800 price level.

Gold price could double in 5 years, here's why yields are not a problem- Kitco--4.5.21
Gold and other precious metals could start rising once inflation kicks in, according to one industry expert. Once of the biggest reasons to own gold is its role as a hedge against inflation.

‘Parabolic rise’ coming: Gold & silver will take off again, former financial analyst tells Keiser Report - RT--3.31.21
According to one expert, "there will be a time when people realize that precious metals are among the only cheap safe haven assets left." One people realize this and start to pour into metals, "gold and silver will take off again."

Russia's National Wealth Fund piles into gold- Kitco--3.29.21
The Russian National Wealth Fund has announced its intention to move into gold. Many believe the move has something to do with the de-dollarization of Russia.

Gold's 'strongest price rally' is coming: Wells Fargo's 2021 target is $2,200- Kitco--3.29.21
Investors could see some of the strongest price action in gold this year, according to Wells Fargo, who sees signs of a developing rally. The driver behind this is diminishing supply growth.

Inevitable dollar collapse will lead to return to gold standard - Peter Schiff- Kitco--3.25.21
The Federal Reserve is going to be forced to either raise interest rates and bankrupt the Treasury or not raise rates and let inflation spiral out of control. The Fed won't fight inflation and therefore it will bankrupt the public, destroying the dollar.

Gold rises on lower U.S. yields, European lockdowns- CNBC--3.24.21
Gold prices saw gains on Wednesday as the metal drew support from safe-haven demand and Fed Chair Jerome Powell's repeated calls to keep low-interest rates pinned near zero.

The pandemic 'changed the world' and gold price will reap the benefits – CPM Group - Kitco--3.23.21
Gold is bound to see more gains in the medium and long-term, according to the CPM's Gold Yearbook. The pandemic has changed the world, which is setting gold up to benefit, the CPM Group said.

2 Reasons Gold Is Set for Another Run Higher- Money and Markets--3.17.21
Many believe gold is important to their financial security. The recent decline in gold prices makes right now a good time to take advantage of prices while inflation expectations adds another reason for someone to add gold to their portfolio right now.

Poland's central bank is set to go on a gold buying spree- Kitco--3.16.21
The Polish central bank wants to buy at least 100 tonnes of gold, according to Reuters. At current price levels, this is worth about $5.5 billion. Many central banks have been stepping up their gold purchases as they become less reliant on the U.S. dollar.

Fed's catch-22 scenario and why it means gold price will shine in 2021 - Adrian Day - Kitco--3.15.21
Gold's momentum may have waned a little, one expert says that gold remains an attractive asset and believes the market is close to a bottom.

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