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Gold holds ground at multi-month high as U.S. equities weaken. Stocks bounce between gains and losses as investors digest latest global political developments. Gold last traded at $1,226 an ounce. Silver at $14.66 an ounce.

October 17, 2018

Gold is good. Gold is strong. Populist governments in Eastern Europe are stockpiling it- Quartz--10.17.18
Hungary's central bank is buying gold in bulk. This is the latest in a series of gold acquisitions by Eastern European and Central Asian countries. Earlier this year, Poland became the first EU member to buy gold this century.

IMF's Downbeat Economic Outlook Points To Higher Gold Prices - WGC- Kitco--10.17.18
The IMF's economic report of higher risks and slower global economic growth highlights gold's relevance in investors' portfolio, according to the World Gold Council.

Hungary raises gold reserves tenfold on safety concerns - RT--10.16.18
Hungary's central bank has announced the country has boosted its gold reserves tenfold to 31.5 tons. The country aims to improve the security of the nation's wealth and to reduce risks.

I Anticipate Higher Gold Prices- Seeking Alpha--10.16.18
Gold prices have been climbing as concerns grow over slowing global growth and experts are expecting gold prices to continue to climb towards $1,350 an ounce.

After disappearing for two quarters, gold buyers are back, and the metal could keep going higher- CNBC--10.15.18
Gold prices have been lagging throughout 2018 but many analysts are now expecting gold prices to move higher into the next year. Physical demand is also picking up in China and other emerging markets.

Gold marks highest settlement since late July- Market Watch--10.15.18
Gold prices finished at its highest level since late July as investors seek safety while global equities continue to drop. Recent dollar weakness has also given a boost to gold prices.

Gold gains as stock sell-off revives safe-haven appeal- CNBC--10.11.18
Gold prices rose sharply higher on Thursday as the sell-off in global stock markets continued, prompting investors to flock to gold as a safe-haven investment. If the sell-off continues, traders should expect more moves into gold.

The Biggest Gold Bulls From Denver On Why Rally Is Inevitable - Kitco--10.11.18
One expert believes the economy is heading towards a recession in 2019. Another expert says that gold has seen its bottom and investors should expect a rally from current levels.

Gold To See ‘Friendlier’ Macro Drivers In Q4, Says This Analyst - Kitco--10.10.18
The macro environment for gold will finally work in its favor in the final quarter of 2018, according to one long-standing gold bull. According to the expert, two of gold's main downward drivers - the U.S. dollar and U.S. real rates- will lose some traction in Q4.

Asia’s wealthy prefer physical gold - International Adviser--10.9.18
Asian high net worth individuals are buying physical bullion and storing it in a safe. Subdued investor sentiment for gold in recent months provide an attractive entry point for investors looking for a hedge against inflation.

5 Charts That Show Why Gold Belongs in Your Portfolio Now- Forbes--10.9.18
There are many risks right now that favor owning gold in your portfolio. Gold is a great store of value and currently central banks have been on a gold buying spree.

It’s a global gold rush! Worried central banks snap up £13billion hoard amid growing fears of global volatility- This is Money--10.6.18
Central banks across the world are hoarding gold amid growing fears about global volatility and a possible downturn for financial markets. Central banks have bought 275 tons of gold this year alone.

Why you should run and buy gold now-
Individuals should be considering investing in gold for several reasons like record high government debt, a finite supply of the metal and having a diversified and well-balanced portfolio.

Central Banks Are Piling Into Gold- Seeking Alpha--10.7.18
Many central banks are not deterred by the decline in the gold price and are continuing to buy the yellow metal. There are also several new countries that are buying gold for the first time in a long time.

Gold rises after weakest job report this year- CNBC--10.5.18
Gold prices rose following a monthly U.S. employment report falling to its lowest level in year. Gold prices are on track to mark its biggest weekly gain in six.

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