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4.16.24 - Gold is Back

Gold last traded at $2,394 an ounce. Silver at $28.31 an ounce.

EDITOR'S NOTE: There is more than meets the eye in the recent run up in gold prices. Sure, inflation plays a role; but many investors turn to gold in times of instability and turmoil. Gold may simply be offering a hedge right now, but it also may have reached a tipping point which could push it exponentially higher.

Gold is back — and it has a message for us -Financial Times

by Rana Foroohar

gold coins It’s easy to mock gold bugs, but their moment may finally have come. The precious metal has been breaking out recently amid higher than expected inflation in the US, and general anxiety over everything from geopolitics to the November presidential elections to where monetary policy and markets go from here.

All these things are predictable reasons for gold to surge. But there are deeper, longer-term messages in this rise that investors should pay very close attention to.

Let’s start with inflation. Whatever happens over the next few quarters, I’ve long thought that we were in for a period of “higher for longer” inflation. Aside from the possibility of a technology-driven productivity miracle, it’s hard to think of a macro-trend at the moment that isn’t inflationary.

The economy is running hot — from fiscal stimulus in the US to more supply chain redundancy as countries de-risk, to all the capital investment required for the clean energy transition and re-industrialisation in rich countries. Even ageing US baby boomers are likely to be an inflationary force, since they have health, time and plenty of money to spend.

Gold is historically an inflation hedge. But it’s also something investors turn to when they are worried about the stability of the status quo. It will languish for decades, then break out when the world is at a major pivot point, as it is now. READ MORE

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4.15.24 - 'Opportunity of a lifetime' for gold and silver

Gold last traded at $2,385 an ounce. Silver at $28.93 an ounce.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Gold and silver have been in the headlines recently, but many people interested in precious metals fear they have already been priced out. According to MarketWatch, the perfect time to buy may just be this week. We are encouraging our clients to continue adding to their holdings as prices find their footing. Many experts are still calling for a gold price of $3000/oz by Q4.

Iran, Israel developments could lead to the 'opportunity of a lifetime' for gold and silver -MarketWatch

By Myra P. Saefong

gold chart The opportunity for investors to buy gold and silver at cheaper prices may unfold this week, an analyst said following Iran's drone and missile attacks on Israel over the weekend.

The escalation of unprecedented tension between Iran and Israel is going to "show up in the markets as fear," said Peter Spina, founder and president of investor websites and

If there is a major financial market selloff -- "a liquidity event", there could be some spillover into precious metals, he said. A selloff in the stock market can, as it has in the past, lead investors to seek out ways to cover their losses, including a sale of their precious-metals holdings.

"This could be a buying opportunity of a lifetime for precious metals," said Spina. "The gold price is reflecting all sorts of problems, risks, and now the fear-war premium will likely be added should there be no quick de-escalation to these very serious events in the Middle East." READ MORE

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4.12.24 - JP Morgan Issues Major US Financial Warning

Gold last traded at $2,342 an ounce. Silver at $27.95 an ounce.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In a time when most families are struggling to get by, many are hoping for some financial relief on the horizon. According to Jamie Dimon, the only thing on the horizon is more pressure on our US economy, and the dollar, from abroad.

BRICS: JP Morgan Issues Major US Financial Warning -Watcher.Guru

by Vinod Dsouza

franklin Leading investment bank JP Morgan has issued a major financial warning that could affect the US economy this year. The CEO Jamie Dimon told investors on Monday that he believes the US economy will be affected by forces from outside of America. The JP Morgan CEO explained that he worries about geopolitical events including the Russia-Ukraine war, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the BRICS de-dollarization agenda to create an economic risk on the US markets.

“These significant and somewhat unprecedented forces cause us to remain cautious,” said JP Morgan CEO Dimon.

Dimon stressed that America’s global leadership is being challenged by developing countries including the SCO bloc, ASEAN group, and BRICS. The CEO of JP Morgan said that while BRICS and other countries are looking to uproot the US dollar, the polarized electorate in America is causing further division. He called the development a “great crisis” that threatens free Western enterprises.

The comments from Dimon were made in the Annual Shareholder Letter this year. “America’s global leadership role is being challenged outside by other nations and inside by our polarized electorate,” he said. The JP Morgan head hinted that BRICS will not be the only alliance that kick-starts the de-dollarization agenda. He urged that the US must put aside all differences and work closely with developing countries. READ MORE

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4.11.24 - Bank Of America Sees Gold At $3,000

Gold last traded at $2,373 an ounce. Silver at $28.45 an ounce.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Another day, another headline highlighting gold. Bank of America has jumped on the $3,000-an-ounce-gold bandwagon. Simply put, with gold trading at $2,350 today, and the number of predictions saying $3,000 gold is coming, don't wait any longer to buy! Call us at 800-289-2646 and one of our representatives can walk you through how easy it is to get physical gold in your portfolio.

Bank Of America Sees Gold At $3,000, Warns Of A Copper Supply Crisis: Metals 'Dance To Their Own Tune' -Business Insider

gold coins Gold prices are projected to jump to $3,000 per ounce by 2025, according to Bank of America, buoyed by strong demand from central banks and the anticipation of investors returning to the market once the Federal Reserve begins to slash interest rates.

Michael Widmer, the bank’s commodity strategist, highlighted gold’s resilience as central banks tighten monetary policies.

“Gold prices have been remarkably resilient in recent months, notwithstanding central banks around the world tightening monetary policy,” said Widmer.

The Chinese central bank, in particular, has played a significant role in supporting the gold market, amassing over $200 tonnes of the yellow metal in 2023 alone. This elevated buying also depends on the heightened activity in China’s retail sector, with jewelry sales and non-monetary gold imports “hitting record highs earlier this year.”

“If the Fed ultimately starts cutting rates, investors should return to the market, also offsetting potentially lower Chinese investment demand as sentiment there improves and the economy accelerates. We had previously proposed a US$2,400/oz price estimate if the Fed cut rates in 1Q24; we now raise that and see gold rallying to US$3,000/oz by 2025,” Widmer affirmed. READ MORE

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4.10.24 - Dethroning the Dollar

Gold last traded at $2,335 an ounce. Silver at $27.89 an ounce.

Consumer Prices Print Hotter Than Expected, Led By Surge In Energy & Shelter Costs- ZeroHedge

The inflation wave continues to roll, according to recent data, and this is becoming a bigger and bigger financial nightmare for families by the day. Adding to the already concerning figures, there is no relief in sight.

by Tyler Durden

After increasing MoM for the last five months, headline CPI was expected to slow modestly in March (from +0.4% MoM to +0.3% MoM), but obviously still rising. However, it did not, rising a hotter than expected 0.4% MoM (equal highest since August 2023) and pushing it up 3.5% YoY...

Energy and Services dominated the rise on a YoY basis (with the former flipping from YoY deflation)...

Core CPI also rose more than expected (+0.4% MoM) pushing the YoY move up 3.8% (hotter than the 3.7% exp)...

Within the core index, goods costs continue to deflate on a YoY basis but services are re-acclerating...

That is the fourth straight month of 'hotter than expected' Core CPI...READ MORE AND VIEW CHARTS

BRICS Alternative To SWIFT Can Dethrone US Dollar -Watcher.Guru

There has been plenty of discussion lately surrounding the demise of the US dollar. At the forefront of this discussion is the alliance known as BRICS. Their movement to dethrone the dollar is no longer a dream, it's becoming a reality.

by Vinod Dsouza

Source: Watcher Guru
The BRICS alliance is working towards the creation of an alternative payment system for the US and the Western-dominated SWIFT. The system is currently under work and more details about its development could be revealed in the next summit in October. The US dollar will not be integrated into the SWIFT alternative payment system of BRICS.

The main motto of BRICS is to dethrone the US dollar and make local currencies the de facto global currency. Read here to know how many sectors in the US will be affected if BRICS ditches the dollar for trade.

Russia’s Central Bank Governor Elvira Nabiullina confirmed that the BRICS alternative to SWIFT is currently under work. Additionally, she revealed that the sanctions pressed by the US and Western allies are the reason why they plan to launch an alternative payment system to SWIFT.

The Governor stressed that the US will have no political or financial power to press sanctions once the alternative payment system is out. “A big portion of the world is always under threat of US or European sanctions. And it’s in their interest to create an alternative system. The initial promise or purpose of SWIFT wasn’t to be used in the sanctions system, and they changed the rules.” READ MORE

Gold prices have another 50% upside through 2025 if inflation jumps again, market vet says -Business Insider

As 2023 closed with gold prices hovering in the $2,000 an ounce range, several analysts were suggesting gold prices could hit levels of over $3,000 an ounce by the end of 2024. We've already had a strong start, and it appears there may be even more upside than $3,000 given the current pace.

by Jennifer Sor

Gold prices could soar through the end of 2025 if inflation stages a comeback, according to market veteran Ed Yardeni.

The Yardeni Research president predicted that gold prices could rise as high as $3,500 by the end of next year, implying as much as a 49% upside for the precious metal from Monday's price around $2,347. That's because inflation could follow the path it did in the 1970s, when prices began to spiral and gold went from $35 an ounce to a peak of $665 an ounce.

"The price of gold is soaring in new high territory," Yardeni said in a note to clients on Sunday, referring to gold prices notching an all-time record in March . "Another wage-price spiral attributable to rising oil prices would be very reminiscent of the Great Inflation of the 1970s, when the price of gold soared. In this scenario, $3,000-$3,500 per ounce would be a realistic target for gold through 2025."

Consumer prices have cooled dramatically from their highs above 9% in 2022, with inflation rising 3.2% in February, but market commentators have warned of a potential resurgence of inflation thanks to supply-chain disruptions stemming from geopolitical conflicts and the strong US labor market. READ MORE

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4.9.24 - Silver at All-Time High By November?

Gold last traded at $2,353 an ounce. Silver at $28.16 an ounce.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you've been wondering whether or not it's a good time to buy silver, wonder no longer. With silver resting at just below the $30 an ounce mark today, many analysts are suggesting the price will be over $50 an ounce by year's end; which would make it a great investment and a great portfolio diversifier.

Michael Oliver – Silver Should Hit All-Time High Above $50 By November

by Michael Oliver

silver debt The red horizontal on momentum is plotted through pivotal low closing readings (2021) and then pivotal high closing readings (2022 to 2024).

We’ve studied this situation archivally, and when we find major horizontal long- term momentum structures (in this case a flat horizontal structure encompassing several years of basing action), the outcome is dramatic and much of it occurs in the next two quarters.

And that move is almost always a massive percentage gain for silver and gold.

We’re also monitoring our silver/gold spread (report sent April 4th). The breakout of that dynamic will echo and enhance (!) this breakout.

We expect that before the 2024 election there’s a solid chance silver will be well above its $50 price highs of the past fifty years. Yes, there will likely be at least one major wobble in that move, and we’ll try to identify that event in advance. And, yes, there will no doubt be many daily wobbles/selloffs too. Our focus will be on a potential (and premature) profit-taking wobble that involves a month or more of adverse action, not just two days here or there. Stay tuned… VIEW CHARTS AND READ MORE

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4.8.24 - 30% more upside for gold?

Gold last traded at $2,338 an ounce. Silver at $27.80 an ounce.

EDITOR'S NOTE: As the year began, we featured articles that foresaw gold prices hitting levels of over $3,000 in 2024. At the time, that move would have been roughly a 50% increase. Here we are in April and that gap has closed 20% already. Just one more reason to diversify your investments into metals today.

Why record-setting gold prices will fend off headwinds and see 30% more upside, according to famed economist David Rosenberg -Yahoo! Finance

gold chart While investors have been riding high on a record-breaking stock market, their favorite safe haven has also reached new peaks.

Gold prices reached a historic $2,328.70 per ounce last week, and one economist says the momentum could carry the yellow metal to $3,000 before the next business cycle shift — a 30% increase from current levels.

That's according to famed economist David Rosenberg, the president of Rosenberg Research. He said in a recent note that the latest gold run is "especially impressive," because it not only surpassed bitcoin and every major currency, but also overcame typical macro headwinds that often depress its value.

"The rise in the gold price has come at a time of dollar strength, falling inflation expectations, and during which the Fed has moved market expectations toward a 'higher for longer' conviction. All those developments would typically hurt the gold price, but it's forged ahead regardless," his team wrote in the note.

But before plunging into the hype around bullion's future, it's worth peeling back what's behind the recent surge. READ MORE

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