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Widespread global tech outage disrupts flights, banks, hospitals and media outlets - AP--7.19.24
A global technology outage caused by a faulty software update grounded flights, knocked banks and media outlets offline, and disrupted hospitals, small businesses and other services on Friday. This highlights how fragile a digitized world is that is dependent on just a handful or providers.

‘Greatest Bubble’ Nearing Its Peak, Says Black Swan Manager - The Wall Street Journal--7.19.24
Universa’s Mark Spitznagel, who has made billions from past crashes, sees last hurrah for stocks before severe reckoning. Spitznagel sees stocks potentially losing more than half of their value as rate cuts are often the starting gun for big market reversals.

Recent inflation data 'do add somewhat to confidence' Fed can cut rates: Powell - Yahoo! Finance--7.15.24
Fed Chair Jay Powell gave another signal Monday that the central bank is nearing the time when it can start cutting rates. Market watchers are now betting that rates will come down at the Fed's Sept. 17-18 meeting.

Retirees with $1 million in savings could run out of money faster in these states, study finds - Fox Business--7.14.24
A new study is showing that even $1 million in retirement savings won't last very long in some states. Seniors in some states, like California, New York and Hawaii, might face tougher times as costs in those states for common annual expenses are higher.

US Is "A Few Short Years" From Data Reliability Crisis, Study Warns - Zero Hedge--7.12.24
U.S. economic data is hitting headlines yet again, this time, due to serious concerns about its continued reliability. With doubt cast on the future of "hard numbers," there will likely be a boost in demand for investments that are less easily swayed by sentiment and economic conditions - including gold and other precious metals.

Traders Start to Bet on a Supersized Fed Rate Cut in September - Yahoo! Finance--7.12.24
Bond traders are ramping up bets that the Fed will cut interest rates by half a percentage point in September instead of the standard quarter-point increment. This was evident in the federal funds futures market, where softer-than-anticipated inflation data unleashed a wave of buying of October contracts.

The inflation report is great news for the prospect of a rate cut - Markets Insider--7.11.24
U.S. stocks edged higher into record territory after inflation cooled more than expected in June. The reading should help pave the way for the Federal Reserve to start cutting interest rates. According to one reading, investors see about an 80% chance of a rate cut in September, with odds growing of another cut at either the November or December meeting.

IMF sees US Fed in position to cut interest rates later this year - Reuters/Yahoo! Finance--7.11.24
The IMF has said it continues to believe that the Fed could start cutting interest rates later this year. One IMF spokesperson did repeat the IMF's recent annual policy advice for the U.S. to rein in its growing debt pile, a longstanding recommendation.

Powell stresses message that US job market is cooling, a possible signal of coming rate cut - AP News/Yahoo! Finance--7.10.24
Fed Chair Jerome Powell on Wednesday reinforced a message that the Fed is paying growing attention to a slowing job market, a shift that signals its likely to begin cutting interest rates soon. Powell told the House panel that to avoid damaging the economy, the Fed likely wouldn't wait until inflation reached its 2% target before it would start cutting rates.

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