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Russia is dumping US Treasuries. Will China be next?- Asia Times--7.21.18
Moscow is reportedly dumping U.S. government debt at a record pace, selling four-fifths of its cache over a two-month period. There has also been widespread speculation that China may also consider doing it as well.

Trump escalates his war with the Fed- CNN Money--7.20.18
President Donald Trump tweeted early Friday that higher interest rates are taking away America's competitive edge with China. Trump also complained that higher rates were undoing his efforts to help the economy.

Bernanke, Geithner, Paulson warn U.S. has weaker tools for dealing with crisis- Market Watch--7.18.18
Three officials have warned that present-day regulators don't have all the tools needed to face another panic. Under reforms passed by Congress, the Fed cannot lend to an institution deemed "failing" and all lending must be approved by the Treasury Secretary.

The great dollar dump: Russia liquidates US Treasury holdings - RT--7.18.18
Russia is continuing to diversify state reserves away from U.S. debt. According to recent data, Russia's holdings hit an 11-year minimum and totaled only $14.9 billion.

CEOs are dumping stock in their companies. Here's what that means - CNN Money--7.17.18
Companies are putting a record amount of cash towards stock buybacks. Yet, with their own money, executives are cashing out. Insiders have dumped $8.4 billion of their shares in May and $9.2 billion in June.

Fund managers say trade spat is the biggest risk stocks have faced in years- Market Watch--7.17.18
Stocks are back at multi-month highs but the economy's prospects may be bleaker due to what fund managers see as the biggest risk to the stock market: a global trade upheaval.

Veteran investor Mobius sees a worldwide financial crisis on the horizon - The Star--7.12.18
A U.S.-China trade war might not be the worst thing to happen this year, according to Mark Mobius. The veteran investor sees a worldwide financial crisis on the horizon.

Trade war, tariffs and inflation will be the big worries this earnings season- Market Watch--7.12.18
The second-quarter earnings season starts on Friday and investors are expecting overall numbers to be strong. With a backdrop of trade war concerns, rising inflation and a stronger dollar, companies are likely to remain cautious.

Dow drops more than 200 points, snaps 4-day winning streak after US unveils new tariffs on Chinese goods- CNBC--7.11.18
Stocks closed sharply lower on Wednesday as a trade war between the U.S. and other major economies intensified. The Trump administration unveiled new tariffs on Chinese goods late Tuesday.

China vows to hit back over U.S. proposal for fresh tariffs- Reuters--7.10.18
China has warned that it would hit back after the Trump administration raised the states in the trade dispute, threatening 10 percent tariffs in $200 billion of Chinese goods which rattled global markets.

Brett Kavanaugh is President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court- USA Today--7.10.18
President Donald Trump has nominated federal appeals court judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court Monday night.

Global debt jumped by $8 trillion in Q1, rising to record $247 trillion- Yahoo Finance--7.10.18
The amount of debt in the world grew by $8 trillion in the first quarter of 2018. Global debt has now risen to more than $247 trillion, which is 318% of the world's gross domestic product.

Brexit turmoil: 4 things investors need to know- Market Watch--7.9.18
A pair of high-profile resignations in the U.K. today raised questions about British Prime Minister Theresa May and the Brexit process and the British pound.

‘This rally in stocks is a last hurrah!’ warns Guggenheim’s Minerd- Market Watch--7.9.18
Scott Minerd of Guggenheim Partners says investors shouldn't be lulled into a false sense of security amid intensifying clashes over global trade.

Companies buying back their own shares is the only thing keeping the stock market afloat right now- CNBC--7.2.18
Stocks are hanging by a thread, boosted by corporate buying while individual investors head to the sidelines amid fears of a global trade war.

Americans are working hard and getting nowhere- Market Watch--7.2.18
Financial security has been increasingly elusive for many Americans. According to one expert, "people are working hard, but they are not able to achieve the prosperity that was available to people back in the day."

US first-quarter growth slowed more than estimated, weighed down by the weakest consumer spending in nearly 5 years- CNBC--6.28.18
The U.S. economy slowed more than previously estimated in the first quarter amid the weakest performance in consumer spending in nearly five years. GDP increased at a 2.0% annual rate instead of the 2.2% pace it reported last month.

A new data breach may have exposed personal information of almost every American adult- Market Watch--6.28.18
A small Florida-based company may have exposed the personal data of nearly every American adult. The company, Exactis, had exposed a database containing nearly 2 terabytes of data, containing 340 million individual records on a public server.

The next bear market in stocks will spark a retirement crisis - Market Watch--6.27.18
The U.S. government announced that for the first time since 1982, it is tapping into Social Security trust funds to pay current benefits to recipients. The trustees also projected that the trust fund will run out of money by 2034.

Investors, Not Banks, Could Spark the Next Crisis - Bloomberg--6.26.18
Banks have been to blame for previous financial crises but ordinary investors could play more of a central role in the next one.

The death of the American middle class has brought department stores down with it- Business Insider--6.26.18
Experts say that the ongoing struggles of department stores are linked to the death of the middle class in the United States. As the middle class shrinks, high-end and budget stores have become more successful while stores in the middle range lag.

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