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January 11, 2017

Global unemployment to hit 200 million as wages stagnate - CNN Money--1.13.17
The number of people out of work around the world will hit 200 million in 2017 and according to the International Labor Organization, those with jobs shouldn't expect a raise.

Obama Economy: 9.9 Million More Employed, But 14.6 Million Left Labor Force - The Washington Free Beacon--1.9.17
Since President Obama took office, the number of employed Americans increased by 9.9 million, but there were 14.6 million more who left the labor force, according to the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma meets with Trump, pledges to create 1 million US jobs- Business Insider--1.9.17
Jack Ma, founder and chairman of Alibaba Group, met with President-elect Donald Trump and discussed plans to create 1 million US jobs by allowing small and medium-size businesses to sell to China through the company's platform.

Investor optimism, global economic reality may clash in 2017 - RT--1.2.17
According to economist worldwide, the economic outlook for 2017 looks uneven and unspectacular. Many experts say the global trade slowdown could worsen and emerging economies are expected to remain vulnerable.

Britons Hoard Cash as Economic Uncertainties Prompt Caution - Bloomberg--12.28.16
According to the British Bankers Association, Britons have been holding on to their cash. This could be a sign that they are "hunkering down" as they face economic uncertainties.

Trump rally could hit speed bump in 2017 - CNN Money--12.27.16
The rapid shift in Wall Street's mood could be a sign the market needs a breather in 2017 unless there is enough solid evidence that economic and earnings growth can accelerate.

Growing number of Americans retiring outside the US - Associated Press--12.27.16
A growing number of Americans are retiring outside of the U.S. and in many cases, they are looking for a way to stretch their retirement income.

Personal income flat in Nov vs 0.3 percent increase expected - CNBC--12.22.16
U.S. consumer spending increased as household incomes failed to rise, suggesting economic growth slowed in the fourth quarter. Wages and salaries fell 0.1 percent whiles savings fell to the lowest level since May 2015.

The EU’s Brexit negotiators prepare for disaster - The Economist--12.17.16
Foreign ministries and policy units across the EU and preparing for Brexit and gloom is descending on Europe. Closer inspection reveals a never-ending string of complexities and will require detailed negotiations and technical work.

This is going to be the ‘biggest conundrum’ in 2017 for the US economy - CNBC--12.9.16
According to one expert, the world's two largest economies are likely to be on a collision course. As the U.S. dollar strengthens, there will be pressure on Trump to label China as a currency manipulator.

Can Trump Restore Honest Money? - CBN--12.14.16
Regarding monetary reform, Trump has already expressed his distrust of the Fed and has said that he is open to considering putting out nation back on a Gold standard.

India’s Botched War on Cash - HBR--12.14.16
India's government effectively took 86% of cash out of circulation in an economy that is close to 90% cash-reliant. In the meantime, retail and wholesale markets have stalled across the country and the nation's economy has been severely imperiled and its currency risks being further devalued.

Many Americans don't have enough emergency cash - CNN Money--12.7.16
A lot of Americans aren't ready for any financial emergencies, according to new research from the New York Federal Reserve. The average American age 40 and under says there is nearly a 50% chance they would not be able to come up with $2,000 next month if there was an emergency.

Venezuela to issue larger bill as currency continues to melt - Associated Press--12.4.16
Venezuela has announced it will issue higher-denominated bill as triple-digit inflation and a currency meltdown leaves the country's largest note worth just around 2 U.S. cents on the black market.

Euro worries hinge on Italian referendum - Deutsche Welle--12.1.16
Fears are growing that the Italian vote could signal the beginning of the end of the euro. The proposed reform would curtail the power and size of the Senate.

War on Cash – Happening Faster Than We Ever Imagined – Here Are Some Examples You May Have Missed - ValueWalk--11.30.16
There are plenty of places where the war on cash is happening. The latest example is the situation in India where the government "demonized" its two largest denominations of cash.

Mobs Lock Up Bankers During India's Cash Chaos - Bloomberg--11.30.16
Bankers are bracing for long days and angry mobs as payday approaches in India. This will be the first test for Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his move in invalidate almost all cash in circulation.

Federal Debt Tops $19,900,000,000,000—On Black Friday - CNS News--11.30.16
The Federal Debt move above $19,900,000,000,000 for the first time on November 22. The debt fell back down the day before Thanksgiving, but climbed back on Black Friday.

The Problem with the U.S. Economy Isn’t Something Politicians Can Fix - Harvard Business Review--11.29.16
Today, according to Pew, only one American in four anticipates that the next generation will be better off than Americans now. This is a bleak view of the future and public expectations will be very hard for political leaders to fulfill.

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