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Dow drops more than 500 points, S&P 500 posts first 4-day losing streak since February- CNBC--9.21.20
Stocks saw sharp declines on Monday as fears about the potential worsening of the coronavirus pandemic rattled investors. The Dow fell over 500 points while the S&P 500 lost 1.2%.

European bank stocks including Deutsche Bank’s slide after money-laundering allegations - Market Watch--9.21.20
Shares of Europe's top banks dropped on Monday after the release of reports alleging that these banks kept doing business with customers they suspected of money laundering and other wrongdoing.

Bank of England eyes sub-zero rates in face of virus, Brexit- Yahoo! Finance--9.17.20
The Bank of England has indicated that it could cut interest rates below zero for the first time in its 326-year history. The bank is trying to shore up a recovery that is facing both the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit.

Peter Schiff Warns The World Is Ready To Reject The Dollar Standard- Zero Hedge--9.17.20
Peter Schiff believes the world is going to reject the dollar standard and go back to the gold standard. Currently, the Fed is backed into a corner and at this point, there is no way anyone is going to believe the central bank when they say they are going to shrink their balance sheet.

Ray Dalio Warns of Threat to Dollar as Reserve Currency - MSN--9.16.20
The dollar's global reserve currency status is in jeopardy because of steps the U.S. has taken to support its economy during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Ray Dalio. According to Dalio, "there is so much debt production and debt monetization."

Sound the alarm bells on inflation- The Hill--9.14.20
America is spending money like never before. Currently, the U.S. has debt that is larger than GDP for the first time since World War II. The massive federal spending will eventually lead to inflation.

Americans are raiding retirement savings during coronavirus pandemic- CNBC--9.14.20
Nearly 3 in 10 Americans have decreased or stopped their retirement savings due to the economic fallout of Covid-19. A large share of consumers have also pulled money out of their savings to make ends meet.

More workers hit with pay cuts than in last recession, and stagnant wages could linger- USA Today--9.14.20
The layoffs and furloughs of more than 25 million U.S. workers have fueled the nation's anguish over the coronavirus recession. Workers are also being faced with reduced hours or wages to cut costs.

National debt dangers worsening -- here's what the Founders warned us about- Fox Business--9.10.20
The Congressional Budget Office reports the American government will soon reach a debt level equaling its entire gross domestic product. This will be the largest since 1945, the year World War II ended.

Majority of workers expect their ‘retirement’ to include a job, survey shows- CNBC--9.3.20
More than half of workers say they want to continue working in retirement. Some say working in retirement would have a positive influence on their mental well-being while others say it would benefit their financial situation.

Dow ends more than 800 points lower as tech plunge gives stocks worst day since June - Market Watch--9.3.20
Technology stocks suffered steep losses as investors appetite waned following an extraordinary rally in the past month, which ended up dragging the rest of the stock market lower.

More Pain And Little Gain In The Economy- Forbes--9.2.20
Wednesday's ADP employment report was not encouraging as data suggested that the US added around 428,000 jobs in August, well below the forecast of 1.17 million.

The dollar’s fall is likely to continue — here’s why you can thank the Fed - Market Watch--9.1.20
The dollar's continue weakness comes after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell made it clear that policy makers would tolerate above-target inflation as part of a new policy-making framework.

As the Fed Prepares to Meet Virtually, the Mechanisms of Monetary Policy Are Breaking Down- Market Watch--8.24.20
The S&P 500 reached all-time highs last week, but that will mean nothing if not supported by stronger foundations. The Fed is getting ready to hold its annual Jackson Hole conference this week as they decide on the next steps needed to support the economy.

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