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The biggest financial risk that no one wants to talk about- Fox Business--2.14.20
The national debt now stands at over $23 trillion, including publicly held debt and intragovernmental debt. This is larger that the country's entire gross domestic product.

Valentine’s Day Spending Is Forecast to Rise 32%. Is More Love in the Air?- Barron's--2.14.20
According to the National Retail Federation, U.S. consumers will spend a record amount on Valentine's Day 2020. Total spending is expected to jump 32% compared with 2019.

Coronavirus update: 1,369 deaths, 46,997 lab-confirmed cases, analysts say new diagnosis method ‘hurts confidence’ in China- Market Watch--2.13.20
China officials changed the way Coronavirus has been diagnosed which led to a large upswing in the number of cases. The most recent update states there were 15,152 new cases, a sevenfold increase over the 2,015 new cases that had been reported the day before.

Rents lift U.S. core inflation; weekly jobless claims rise slightly- Reuters--2.13.20
U.S. underlying consumer prices picked up in January while weekly jobless claims rose slightly. Underlying inflation in January was lifted most by rising rent.

Powell says Fed will aggressively use QE to fight next recession- Market Watch--2.12.20
Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said on Wednesday the central bank would fight the next downturn by using QE. The Fed has traditionally been able to slash interest rates to fight a recession, but that's now impossible because rats are already so low.

US on track for first $1 trillion budget deficit since 2012- AP--2.12.20
The U.S. budget deficit is up 19% in the first four months of this budget year compared to the same period a year ago. This puts the country on track to record its first $1 trillion deficit since 2012.

The S&P 500 is really the S&P 5. Big tech dominates the index- CNN Business--2.11.20
The S&P 500 is supposed to be a broad representation of the U.S. economy. However, the five largest companies in the S&P 500 account for nearly 20% of the market value of the entire index, which could be a major problem for investors who don't understand the risks of having "all their proverbial eggs in one basket."

U.S. Household Debt Exceeds $14 Trillion for the First Time- Bloomberg/Yahoo! Finance--2.11.20
Americans have increased their borrowing for the 22nd straight quarter as more households take out loans to buy homes or refinance existing mortgages. Total U.S. household debt rose by $601 billion in the fourth quarter, surpassing $14 trillion for the first time.

Coronavirus spread outside of China may be ‘tip of the iceberg,’ says WHO chief- Market Watch--2.10.20
The director of the World Health Organization warned on Sunday that countries outside of China should be prepared for the spread of coronavirus to accelerate.

US says China's military was behind 2017 Equifax hack that left personal information of 145 million Americans exposed- Business Insider--2.10.20
The Department of Justice has charged four members of China's military with carrying out the massive Equifax hack back in 2017. The Equifax breach compromised the data of about 145 million Americans.

Lagarde: Central banks have less room to combat a downturn- AP--2.6.20
European Central Bank head Christine Lagarde has warned that the world's central banks have less room to stimulate the economy in case there is a recession. According to Lagarde, interest rates and inflation are already low, meaning there is less room to reduce rates further.

Currencies will bear brunt of coronavirus blow in emerging markets, warn macro investors- Market Watch--2.6.20
Analysts worry that currencies will shoulder the worst of the damage from global growth stocks triggered by the coronavirus outbreak. Emerging markets are more vulnerable mainly because developing countries often depend on China's consumption to maintain their own rapid growth rates.

There’s a 70% chance of recession in the next six months, new study from MIT and State Street finds- CNBC--2.5.20
A new study from MIT says there is a 70% chance that a recession will occur within the next six months. Researchers analyzed four market factors on a monthly basis to determine the likelihood of a recession.

Nearly half of Americans say rising cost of living is the greatest threat to financial security- CNBC--2.5.20
Almost half of Americans believe that cost of living is the biggest threat to their financial security and long-term investments, according to a new survey.

The global economic threat of the coronavirus- Axios--2.3.20
The coronavirus has the potential to be as damaging to the global economy as the U.S.-China trade war, according to economists. If the virus isn't contained, it could wreak havoc on businesses across the globe.

China to inject $173 billion into economy to cushion expected stock shock- Market Watch--2.2.20
China's central bank has announced plans to inject 1.2 trillion yuan into the economy to cushion the shock to financial markets from the impact of the virus spreading.

Fed chair sees China virus as possible risk to world economy- AP News--1.30.20
Chairman Jerome Powell noted that the extent of the economic damage that China's coronavirus may inflict remains unknown. Investors are becoming more concerned that the U.S. will feel the impact of a global slowing stemming from the coronavirus.

Coronavirus spreads for first time in U.S., CDC says- NBC News--1.30.20
The husband of one of the individuals in the U.S. with coronavirus has also been diagnosed with the illness, which is the first evidence that the new virus has spread person-to-person in this country.

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