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October 16, 2017

Medicare premiums might devour your increased 2018 Social Security benefit- USA Today--10.13.17
Retiree may be relieved their Social Security benefits are getting a boost next year, but the extra money could get eaten up by Medicare premiums for about 70% or retirees.

China establishes yuan-ruble payment system- Reuters--10.11.17
China has established a payment versus payment system for Chinese yuan and Russian ruble transactions. This system was launched on Monday and is a move to rely less on the U.S. dollar for trade.

Three reasons the world could turn its back on the US dollar - CNBC--10.11.17
A combination of geopolitical pressures could spark the end of the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency. One expert called the dollar "increasingly dysfunctional" and there was an urgent need to replace it.

Global economic recovery may not last, warns IMF - The Guardian--10.11.17
The IMF has cut growth forecasts for both the U.S. and the U.K. The IMF also said that the global economy's recent recovery may not last.

Market just as dangerous as late 1990s, and bank stocks could 'come crashing down,' analyst Dick Bove warns - CNBC--10.10.17
One of Wall Street's analysts is troubled by the rally in financials. This analyst warns that the overall market is just as dangerous as it was in the late 1990's.

Your Pension Is a Lie: There's $210 Trillion Of Liabilities Our Government Can't Fulfill - Forbes--10.10.17
Many Americans think their Social Security will be their when we retire. Unfortunately, the government as $46.7 trillion in unfunded liabilities, which could actually be as high as $210 trillion.

Cash is already pretty much dead in China as the country lives the future with mobile pay - CNBC--10.9.17
Mobile payment volume in China has more than doubled to $5 trillion in 2016. This mobile pay habit is also starting to spread to other countries.

The 5 Biggest Bubbles In Markets Today - Zero Hedge--10.9.17
Bubbles have been around for a very long time. Today, bubbles happen a little more frequently and we tend to see one every 7-8 years. Today, there seems to be a bubble is just about everything.

Investors face a ‘warped wall’ in the U.S. stock-market rally - Market Watch--10.6.17
During an eight-day span, the S&P 500 broker resistance levels many times, producing a "sloped" chart pattern. Patterns like this usually have a high probability of being followed by a noted decline.

US lost 33,000 jobs in Sept, vs 90,000 jobs increase expected - CNBC--10.6.17
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma did damage to September's payroll. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, payrolls fell by 33,000 while economists were expecting a payroll growth of 90,000.

Europe Could See Another Brexit-Like Rupture—Beyond Spain- Bloomberg--10.5.17
First there was Brexit, and now another rupture may be sneaking up on Europe. Catalonia may only be the beginning as tensions in Eastern Europe continue to grow.

The Dow could be so hot that it melts- CNN Money--10.5.17
Too much of a good thing for the stock market may actually be a bad thing. According to one expert, the market looks like it is in the early stages of a melt-up.

Puerto Rico is still in a major cash crunch - CNN Money--10.3.17
The citizens of Puerto Rico still don't have access to cash to buy anything. Operating banks and ATMs are in short supply and since most of the island still lacks power, credit cards will not work to purchase necessities.

Six similarities between now and 1987, when the Dow plummeted 23% in one day - Market Watch--10.3.17
Can the current stock market suffer a similar fate to the crash of '87? Currently, there are six similarities between the current stock market and the stock market conditions just before the crash in 1987.

Equifax says millions more customers affected in cyberattack than previously reported- Market Watch--10.2.17
Equifax has just announced that about 2.5 million more U.S. customers were affected by the recent cyberattack than previously reported. The addition of those customers bring the total U.S. customers potentially affected to 145.5 million.

Stressed retail industry plunging deeper into junk territory, S&P says - CNBC--10.2.17
The percentage of U.S. retailers with a high-risk CCC rating has doubled since the beginning of the year, according to a new report by the S&P. Currently, 18% of retail ratings are in the CCC range.

Yale fellow, former Morgan Stanley chief economist: A correction looms- Market Watch--9.28.17
Lofty valuations and rising interest rates are about to wreak havoc on the market, according to Stephen Roach, former Morgan Stanley chief economist. He told CNBC that "we are long overdue for a correction."

A Stock Market Crash Can Happen in a Few Seconds. Are We Prepared?- Fortune--9.27.17
Every modern stock market crash has been precipitated by a catalyst that often seems to have nothing to do with finance. Crashes have taken as long as a year and have happened as fast as a single day.

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