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‘Big bear market’ for stocks lasting several months appears to have begun- Market Watch--4.25.18
The "big bear market" for stocks appears to have begun. One expert said there could be a pause in the downtrend this week, but he believes we could see a "lasting and painful downtrend" heading our way.

Cash "Vanishes" From Bank Accounts- Zero Hedge--4.25.18
Customers of Ulster Bank were left out of pocket as payments including salaries were not made, cards were declined and customers were unable to pay for urgent goods and services.

Stocks close sharply lower as rising bond yields spook investors- Market Watch--4.24.18
U.S. stocks closed sharply lower, led by a selloff in industrials, materials and technology shares. The selling pressure came as the 10-year Treasury yield briefly touched 3% for the first time in four years.

Retiring broke? More than half of Americans are at risk of it happening- USA Today--4.24.18
Roughly 61% of Americans have less than $100,000 in total savings, and around 42% of those people have saved $10,000 or less, according to a recent survey.

Zelle, the banks’ answer to Venmo, proves vulnerable to fraud- CNBC--4.23.18
Zelle, a service that allows bank customers to instantly send money has been used by hackers and con artists to steal money from victims, some of whom have never used or even heard of Zelle.

Why the retirement hurdle is getting even harder - CNN Money--4.23.18
Saving enough money for retirement has become an increasingly monumental task. Pensions are good to have when entering retirement, but they have become a rare offering from employers.

Morgan Stanley issues warning that the end is near for the bull market- CNBC--4.17.18
Morgan Stanley, in a recent analysis, argues that the end of big returns is near. The firm maintains that boosts from fiscal policy are unlikely to last much longer.

FED'S KASHKARI: Wall Street is 'forgetting the lessons of the 2008 financial crisis'- Business Insider--4.16.18
A top Federal Reserve official said that Wall Street and bank regulators run the risk of allowing another financial crisis to occur because many are forgetting the pain from the 2008 meltdown.

'Take your money and run.' Investor David Tice warns on 'pretty dangerous' stock market - CNBC--4.12.18
One investor is suggesting that a stock market crash may be virtually unavoidable thanks to Federal Reserve Policy and geopolitical risks. He advises that investors should "take your money and run."

Regulators push to shrink big banks' rainy-day fund by $121 billion --4.12.18
U.S. financial regulators are pushing to ease the amount of capital that mega banks must hold, softening one of the safeguards put in place to prevent a repeat of the 2008 meltdown.

Inflation perks up almost everywhere in March except the gas pump, CPI shows- Market Watch--4.11.18
The rate of inflation over the last 12 months rose to 2.4% from 2.2% and hit a one-year high. While the cost of gasoline fell almost 5%, the cost of other major household expenses rose more sharply.

Stock market ends lower as geopolitical tensions move center stage- Market Watch--4.11.18
U.S. stocks closed lower as investors react to rising geopolitical tensions. The probability of a U.S. strike against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad appeared to be growing as Trump and his administration worked to rally international support.

Global debt mountain climbs to record $237 trillion in 2017- Market Watch--4.10.18
The Institute of International Finance commented that global debt is growing. The U.S., Europe and other emerging economies have increased borrowing. Researchers estimate the global stock of debt amounted to $237 trillion in 2017.

Inflation could show more sizzle than expected- CNBC--4.10.18
Traders are keeping a close eye on consumer inflation data that is expected to be released on Wednesday. One expert believes there could be a surprise to the upside. Higher inflation could mean the potential for more rapidly rising interest rates.

Stock market ends sharply lower on renewed trade war fears- Market Watch--4.6.18
U.S. stocks closed sharply lower on Friday, led by a selloff in industrials and financials, on renewed concerns over an escalating trade fight between China and the U.S.

US imposes sanctions against Russian oligarchs and government officials - CNN--4.6.18
The Trump administration has unleashed additional sanctions against seven Russian oligarchs with ties to President Vladimir Putin along with 12 companies they own or control.

China, holding Treasuries, keeps 'nuclear option' in U.S. trade war - Reuters--4.4.18
China retaliated against the U.S. for proposing tariffs on 1,300 Chinese products, but China is holding back on their largest American import: government debt. As of the end of January, China holds around $1.7 trillion of Treasuries.

U.S. unveils tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese imports - Reuters--4.3.18
The Trump administration has raised the stakes in a growing trade showdown with China, announcing 25 percent tariffs on some 1,300 industrial technology, transport and medical products.

If you shopped at these 10 stores in the last year, your data might have been stolen- Business Insider--4.3.18
At least ten separate security breaches occurred from January 2017 until now. Many caused by flaws in payment systems. Data breaches are on the rise in both retailers and other businesses and are a real danger for both brands and customers.

Stocks plummet as tech, Amazon lead broad selloff; Nasdaq negative for 2018- Market Watch--4.2.18
U.S. stocks suffered a sharp fall on Monday due to uncertainty surrounding trade policy and weakness in the technology and internet sectors.

China announces it's imposing new tariffs on 128 US products - CNBC--4.1.18
China has announced it will impose new tariffs on meat, fruit and other products from the U.S. in retaliation for American duties, which heightened fears of a potential trade war between the two countries.

Baltimore 911 dispatch system hacked, investigation underway, officials confirm - Baltimore Sun--3.28.18
Baltimore's 911 dispatch system was hacked over the weekend, prompting a temporary shutdown of automated dispatching. The hack affected messaging functions within the computer-aided dispatch system.

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