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Stock markets don’t need a ‘trigger’ to correct, says Robert Shiller- Market Watch--1.23.18
Robert Shiller, a Nobel Prize-winning economics professor, believes that markets don't need a "trigger" to correct and "it's the dynamics of bubbles [that} inherently makes them come to an end eventually."

Schumer withdraws offer on Trump's wall - Politico--1.23.18
Chuck Schumer has announced that he is taking his big spending boost for Donald Trump's border wall off the table. Schumer said he withdrew his offer because it was meant to be part of a broader package that would have averted a government shutdown.

Congress votes to end shutdown - Politico--1.22.18
The Senate and the House passed a short-term funding bill. This happened after Senate Democrats received a commitment from Republicans to hold a vote on immigration legislation. The short-term spending bill also includes a six-year funding renewal of a popular children's health insurance program.

Panicky Bitcoin investors struggle to withdraw cash from money exchanges as they look to ‘safe’ gold investments amid fears of cryptocurrency collapse - The Sun--1.22.18
There are growing fears that Bitcoin investors will struggle to get their cash out after the cryptocurrency's value fell over 40% in a single month. Many have looked into putting their money into gold instead.

Here's what the last government shutdown looked like - CNN Money--1.19.18
The last government shutdown occurred in 2013 when the government was shut down for 16 days as about 850,000 federal employees were sent home, with a total of 6.6 million work days lost.

1 in 3 young Americans spent more on coffee last year than they invested - Moneyish--1.19.18
More than one in three Americans spent more on coffee last year than they invested, according to a recent survey. According to the survey, people know they should invest, they just don't think about it when they are spending their money.

Government to auction off $50 million in Bitcoins - The Washington Times--1.19.18
The government will be auctioning off bitcoins next week that were seized in criminal investigations. Analysts are predicting they will fetch nearly $50 million in the auction for 3,814 Bitcoins.

The threat of a government shutdown is rising as the clock ticks down- CNBC--1.18.18
The threat of a government shutdown surged as the deadline rapidly approaches. Doubts have emerged about a last-minute spending plan passing both chambers of Congress.

Wells Fargo bill payment glitch emptying some accounts: Report - Money Watch--1.18.18
A glitch with the Wells Fargo online bill payment system led to some payments being processed twice late Wednesday, with some accounts even being emptied.

One former Fed governor is worried that no one is worried about the strong economy- CNBC--1.12.18
Former Federal Reserve governor Randy Kroszner believes people should be more concerned about the strong economy. Some economists think worry that there is a possibility of overheating growth.

Here’s where inflation hit your wallet hardest in 2017 - Market Watch--1.12.18
Consumer prices rose 2.1% in 2017. About one-third of comsumer spending goes for owning or renting a home while gasoline prices jumped 10.7% in 2017.

Desperate to get into bitcoin, investors slip into debt- CNBC--1.11.18
Some investors are taking huge risks to get into cryptocurrencies. Roughly 18 percent of people who buy bitcoin use a credit card, and of those, 20 percent have not paid off their balance.

A 10 to 15% stock market correction is virtually unavoidable, Blackstone's Byron Wien warns- CNBC--1.11.18
Wall Street legend Byron Wien believes the current market rally is in the danger zone. He is warning investors that a 10 to 15 percent stock market pullback is virtually unavoidable.

China is reportedly thinking of halting US Treasury purchases and that's worrying markets- CNBC--1.10.18
China, who is the biggest buyer of U.S. sovereign bonds, could be slowing down or even halting its purchases, according to Bloomberg News. The new report notes that Chinese officials think U.S. debt is becoming less attractive compared with other assets.

Here are the 3 things that could stop the stock market in 2018 - Market Watch--1.10.18
The stock market remains strong but there are three things that could stop the bull market. These include inflation, politics and war and geopolitical crisis.

The world is swimming in a record $233 trillion of debt- Business Insider--1.5.18
Global debt levels have hit a new record in the third quarter of 2017. This debt burden could keep global central banks from tightening monetary conditions in the coming months, according to the Institute of International Finance.

Why Hackers Hack: Motives Behind Cyberattacks- Visual Capitalist--1.3.18
Cyberattacks caused $450 billion of damage to the global economy in 2016 and this number is expected to keep rising. Some of the motives behind hacks include ransom, insider threat and for political reasons.

Stock-market investors should ‘brace for a possible near-term melt-up’: Jeremy Grantham- Market Watch--1.3.17
Jeremy Grant has sent a warning to investors that they need to be prepared for the possibility of a near-term "melt-up" that could set the stage for a burst bubble and a stock-market meltdown.

Head of largest hedge fund says economic downturn could leave U.S. ‘at each other’s throats’- Market Watch--1.3.17
Market expert Ray Dalio is concerned an economic recession could cause the population to "be at each other's throats." Dalio believes the Fed's policies will foster resentment.

2018 will bring a disastrous geopolitical event that rivals the 2008 financial crisis, says foreign policy expert Ian Bremmer - CNBC--1.2.18
According to risk consultancy group Eurasia Group, the world is moving toward crisis and a state of "geopolitical depression." The group believes we will see a disastrous event that will rival the 2008 financial crisis.

Five Financial Resolutions for New Year 2018 - Finance Minutes--12.30.17
Individuals should set financial targets at 2018 starts. Some other financial goals should include investing in real estate, gold and learning from past decisions.

Will the bull market for stocks finally end in 2018? If so, blame the credit market bubble- Market Watch--12.27.17
Analysts are cautioning that a bubble is forming in credit markets and companies are overextending themselves which could spell trouble ahead.

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