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July 20, 2017

Are investors losing their faith in the central banks?- CNBC--7.20.17
Investors are growing increasingly concerned that central banks' monetary policy has proven to be too accommodative. A new study found that there is an increasingly apprehensive view of global central banks and their role in monetary policy and economic stimulus.

Another blow for heartland workers: Slashed pensions - CBS News--7.20.17
The pension of thousands of retired Ohio iron workers had their pension cut by more than half. At least 50 other Midwestern pensions plans are in this same condition.

Bank of America experiences system outage for some customer accounts - Financial Times--7.19.17
Customers of Bank of America have been locked out of their accounts in a system outage that lasted several hours. One individual was unable to have a check delivered before a home purchase.

Trump: 'We'll let Obamacare fail'- CNN--7.18.17
The collapse of the Republican bid to repeal and replace Obamacare, alongside chaos surrounding the Russia scandal, has been preventing the Trump agenda from progressing.

Americans Working Longer Than Ever as Retirement Becomes Elusive- Newsmax--7.18.17
The latest U.S. government jobs report showed that older Americans are working longer than ever, not because they lack the ability to retire, but because they are not financially able to.

Four key sectors to watch closely this earnings season- Market Watch--7.17.17
Investors need to brace for what will be a key test of sentiment. The second-quarter earnings season has kicked off and companies need to show earnings growth to boost investor confidence.

Is America On the Verge of Another Debt Ceiling Crisis?- The National Interest--7.16.17
The Congressional Budget Office is now projecting that sometime this October the U.S. Treasury will have to deal with the debt ceiling again.

Dollar looks worse for wear, breakout fails after Yellen comments, weak inflation - CNBC--7.14.17
After weak CPI inflation data, the dollar index sank to a new low of 95.186 on Friday, the lowest since September of last year. According to one analyst, there is not much on the near-term horizon that will drive the dollar higher.

Consumer sentiment falls again in July as Trump euphoria wears off- Market Watch--7.14.17
Consumers were optimistic at the start of the Trump presidency, but those early hopes have faded as gridlock in Washington persists. The outlook of consumers is now back to where it was before the November election.

Yellen backtracks: 'We can never be confident there won't be another financial crisis'- CNBC--7.13.17
Fed Chair Janet Yellen took back comments she made about there not being another financial crisis "in our lifetime." Instead she said "we can never be confident that there won't be another financial crisis."

Verizon data breach: 14 million customers reportedly exposed - Fox News--7.12.17
Millions of Verizon customers have been exposed after an Israeli tech company left user data unprotected. As many as 14 million customers have been exposed.

The U.S. stock market is 66% higher than it should be - Market Watch--7.12.17
As major indices hit all-time highs and technical trading patterns surfacing in long-term chart patterns last week, potential reversal signals are on a technical basis.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Warns Congress: US Debt Trajectory Is Unsustainable- Zero Hedge--7.12.17
During her testimony to Congress, Fed Chair Janet Yellen urged Congress to consider the growth trajectory of the federal debt when making decisions about spending and taxation.

Mark Yusko: "We're On The Path To Another Great Depression"- Zero Hedge--7.11.17
Yet another expert is warning that the U.S. is going to have a massive crash within the year. Mark Yusko believes too much stimulus and quantitative easing has resulted in a "huge" bubble in stocks.

Analysis used by Warren Buffett shows markets are 'entering frothy territory' - USA Today--7.10.17
Stocks are entering "frothy territory" and could fall soon due to a turnaround in monetary policy, according to a Deutsche Bank economist.

Two catalysts that could trigger a stock market correction - CNBC--7.10.17
Analysts see increasing signs of trouble ahead. Global strategists have fired off warnings about events that could affect the rally in equities.

Hackers targeting U.S. nuclear power plant operators: reports- Market Watch--7.6.17
Hackers have been targeting companies that operate nuclear power plants in the U.S. in recent months. According to a government report, the severity of the cyberattacks is still unclear, as it their motive.

Marc Faber: There will be another 'massive' financial crisis in my lifetime- CNBC--7.3.17
Market expert Marc Faber has a warning for investors. He says individuals need to brace themselves for another financial crisis. At 71 years old, Faber fully expects to see another financial crisis in his lifetime.

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