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Global economists predict the world's lowest growth in a decade- CNN Business--9.19.19
The world economy is slowing and could be heading toward a recession. A group of global economists just slashed its forecast for global growth to a decade low. The OECD projects the world economy will grow just 2.9% in 2019.

Fed approves quarter-point rate cut but is divided on further action this year- CNBC--9.18.19
The central bank has announced its taking down its benchmark overnight lending rate to a target range of 1.75% to 2%. Fed officials however, offered few indications about further reductions as members remain split on what to do next.

For a second day, the New York Fed spent billions to calm the financial market- CNN Business--9.18.19
For the second day in a row, the New York Federal Reserve injected a huge sum of money into the financial system in a bid to calm stress that has emerged in the overnight lending market.

Drone Attack on Saudi Oil Field Seen as Realizing Worst Fears- Yahoo! Finance/Bloomberg--9.16.19
Saudi Arabia's oil production facilities were hit in an apparent drone attack on Saturday. Houthi rebels in Yemen took responsibility for the attack, though U.S. officials said Iran is behind the attack.

China's slowdown deepens; industrial output growth falls to 17-1/2 year low- Reuters--9.16.19
The slowdown in China's economy deepened in August as growth in industrial production hit its weakest in 17-1/2 years. Retail sales and investment gauges worsened too, according to data released on Monday.

European Central Bank cuts its deposit rate, launches new bond-buying program- CNBC--9.12.19
The European Central Bank has cut its deposit rate and launched a new bond-buying program. The ECB now expects interest rates to remain at their present or lower levels until it has seen its inflation outlook improve.

Gundlach sees 75% recession chance, has a warning about the corporate bond market- Market Watch--9.12.19
Jeffrey Gundlach says there is a 75% chance of a recession before the next presidential election and warns that the corporate bond market is a crisis waiting to happen.

Trump says Fed ‘boneheads’ should cut interest rates to zero ‘or less,’ US should refinance debt- CNBC--9.11.19
President Donald Trump has tweeted that the Federal Reserve should cut interest rates to zero or even set negative interest rates. The president also suggested that the country should refinance its debt load.

Americans are piling on credit card debt, despite recession warnings- NBC News--9.10.19
According to the Federal Reserve's consumer credit tracker, revolving credit increased at an annualized rate of 11.25% in July. According to one expert, "both revolving and non-revolving debt have been growing at a faster pace than household income for years."

Consumer borrowing expands in July at fastest rate in nearly two years- Market Watch9.9.19
Consumer borrowing picked up in July at the fastest rate in almost two years, according to data from the Federal Reserve. Total consumer credit increased $23.3 billion with an annual growth rate of 6.8%.

Money Matters: Financial Stress Literally Making 2 In 5 Young Americans Sick- Study Finds--9.9.19
A recently conducted survey reveals the impact financial stress is having on young Americans. According to the survey, financial stress and worries are literally making people sick.

Reliable China insiders hint that this round of trade talks could lead to a ‘breakthrough’- CNBC--9.5.19
According to Chinese sources, the U.S. and China have agreed to meet in early October in Washington for more trade talks. This would mark the 13th round of trade negotiations after both sides have slapped tariffs on each other's goods.

Three reasons the Fed should aggressively cut rates in two weeks- Yahoo! Finance--9.4.19
The U.S. central bank will announce its latest policy decision on September 18th. The markets are expecting at least a 0.25% reduction in the Fed's benchmark interest rate.

Alan Greenspan says it’s ‘only a matter of time’ before negative rates spread to the US- 9.4.19
There is currently more than $16 trillion in negative yielding debt around the world as central banks try to ease monetary conditions. According to Alan Greenspan, it will not be long before negative interest rates reach the U.S.

Google 'leaked' personal data to other companies, rival claims - The Hill--9.4.19
Google has "leaked" personal information about its users to outside companies, according to new research. Rival web browser Brave has accused Google of violating European privacy laws and its own policies with a "workaround" that allows them to share identifying information about its users.

US growth revised lower to 2% in second quarter- Fox Business--8.29.19
The U.S. economy grew more slowly in the second quarter of 2019 than initially thought, according to revised data. The Commerce Department said the economy expanded at an annualized rate of 2%, down from the original estimate of 2.1%.

The Next Economic Crisis' Fuel: Americans Over-Burdened By Debt- Zero Hedge--8.28.19
Economists are stating that the next economic crisis will be fueled by Americans' obsession with debt. A staggering number of Americans live paycheck to paycheck with little savings while also owing massive amounts of money that many will never be able to pay back.

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