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Peter Schiff: Household Debt Highest In Nation's History - Zero Hedge--2.23.24
In a recent interview, Peter Schiff believes recent reported job growth is attributed to individuals taking multiple jobs amid rising prices and stagnant paychecks. He emphasized the stark contrast between official reports and the real experiences of everyday Americans.

Pharmacies nationwide face delays as healthcare tech company reports cyberattack - Fox Business--2.22.24
Pharmacies across the country are reporting delays to prescription orders due to a cyberattack against one of the nation's largest healthcare technology companies. There is currently no publicly available report on the nature nor origin of the cyber security issue.

Jobless claims fall to 5-week low of 201,000. Labor market still has plenty of muscle. - Market Watch--2.22.24
The number of Americans who applied for unemployment benefits in mid-February fell to a five-week low and signaled the U.S. labor market is still going strong. Low unemployment is likely to fuel consumer spending and keep the economy out of recession until the Fed cuts interest rates later this year as expected.

Dozens Of Major Companies Say 2024 Will Be The Year Of Cost Cutting - Zero Hedge--2.21.24
It is becoming clear that 2024 could be the year when corporations continue "cost cutting", which could mean less employees and less pay instead of more. Executives from various industries are cutting costs and jobs, even in profitable companies.

Fed officials expressed caution about lowering rates too quickly at last meeting, minutes show - CNBC--2.21.24
Fed officials indicated at their last meeting that they were in no hurry to cut interest rates and expressed both optimism and caution on inflation, according to minutes from the session released Wednesday. The meeting summary indicated a general sense of optimism that the Fed's policy moves has succeeded in lowering the rate of inflation.

Why America Will Never Overcome Its Mountain Of Debt - Zero Hedge--2.19.24
With the weight of unfunded liabilities in vital programs reaching a staggering $212 trillion, any strategy for repayment is met with formidable obstacles. There is no achievable way to pay off the current federal debt within the lifetimes of Americans currently alive, and the only possible remedy is to begin curtailing federal spending to avoid taking on additional debt.

The biggest threat to dollar dominance is the US economy itself, top economists warn - Markets Insider--2.17.24
The biggest threat to dollar dominance is the U.S. itself, according to two top economists. Other economists have warned the U.S.'s precarious fiscal situation could risk the dollar's top-dog status in global markets.

BRICS: Will Mexico Join The Bloc and Abandon US Dollar in 2024? - Watcher.Guru--2.14.24
Mexico has become one of the most speculated nations on the brink of joining BRICS and abandoning the U.S. dollar. If they join, Mexico would have access to larger markets and greater bargaining power in international affairs.

Inflation impacting Valentine's Day spending - Retail Customer Experience--2.13.24
Nearly half of Americans say inflation is impacting Valentine's Day plans this year and three in ten think the holiday is worth going into credit card debt. All in all, it is projected that there will be $25.8 billion in total Valentine's Day spending in 2024.

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