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More than half of S&P 500 stocks are now in a bear market- Market Watch-- 12.17.18
More than half of the stocks in the S&P 500 Index are in bear-market territory, showing how broad the recent stock market decline has been. A correction is typically defined as a 10% drop for a stock or an index from a recent peak.

Major hedge funds are scrambling to prevent financial wipeout- New York post--12.16.18
One big name hedge fund after another is racking up negative returns. There are over 11,000 hedge funds manage in excess of $3 trillion in assets and hundreds of funds could be gone by next year.

Most CFOs see a U.S. recession coming by 2020- CBS News--12.12.18
Evidence of a slowing economy keeps popping up and more CFOs are expecting a recession ahead. 82% of CFOs polled believe a recession will have started by the end of 2020.

Janet Yellen Warns Another Financial Crisis Could Be Brewing- Fortune--12.11.18
Former Fed chairwoman is sounding a warning bell about another financial crisis in the making. Yellen pointed to leveraged loans as a primary area of concern.

Google is shutting down its Plus social network sooner than expected after discovering a second security bug- CNBC--12.10.18
Google is shutting down its Plus social network in April 2019, instead of August as originally planned, because of a new security bug. It has been reported that the bug has affected 52.5 million users.

Theresa May delays Brexit-deal vote to avoid huge defeat in Parliament- Business Insider--12.10.18
Teresa May has delayed the parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal amid fears she could suffer defeat. More than 100 Conservative MPs have already voiced opposition to the deal.

Dow closes down 800 points as U.S.-China trade, flattening yield curve spook investors- Market Watch--12.4.18
U.S. stocks finished the day sharply lower, logging their worst day in nearly a month, as skepticism mounted over the agreement between the U.S. and China to postpone tariffs.

'I am a Tariff Man': Trump threatens to restart trade war if China talks fail- CNBC--12.4.18
President Donald Trump threatened to slap more tariffs on China if efforts to strike a trade deal with China crumble. The two economies reach a 90-day trade truce after both Presidents met at the G-20 summit in Argentina.

Trump and China Called a Truce in the Trade War. Now What?- Barron's--12.3.18
Following a meeting between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, the U.S. said it won't impose 25% tariffs on Chinese goods in January while China agreed to buy more U.S. agricultural goods.

2018 may be as good as it gets for the stock market- CNN Business--12.3.18
Stocks were up today on the news of the U.S.-Chine trade truce, but it may be tough for the market to keep powering ahead much longer. The series of interest rate hikes by the Fed could begin to slow down the economy while the impact of tax cuts begins to fade.

Fed flags concerns over corporate debt in first-ever financial stability report- Market Watch--11.28.18
In its first-ever financial stability report, the Federal Reserve warned of the dangers lurking in corporate debt. The Fed found that debt owned by businesses relative to GDP is historically high.

What Americans see as US economy’s main threat- Fox Business--11.28.18
According to almost half of Americans, the biggest threat to the U.S. economy over the next six months is the political climate in Washington, D.C. Many Americans belive increasingly divisive politics could rattle personal finances.

Cramer on Monday's stock surge: 'Talk about classic bear market behavior'- CNBC--11.26.18
Market expert Jim Cramer said the market is displaying "classic bear market behavior." Cramer has repeatedly blamed the Federal Reserve for spooking the markets and central bankers need to recognize that the economy is slowing.

Social Security Runs Short of Money and Ideas Fly on How to Repair It- The New York Times--11.26.18
The Social Security Administration has reported that the retirement benefits paid out each month exceed the tax revenues and interest that fund the program.

Dow closes down nearly 400 points as tech losses batter stock market- Market Watch--11.19.18
Stocks retreat sharply lower on Monday as technology shares and internet-related companies dragged the market lower. Trade issues continue to be a key driver of volatility while investors reacted to a downbeat home-builder confidence report.

Goldman Sachs believes the US economy will slow to a crawl next year- CNBC--11.19.18
Goldman Sachs believes the economy will slow significantly in the second half of next year as the Fed continues to raise interest rates.

Stocks close lower as Dow logs longest losing streak in 3 months- Market Watch--11.14.18
U.S. stocks close lower with the Dow logging its longest losing streak in three months as Apple flirted with bear-market territory. Apple's weakness weighed on investor confidence, which had already been hit by oil's abrupt decline in recent days.

Global slowdown: 3 of the top 4 economies are suffering- CNN Business--11.14.18
The global economic slowdown is happening and could potentially be spreading to the United States next year. The economies of Germany and Japan shrank last quarter and in China there are signs of deepening economic turmoil.

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