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Signs are growing for a global trade war that could trigger a recession, Deutsche Bank says - CNBC--3.19.18
According to a Deutsche Bank analysis, a looming trade war is brewing and it could trigger anything from a mild recession to something similar to the 2008 financial crisis.

U.S. stocks finish deep in negative territory as Facebook’s troubles spark tech selloff- Market Watch--3.19.18
Stocks finished sharply lower on Monday as concerns about Facebook's management of user data sparked a selloff in technology shares. Traders are also awaiting the Fed's coming rate decision due out later this week.

US gets tougher on Russia; new sanctions, accusations - AP--3.15.18
The Trump administration has accused Moscow of an elaborate plot to penetrate America's electric grid, factories, water supply and air travel through cyber hacking. The U.S. also hit Russian with sanctions for alleged election meddling.

The stock-market correction may be only half over, if history is any guide- 3.15.18
Is history is any indicator, investors might have to wait several more weeks for the S&P to make another run at its 2018 highs. Going back to 1980, the average length of a correction has been about 44 sessions.

For financial success, plan for the best and prepare for the worst - CNBC--3.14.18
In a new survey, most people said they have experienced a financial set back in the past five years. In order to avoid financial setbacks from getting worse, smart money relies on having a balanced financial plan.

Trump considers indefinite tariffs, investment restrictions against China: Source- CNBC--3.13.18
The Trump administration is considering a trade package which includes indefinite tariffs, investment restrictions and possible visa restrictions on Chinese travelers.

Tillerson out as secretary of state as Trump taps CIA chief Pompeo- Market Watch--3.13.18
Rex Tillerson is out as secretary of state and CIA director Mike Pompeo is in. His time in the administration had been rocky as he had a series of disagreements with President Donald Trump.

It’s the 9th inning of the bull market — and there’s no chance of extra innings, David Rosenberg warns- CNBC--3.13.18
Market expert David Rosenberg is strengthening his bear case for stocks. Rosenberg states we "are in basically the ninth inning right now, and it's not going into extra innings."

The overheating economy could crash in 2019, this top forecaster says- Market Watch--3.12.18
A senior economist recently stated that current market conditions can't last forever. While he is optimistic about the economy, he fears growth isn't sustainable and "everything is pointing to an overheating economy."

Are you at risk of retiring broke? If you are, you’ve got company. - The Washington Post--3.12.18
A recent survey found that 42% of individuals have $10,000 or less saved. 45% of those who had nothing saved up said they simply don't make enough money to do so.

‘It could be a deep correction’ — J.P. Morgan co-president warns of 40% stock pullback - Market Watch--3.8.18
The stock market is set for a plunge by as much as 40% in the next two to three years, according to a warning from J.P. Morgan Co-President Daniel Pinto in a Bloomberg interview. A 40% plunge would erase all the recent gains for U.S. stocks.

Is the bull market for stocks moving into a more dangerous phase?--3.8.18
The bull market is turning 9 and has likely entered its final phase. Financial "bulls" have life stages just like people do and each phase is distinctive.

S&P 500, Dow close lower on Cohn resignation; Nasdaq extends win streak- Market Watch--3.7.18
Both the S&P and the Dow closed lower on the news that top White House economic advisor Gary Cohn has resigned. Cohn's resignation stoked fears of a trade war.

Trump to Sign Tariffs on Thursday but Some Countries Could Escape Them - NY Times--3.7.18
President Trump is expected to sign off on stiff tariffs on steel and aluminum imports at noon on Thursday. The White House did state that close allies could be exempted.

‘There’s no stopping it,’ warns Ron Paul: A ‘calamity’ could cut this market in half - Market Watch - 3.6.18
Former presidential candidate Ron Paul believes there is a financial danger coming that will be "bigger than ever before." Paul thinks there could very well be a 50% drop in the stock market.

42% of Americans are at risk of retiring broke - CNBC--3.6.18
About 42% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement, according to a new study. The number 1 reason most people are not stashing away more money was because they didn't earn enough to save.

Opinion: The dollar is getting weaker; that should worry you - Chicago Tribune--3.5.18
Since the start of 2017, the U.S. dollar has fallen close to 10 percent on a trade-weighted basis and by about 17 percent against the euro. Some of the dollar's weakness can also be explained by higher-than-expected inflation in the U.S.

This technical chart says the stock market is headed for another big drop - Market Watch--3.5.18
According to one expert, the market is still suggesting that we can be heading down toward the 2,440-2,530 support region in the S&P.

Amazon wants to be your bank too? - CNN--3.5.18
Amazon is said to be in talks with JPMorgan Chase and other banks about setting up an Amazon-branded checking account for its customers, according to the Wall Street Journal. If Amazon does go through with this, it will be the latest example of how the e-commerce giant is extending itself into just about every part of customers' lives.

Dow closes more than 400 points lower after Trump says steel and aluminum tariffs coming - CNBC--3.1.18
Stocks fell on Thursday after President Trump said the U.S. will implement tariffs on steel and aluminum imports next week. In, response, the Dow closed over 400 points lower after rising more than 150 points earlier in the day.

Seven reasons why inflation will haunt investors this year - Market Watch--3.1.18
Inflation worries will come back to haunt investors later this year for seven reasons, and investors need to make sure they are prepared.

Equifax finds an additional 2.4 million Americans impacted by 2017 data breach - USA Today--3.1.18
Equifax has now stated that 2.4 million more people that it previously believes were affected by last year's data breach. This is the second time it has revised up estimates of the number of Americans who information was stolen.

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