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April 25, 2017

Consumer confidence lags in April as Americans are less optimistic about economy - CNBC--4.25.17
Consumers were less optimistic about the economy in April, according to the latest data from The Conference Board. Looking ahead, consumers were less optimistic about the short-term outlook for business conditions.

North Korea reportedly conducts live-fire exercise as U.S. submarine docks in the South- Market Watch--4.25.17
North Korea conducted a live-fire exercise as a U.S. submarine docked in South Korea. This action is another show of force from North Korea amid growing concern among South Korea and its allies over Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs.

Trump Administration Begins Quiet Preparations For Government Shutdown - Zero Hedge--4.21.17
The Trump administration is quietly preparing for the possibility of a government shutdown. Lawmakers will only have four days to pass a spending package to keep the government open beyond April 28.

America’s insomnia problem is even worse than before the Great Recession- Market Watch--4.20.17
A majority of Americans are more stressed than ever over their bank accounts. The most common stressor is health care or insurance bills followed by retirement.

China Puts Bombers On High Alert "For A Potential North Korea Contingency" - Zero Hedge--4.20.17
The U.S. has seen evidence that the Chinese military is preparing "for a potential North Korea contingency," CNN reports. One official has added that the U.S. has also seen an extraordinary number of Chinese military aircraft being brought up to full readiness.

Larry Fink Says "Warning Signs Are Getting Darker" For U.S. Economy - Zero Hedge--4.19.17
Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock, provided some dark warnings about the U.S. economy saying there were signs of slowing as businesses weigh in on whether the Trump administration will be able to pass tax reform and an infrastructure program quickly.

Global Financial Market Stress Soars To 2017 Highs - Zero Hedge--4.17.17
April looks like it will be the worst month since August 2015 for global financial stress. According to Bloomberg, rising geopolitical concerns are pushing a gauge of anxiety for global asset classes to this year's high.

Dollar Crashes After Trump Says "Dollar Is Getting Too Strong"- Zero Hedge--4.12.17
In an interview with Wall Street Journal, President Trump backtracked on his strong-dollar policy and had stated that the "U.S. dollar is getting too strong" and that a "strong dollar will ultimately hurt the U.S."

No one is noticing this big red flag for the stock market - Market Watch--4.12.17
The official unemployment rate hit 4.5% and it could be a big red flag for the economy and stocks. A rock-bottom unemployment rate has been an excellent indicator of upcoming recessions as a very good warning sign of corrections and bear market ahead.

Wall Street’s ‘fear gauge’ touches 5-month high amid geopolitical angst- Market Watch--4.11.17
The CBOE Volatility Index, also known as Wall Street's fear gauge, rose to a peak of 15.88, hitting its highest level since Nov. 11.

North Korea warns it’s ready for ‘war’ after U.S. sends in ships - Market Watch--4.11.17
North Korea has vowed to defend itself using a "powerful force of arms" if the U.S. keep sending ships toward the Korean Peninsula, reports say.

The US college debt bubble is becoming dangerous - CNBC--4.10.17
In the past 10 years the amount of student loan debt in the U.S. had grown by 170 percent to $1.4 trillion. 44 million people in America have student debt and 8 million of those are in default.

Jobs report shocker dashes some hopes for an economic breakout- CNBC--4.7.17
The shockingly low gain of 98,000 jobs in March was well shy of the 180,000 expected by economists. This shows that the economy is not likely on the verge of snapping out of a low growth pace.

Two of Wall Street's Biggest Names Are Sounding the Alarm on the U.S. Economy- Bloomberg--4.7.17
Two of Wall Street's most influential CEO's are raising warning flags over the nation's economy. U.S. growth is slowing on concern whether the Trump administration's agenda will get through Congress.

Fear of retirement is 'greatest problem' in the US, says CEO of world's largest money manager- CNBC--4.6.17
According to BlackRock Chairman and CEO Larry Fink, "Retirement and the fear of retirement is the greatest problem we have in this country." As people approach retirement they fear that they have not saved enough.

The Unavoidable Pension Crisis- Zero Hedge--4.6.17
Many pension funds are scrambling to fill some of the gaping holes of underfunded liabilities in their plans. This has become a culmination of 20-plus years of financial mismanagement.

Fed officials say the stock market may be overvalued and history shows they are often right- CNBC-- 4.5.17
Traders shouldn't be so quick to dismiss comments from Fed officials because history shows when worries about valuation appear in these official minutes, stocks often struggle in the following year.

The Next Subprime Crisis Is Here: 12 Signs That The US Auto Industry's Day Of Reckoning Has Arrived - Zero Hedge--4.4.17
Recently, auto loans made to consumers with subprime credit have been accounting for an increasingly larger percentage of the market. When loans are being given to people who should not get them, eventually those loans are going to start to go bad.

U.S. households will soon have as much debt as they had in 2008- Market Watch--4.3.17
The New York Federal Reserve has announced that in 2017 total household debt will reach its previous peak of $12.68 trillion, a level not seen since the third quarter of 2008.

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