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September 18, 2017

When the stock market finally implodes, don’t say these 3 charts didn’t warn you- Market Watch--9.18.17
Lance Roberts, chief portfolio strategist for Clarity Financial, is very concerned about the current conditions of the stock market and has charts to back up this belief.

No one is safe from internet attacks and AI defenses can't help, Google security veteran says- CNBC--9.18.17
A cybersecurity expert who has protected Google's systems for 15 years says no one is safe from internet attacks. This expert claims that even software powered by artificial intelligence can't help defend them.

North Korea fires missile over Japan in longest-ever flight- AP--9.15.17
North Korea has fired an intermediate-range missile over Japan into the northern Pacific Ocean, its longest-ever such flight in a clear message of defiance to its rivals.

Islamic State claims London subway terror attack carried out by affiliated unit- USA Today--9.15.17
A homemade explosive set of a small fire on a London train during rush hour. Britain has raised its terrorism threat level to "critical," meaning another attack may be imminent.

‘False Peace’ for Markets? A Trader Is Betting Millions on It - The New York Times--9.13.17
Trader Christopher Cole is making bets on various forms of a financial apocalypse. Mr. Cole is betting that the recent market calm will not last.

Venezuela Stops Accepting Dollars for Oil Payments Following U.S. Sanctions- Fox Business--9.13.17
The government of Venezuela has told oil traders that it will no longer receive or send payments in dollars. Oil traders who export Venezuelan oil products have begin converting their invoices to euros.

Tiger Management's Robertson says 'we are creating a bubble' in stocks - CNBC--9.12.17
Hedge fund legend Julian Robertson Jr. sees stock market valuations as "very high" and is concerned about a bubble forming and he blames central banks and the Federal Reserve.

Forget about Triple-A, America’s bonds should be rated F - Market Watch--9.12.17
The U.S. suffers from slow growth, a ballooning welfare state and growing public debt. Unlike other big debtor nations, the U.S. can print dollars to service its debt, which has created a false sense of security.

The US government just passed $20 trillion in debt for the first time ever- Business Insider--9.11.17
For the first time ever in history, the U.S. federal government has more than $20 trillion in debt. The amount of debt held by the government has been stagnant since March due to the debt ceiling.

Wall Street is facing a gloomy reality- Business Insider--9.11.17
High hopes for Wall Street has faded. A Barclays analyst estimated that all of Wall Street would see a 12% trading decline.

Dollar slips into weekend, extending weakening trend on raft of jitters- Market Watch--9.8.17
The U.S. dollar retreated against major rivals amid natural disasters, geopolitical tensions and a continued pullback in Treasury yields. The dollar index is down 1.5% since last Friday.

Jittery Stock Market Paralyzed by Storms, Politics in Tense Week - Bloomberg--9.8.17
Despite growing geopolitical tensions and the warnings of Hurricane Irma, the S&P 500 really hasn't done anything this week which demonstrates that people are likely waiting to react.

World's Most Powerful Bank Issues As Major Warning - Zero Hedge--9.7.17
At the Handelsblatt business conference in Frankfurt, Germany, Goldman Sachs'CEO told the audience that world financial markets "have been going up for way too long." He now joins a growing list of individuals who have expressed concerns about the current state of financial markets.

Credit reporting firm Equifax says data breach could potentially affect 143 million US consumers- CNBC
Equifax, a supplier of credit information, has announced that a data breach could have potentially affected 143 million consumers in the U.S.

Gold scores largest monthly gain since January- Market Watch--8.31.17
Gold prices tacked on roughly 4% for the month to finish at an 11-month high. Gold prices have settled above $1,300 an ounce in the past three sessions giving a generally positive price outlook for the metal.

The U.S. Dollar's Days Are Numbered, Gold To Shine - Analyst - Kitco--8.31.17
According to one analyst, expect gold prices to break out higher as the U.S. dollar crumbles. There are many reasons to expect a weaker dollar, which bodes well for the yellow metal.

Shutdown and default threaten U.S. safe-haven status: James Saft - Reuters--8.31.17
The U.S.'s safe haven status could be under threat if the U.S. does more than flirt with a government shutdown and technical default. Congress has until mid-September to pass a budget measure.

Dollar’s bounce runs out of steam- Market Watch--8.31.17
The U.S. dollar slipped into negative territory against its major rivals after comments made by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. A strong dollar is typically viewed by government officials as a sign of a strong economy.

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