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Are markets underestimating how far the Fed must go to tame inflation? - Market Watch--7.5.22
Investors are already pricing in rate cuts as soon as next year, the latest sign that the market is bracing for a swift return to the easy-money monetary policy. Investors are expecting the tightening cycle to be over in roughly a year, after the Fed raised rates in March for the first time since late 2019.

Dow falls 600 points as Wall Street grapples with recession concerns- CNBC--7.4.22
Stocks saw sharp losses on Tuesday as concerns about a possible recession in the U.S. weighed on investor sentiment. Some economists believe U.S. GDP declined for both quarters to start the year, which for many, signals a recession.

Stocks fall on Thursday with the S&P 500 on track to close out worst first half in decades- CNBC--6.29.22
Stocks fell on Thursday as the S&P caps off its worst first half in more than 50 years. Factors such as surging inflation, Federal Reserve rate hikes, Russia's ongoing war with Ukraine and Covid-19 lockdowns in China have helped fuel fears of a coming global recession, impacting the markets.

Managers have been living in a pressure cooker. Many have had it- CNN Business--6.28.22
The job duties of leaders and managers have grown more time-consuming and complex thanks to the stress of the pandemic, searing political discord, urgent social justice issues, geopolitical earthquakes, the Great Resignation and now recession fears.

Wall Street braces for turmoil - The Hill--6.29.22
The stock market is getting ready to close out a brutal month of losses and is bracing for a rocky second half of the year. All three major U.S. stock indexes reached bear market status in June, falling at least 20 percent from record highs set at the start of the year.

The US economy shrank 1.6% in the first quarter, adding to recession fears- CNN Business--6.29.22
The U.S. economy shrank at a slightly faster rate than previously estimated during the first quarter. The data adds to fears that a recession may be looming.

Consumer confidence falls to 16-month low on worries about inflation and economy - Market Watch--6.28.22
A survey of U.S. consumer confidence dropped in June to a 16-month low as Americans grew more worried about high gas prices and food prices and the possibility of another recession.

Inflation Hits July 4 Cookouts With Food Prices Up as Much as 36%- Yahoo! Finance--6.27.22
Fourth of July cookouts is just another holiday Americans will be paying more for this year. Ground beef prices alone are up 36% from a year ago, while chicken breasts gained by a third. Overall, party-goers can expect to spend 17% more on food for a barbecue.

Wall Street layoffs likely ahead as two-year hiring boom turns to bust- CNBC--6.27.22
Broad-based job cuts are being expected at major banks thanks to a confluence of factors. Less than six months ago, Wall Street bankers were reaping the rewards from a historic boom in mergers and IPOs.

What’s the impact of a Russian debt default? Here’s what to know. - Market Watch--6.26.22
Russia is poised to default on its foreign debt for the first time since the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. This will further alienate the country from the global financial system following sanctions imposed over its war in Ukraine.

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