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Gold Market News | Swiss America -- 4.21.17 - Gold prices trading higher ahead of France's presidential election this weekend. U.S. stocks lower as markets continue to react to comments on policy changes by the Trump administration. Gold last traded at $1,289 an ounce. Silver at $17.85 an ounce.

February 2011 -- 3.2.11--Precious metals continue their price climb Wednesday morning, benefiting from safe-haven investment demand, inflation fears and a weakening U.S. dollar. Gold currently about $1,436 per ounce; silver near $34.75.

September 2008 -- 9.30.08: GOLD prices gave back yesterday's gain Tuesday on a stronger dollar and profit taking. Spot gold closed down $33.50 to $870.00/oz., silver fell $1.02 to $12.06/oz. ... Monday sell-off: Dow -7%, S&P -8%, Nas -9%, oil -9%... Stocks/dollar rebound... WHY GOLD? ... ~ (( Daily Podcast )) ~ Alerts ~ Offers

March 2008 -- Gold prices ended the first quarter of 2008 with a 9% gain as investors sought safe havens from a declining dollar.Monday gold closed in NY down $15.20 to $915.70/oz., silver fell $.67 to $17.21/oz... Time to give the Fed more power?... Why smart money is buying gold dips... $2,200 gold ahead ~ FULL STORY ~ (( Podcast )) ~ Email Alerts

February 2008 -- Friday gold rose near $975/oz. on a weak dollar and $101 oil prices. Gold closed the month in NY up $4.80 to $974.30/oz, silver rose $.06 to $19.81/oz., platinum $2,161... Equities leap down, commodities leap up YTD ... Gold, the world's new "currency" ... $2,200 gold ahead ~ FULL STORY ~ (( Podcast )) ~ Email

Gold +30% in 2007 -- 12-28-07 -- Gold rose over 1% Friday in the wake of Thursday's assassination of Benazir Bhutto, which pushed the dollar lower and oil higher. Gold closed in NY up $11.00 to $838.80/oz., silver rose $.10 to $14.76/oz... Stocks slip on oil, housing, Commodities rise on safe haven buying. Gold Rush '08 ~ FULL STORY ~ (( Podcast )) ~ Daily email

Gold +23% ytd! -- 11-30-07 -- Gold prices fell 1.5% Friday near $785/oz. on profit taking, a firmer dollar and $88 oil. Gold closed in NY down $12.10 to $783.10/oz. silver fell $.25 to $13.98/oz. Stocks rally on Fed rate cut hints (which will likely push the dollar down and gold up)... Gold: -4.5% for the week, -1% for the month, but up +23% ytd ... vs. Dow +6.6% ytd! ... Gold Rush II... FULL STORY... (( Podcast )) ... Daily email

Metals rise 10% in Q1 -- 3-31-07 -- Gold prices rose Friday as tension between Iran and the international community over 15 captured British military personnel continued, pushing oil prices to a six-month high. Gold closed in NY up $2.40 to $663.30/oz., silver rose $.02 to $13.32/oz... Metals rose 10% in 2007-Q1... Dow -.9 YTD... Bernanke: Inflation "uncomfortably high,"... Full story... ((( Listen )))

Gold: down day, up month! -- 2-28-07 -- Gold bounced off lows Wednesday on bargain hunting, but trading was volatile after the global stock market sell-off Tuesday. Gold closed in NY down $15.60 to $668.00/oz, silver fell $.36 to $14.13/oz, but for the month gold ended up 2.6% and silver was up 4.8%... Full story... ((( Listen )))

2007: Gold outpaces stocks -- 1-31-07 -- Gold leaped to $650/oz. Wednesday on fund buying, dollar weakness and $58 oil prices. Fed holds rates at 5.25%, the Dow surges 100 points to record high, but gold rises 2x faster in '07! Is the Fed caught in a "Catch-22?" ... Full story... Listen

Market News ~ Feb 2006 -- Commodities Trump Stocks... Again!
Gold +8.5% ytd, Silver +11%!
Safe havens vs. Nervous mkts
Dow 11k: The Last Hurrah?
Iran's Nuclear EMP Threat...
Analysts up gold price target

Market News ~ Jan. 2006 -- Chinese "Year of Dog" Begins!
Gold: BUY of a generation...
... up 9% in past 30 days!!
Silver approaching $10/ounce
$1060 Platinum - new record!
Why metals glitter in 2006?
GDP slows to 1.1% in 4thQ

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