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Gold Market News | Swiss America -- 6.27.17 - Gold prices trade higher on a weaker U.S. dollar. U.S. stocks struggle for direction on selling pressure. Gold last traded at $1,246 an ounce. Silver traded at $16.65 an ounce.

February 2011 -- 3.2.11--Precious metals continue their price climb Wednesday morning, benefiting from safe-haven investment demand, inflation fears and a weakening U.S. dollar. Gold currently about $1,436 per ounce; silver near $34.75.

September 2008 -- 9.30.08: GOLD prices gave back yesterday's gain Tuesday on a stronger dollar and profit taking. Spot gold closed down $33.50 to $870.00/oz., silver fell $1.02 to $12.06/oz. ... Monday sell-off: Dow -7%, S&P -8%, Nas -9%, oil -9%... Stocks/dollar rebound... WHY GOLD? ... ~ (( Daily Podcast )) ~ Alerts ~ Offers

March 2008 -- Gold prices ended the first quarter of 2008 with a 9% gain as investors sought safe havens from a declining dollar.Monday gold closed in NY down $15.20 to $915.70/oz., silver fell $.67 to $17.21/oz... Time to give the Fed more power?... Why smart money is buying gold dips... $2,200 gold ahead ~ FULL STORY ~ (( Podcast )) ~ Email Alerts

February 2008 -- Friday gold rose near $975/oz. on a weak dollar and $101 oil prices. Gold closed the month in NY up $4.80 to $974.30/oz, silver rose $.06 to $19.81/oz., platinum $2,161... Equities leap down, commodities leap up YTD ... Gold, the world's new "currency" ... $2,200 gold ahead ~ FULL STORY ~ (( Podcast )) ~ Email

Gold +30% in 2007 -- 12-28-07 -- Gold rose over 1% Friday in the wake of Thursday's assassination of Benazir Bhutto, which pushed the dollar lower and oil higher. Gold closed in NY up $11.00 to $838.80/oz., silver rose $.10 to $14.76/oz... Stocks slip on oil, housing, Commodities rise on safe haven buying. Gold Rush '08 ~ FULL STORY ~ (( Podcast )) ~ Daily email

Gold +23% ytd! -- 11-30-07 -- Gold prices fell 1.5% Friday near $785/oz. on profit taking, a firmer dollar and $88 oil. Gold closed in NY down $12.10 to $783.10/oz. silver fell $.25 to $13.98/oz. Stocks rally on Fed rate cut hints (which will likely push the dollar down and gold up)... Gold: -4.5% for the week, -1% for the month, but up +23% ytd ... vs. Dow +6.6% ytd! ... Gold Rush II... FULL STORY... (( Podcast )) ... Daily email

Metals rise 10% in Q1 -- 3-31-07 -- Gold prices rose Friday as tension between Iran and the international community over 15 captured British military personnel continued, pushing oil prices to a six-month high. Gold closed in NY up $2.40 to $663.30/oz., silver rose $.02 to $13.32/oz... Metals rose 10% in 2007-Q1... Dow -.9 YTD... Bernanke: Inflation "uncomfortably high,"... Full story... ((( Listen )))

Gold: down day, up month! -- 2-28-07 -- Gold bounced off lows Wednesday on bargain hunting, but trading was volatile after the global stock market sell-off Tuesday. Gold closed in NY down $15.60 to $668.00/oz, silver fell $.36 to $14.13/oz, but for the month gold ended up 2.6% and silver was up 4.8%... Full story... ((( Listen )))

2007: Gold outpaces stocks -- 1-31-07 -- Gold leaped to $650/oz. Wednesday on fund buying, dollar weakness and $58 oil prices. Fed holds rates at 5.25%, the Dow surges 100 points to record high, but gold rises 2x faster in '07! Is the Fed caught in a "Catch-22?" ... Full story... Listen

Market News ~ Feb 2006 -- Commodities Trump Stocks... Again!
Gold +8.5% ytd, Silver +11%!
Safe havens vs. Nervous mkts
Dow 11k: The Last Hurrah?
Iran's Nuclear EMP Threat...
Analysts up gold price target

Market News ~ Jan. 2006 -- Chinese "Year of Dog" Begins!
Gold: BUY of a generation...
... up 9% in past 30 days!!
Silver approaching $10/ounce
$1060 Platinum - new record!
Why metals glitter in 2006?
GDP slows to 1.1% in 4thQ

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