The Wisdom of Buying Gold Right Now!

Gold prices have risen dramatically in recent years based on safe haven buying by individuals, institutions and central banks. Investors around the globe are diversifying into the world's safest asset, gold, the new standard for measuring currencies worldwide.

Swiss America CEO Dean Heskin says the gold market is now reflecting the inescapable consequences of many years of bad government and central bank economic policies.

"Between 2011 and 2015 we witnessed a flushing out of short-term gold speculators. In 2016, the economic tide changed - swelling gold prices by 20% and offering a valuable entry point for those who felt they had missed the 21st century gold rush," says Heskin.

"2016 is yet another golden opportunity to add the safest asset on earth to your portfolio. I would not be surprised to see gold prices rise above $1,400 an ounce this year," said author and Swiss America Chairman Craig R. Smith.

Mr. Smith remains confident the rush toward a new gold standard and away from a debt-driven culture is far from over, "The strong fundamentals driving this flight to safety could ultimately propel gold prices far above $2,000/oz."

gold 10 year chart

Gold price dips have offered wise buyers nine major gold buying opportunities since 2006. The average price rebound following major price dips over the last decade is 36%!

During every gold price consolidation most "experts" predicted gold prices had topped. They were consistently wrong. Gold bears claiming the charts were saying "sell" were also wrong.

Long-term thinkers are often well rewarded for buying gold during dips as a smart accumulation strategy.

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