New Report Exposes Inflation’s Root Causes and Solutions

New Report Exposes Inflation's Root Causes and Solutions

inflation report As we enter 2022, the United States is experiencing a dangerous tidal wave of inflation.

With inflation hitting 30-year highs, every American is now feeling the consequences. So what is the true meaning of inflation? And how do we protect ourselves from the rapid decline in our buying power?

Swiss America CEO Dean Heskin and Dr. Jerome Corsi have released a new Inflation Report which offers readers the inside scoop on both the root causes of this rapidly rising inflation as well as some time-tested solutions.

Is the United States headed for one of the most severe inflationary periods in history which could send the global economy into recession as the Federal Reserve loses control? Find out in this new report!

During inflationary periods, physical gold and silver tend to increase in value. Thus they serve as trustworthy hedges in preserving purchasing power against significant and often sudden price increases.

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