May Gold Market News Archives

U.S. debt train could drive gold higher and higher- Mineweb--5.31.11

Utah Law Makes Coins Worth Their Weight in Gold (or Silver)- NY Times--5.31.11

China Is Now Top Gold Bug- Yahoo! Finance--5.20.11

Gold, Silver Prices Reverse on Euro Worries- The Street--5.20.11

Gold Rallies as Greece Downgrade Boosts Investor Demand for a Haven Asset- Bloomgberg--5.20.11

Are gold and silver poised for another take-off? - Mineweb--5.19.11

JPMorgan Says Crude Oil, Gold to Drive Rebound in Commodities on Shortages- Bloomberg--5.19.11

Gold Scams Rise On High Prices And Investor Anxiety - Huffington Post--5.19.11

Gold Futures Jump Most This Month on Inflation Concerns; Silver Rebounds- Bloomberg--5.18.11

Gold, Silver Prices Ride Commodities Rally- The Street--5.18.11

One word: Gold- Gold IRAs--5.17.11

Gold Coins Show Bull Market Unbowed in Commodities Decline- Bloomberg--5.17.11

U.S. should sell assets like gold to get out of debt, conservative economists say- Washington Post--5.17.11

Now Zimbabwe talks of a gold standard while warning of U.S. dollar devaluation- Mineweb--5.16.11

Forecast: Silver $450, Gold $11,500- Economic Policy Journal--5.14.11

Updated official sector gold reserve stats show no Central Bank sales - only purchases- Mineweb--5.12.11

Volatility in gold, silver and other hard assets an investment opportunity - Grandich- MINEWEB--5.12.11

Gold, Silver Prices Recover- The Street--5.12.11

Jeff Nichols' 11 reasons to be bullish on gold - factors that could drive it to $5000- Mineweb--5.11.11

Forbes Predicts U.S. Gold Standard Within 5 Years- Human Events--5.11.11

Gold could hit $1,600 this year while silver continues its rollercoaster ride - UBS- Mineweb--5.11.11

The party's not over yet for gold, silver and commodities - Frank Holmes- Mineweb--5.10.11

Silver leads metals’ rebound as gold tops $1,500- Market Watch--5.9.11

Price drop makes silver an even hotter investment in India- Mineweb--5.9.11

Gold, Silver Prices Recover After Carnage- The Street--5.9.11

Jim Sinclair says ‘relax', don't do it - don't sell your gold!--5.6.11

METALS OUTLOOK: Gold Could Stabilize Next Week, But Analysts Cautious- Kitco News-5.6.11

CFTC "Pricks" Speculative Silver Bubble- Craig R. Smith--5.6.11

Gold imports set to soar in India and China on falling prices- Mineweb--5.5.11

Positive on upward trends for gold and silver on long-term basis - Encompass Fund -- Mineweb--5.5.11

Mexican Central Bank Quietly Buys 100 Tons of Gold- CNBC--5.5.11

Mexico, Russia, Thailand Add $6 Billion of Gold to Reserves, IMF Data Show- Bloomberg--5.4.11

Bank of Mexico Buys 100 Tons of Gold in February, March- Wall Street Journal--5.4.11

Is gold about to go vertical?- MarketWatch--5.4.11

Sell dollars, buy gold and other currencies as U.S. inflation soars - John Williams- Mineweb--5.3.11

Gold has given 22% average returns every year- The Financial Express--5.2.11

Gold has gone hyperbolic! Signals major surge ahead... - Gold IRAs--5.2.11

Gold Bounces Back; Silver Struggles- The Street--5.2.11

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