May News and Trends Archives

Less banger for your buck: The Memorial Day BBQ will cost you 29% more this year thanks to inflation- Daily Mail--5.31.11

The Euro-Debt Crisis: Greece, Portugal, Spain. The Debts are Unpayable. Once the Lending Stops the Bottom Falls Out.- Global Research--5.31.11

Krugman: Weak Dollar Creates Jobs, Just What US Needs--5.23.11

Fitch cuts Greece, warns against ‘re-profiling’ - MarketWatch--5.20.11

US Debt Would Stretch Beyond Stratosphere - Money News--5.20.11

Shiller: Economy in ‘Worst Shape Since Great Depression’- Money News--5.20.11

USPS warns of default on retiree benefits - Gold IRAs--5.19.11

Weekly Claims See Fall, But Jobs Picture Remains Weak- CNBC--5.19.11

Home sales dip shows slow housing recovery- MSNBC--5.19.11

Fed’s Bullard Sees Europe Debt Crisis as Top Risk to U.S. Economic Outlook- Bloomberg--5.18.11

New report finds medical costs to rise 8.5 percent in 2012- The Hill--5.18.11

The Congress that couldn’t cut straight- MarketWatch--5.18.11

Pimco's El-Erian: 'Financial Repression,' Higher Inflation to Hit US- Money News--5.17.11

U.K. Inflation Accelerates More Than Forecast to Fastest Pace Since 2008- Bloomberg--5.17.11

Economists: Lower growth, higher oil prices coming- MSNBC--5.17.11

China cuts holdings of US Treasurys for 5th month- Yahoo! Finance--5.16.11

As Debt Limit Reached, Agreement Still Far Off- Wall Street Journal--5.16.11

Treasury to tap pensions to help fund government- Washington Post--5.15.11

Rogers: Currency Crisis Coming Within Two Years--5.13.11

Real inflation pegged at 9.6%? 'We are on trajectory to crush middle class within 5 years'- World Net Daily--5.12.11

Dollar in graver danger than the euro - Financial Times --5.12.11

Treasury Auctions To Take US Over Debt Ceiling On Monday- NASDAQ--5.12.11

'Broader Picture' Shows Jobless Up, Economy Down: Roubini- CNBC--5.11.11

Silver-Backer Sprott Still Believes. Deeply.- WSJ Blogs--5.10.11

Deutsche Bank Sees Gold Surging as High as $2,000 as Soros Pares His Bets- Bloomberg--5.10.11

Commodities recover, prices may correct again- The Economic Times--5.11.11

S&P May Cut Grades of 7,077 Mortgage Bonds After Raising Projected Losses- Bloomberg--5.11.11

Home Prices Drop in Three-Fourths of Metro Areas- Bloomberg--5.10.11

Housing crash is getting worse: report- Market Watch--5.9.11

$2 Trillion Mile Marker on Road to Perdition - USA Watchdog--5.6.11

Athens Mulls Plans for New Currency-Greece Considers Exit from Euro Zone- Speigel Online--5.6.11

Job growth remains insufficient- Market Watch--5.6.11

Jobless claims hit 8-month high - Yahoo! Finance--5.5.11

Sharp slowdown in the vast U.S. services sector- MSNBC-5.5.11

Consumer Confidence Falls as Fuel Costs Increase- Bloomberg-5.5.11

FOREX-U.S. economic data pushes dollar down vs euro, yen- Yahoo! News--5.4.11

Instant View: Private sector adds 179,000 jobs in April- Reuters--5.4.11

Wall Street falls for 3rd day; economic worries weigh- Yahoo! News--5.4.11

Obama gains, but economy looms for 2012 - The Arizona Republic--5.3.11

Recovery efforts could speed dollar’s decline - Washington Post--5.3.11

US Debt Rating Should Be 'C': Independent Agency- CNBC--5.3.11

Asia Seeks to Diversify Record Reserves as U.S. Dollar Declines- Bloomberg--5.2.11

Bin Laden death won’t bring stability: experts - Market Watch--5.2.11

Dollar Rebound Delayed to 2012 as Fed Meets Slower Growth- Bloomberg--5.2.11

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