April Gold News Headlines

Central Banks still not selling any gold, Russia and Bolivia increase holdings- Mineweb--4.28.11

Gold extends record run as dollar falls- MarketWatch--4.28.11

Gold Holds Above $1,500 Amid Weak Dollar- RTT News--4.27.11

Gold, Silver Prices Soar on Fed Commentary- The Street--4.27.11

The dollar price of gold not a good indicator of where it really stands- Mineweb--4.27.11

Dollar sinks, gold hits new high after Bernanke speaks- LA TIMES--4.27.11

READ MORENothing to fear from a gold price pullback - it's still a bull market - Holmes-MineWeb--4.26.11

Buy Gold- Commentary: When the apocalypse comes, we’ll have all the gold- MarketWatch--4.26.11

Silver surges to 31-year high, gold hits new record- The Telegraph--4.25.11

Gold and silver rise as trust in banks and bankers plunges.- Mineweb --4.25.11

Gold and silver prices jump to new record highs- BBC--4.25.11

Reuters Poll: Gold to Rise to $1,700 by 2015 - Money News--4.21.11

Gold Prices Stall, Silver Explodes- The Street--4.21.11

Gold hits record for fifth session, dollar slides - Reuters--4.21.11

Gold cracks psychological $1500 barrier, silver still moving towards $50- Mineweb--4.20.11

Gold Rises Above $1,500 to a Record on Slumping Dollar, Inflation Concern- Bloomberg--4.20.11

$5,000 Gold and $300 Silver are Credible Numbers- Gold IRAs--4.20.11

Be Your Own Central Bank; Own Gold, Silver: Marc Faber- CNBC.com--4.19.11

Gold hits intraday record at $1,500 an ounce - MarketWatch--4.19.11

Gold Tops $1,500 on Outlook for Escalating U.S. Debt, Dollar- Bloomberg--4.19.11

Gold Is Little Changed After Reaching a Record on Concern About Inflation- Bloomberg--4.18.11

Gold Prices Near $1,500 on S&P U.S. Downgrade- The Street--4.18.11

University of Texas Endowment Holds $1 Billion Gold, 5% Of Its Portfolio- Forbes--4.18.11

The road to $5000 gold- Mineweb--4.15.11

John Paulson: Gold Will Rise In Proportion To Bernanke’s Dollar Printing- Forbes--4.15.11

Is Gold the New Black? States Look to Bring Gold Standard Back- ABC News--4.15.11

Gold, Silver Surge on Higher Unemployment Claims- ABC News--4.14.11

Jim Grant - US Will Resolve Debt by Returning to Gold Standard - King World News--4.14.11

Central Banks Seek Portfolio Diversification Using Gold- International Business Times--4.14.11

Gold may rise to $1,600 this year, survey shows- MarketWatch--4.13.11

Gold and Silver Prices Claw Higher- The Street--4.13.11

Central banks turn net gold buyers, cut euro zone debt: survey- Reuters--4.13.11

Silver, the Canary in the Gold Mine- Financial Sense--4.12.11

TDS says gold will trade materially above $1,600/oz in 2H11- Mineweb--4.12.11

LISTEN TO GOLD- Pragmatic Capitalism--4.11.11

Steep Adances In Oil, Gold, Silver Expected To Continue- Forbes Blogs--4.11.11

Silver Prices Climb as Gold Falls- The Street--4.11.11

Inside Job: Gold Investment Rationale Revisited - Gold Iras--4.8.11

IMF Sees Oil Price Spikes as Demand Outstrips Supply- Money News--4.8.11

Gold and silver fever grips investors- Financial Times--4.8.11

Investors Get Ready: Gold Set on $1,500- Wall Street Pit--4.7.11

Currency status to further boost gold as it breaks new records- Mineweb--4.7.11

Gold Futures Advance to Record as Inflation Pressures ‘Scream’- Bloomberg--4.7.11

Analysts Backing Gold All the Way to $1,500- CNBC--4.6.11

Gold hits record high of $1,458.80- Guardian.co.uk--4.6.11

If the world around us collapses, gold may be our only saving grace- Mineweb--4.6.11

U.S. Global Investors sees oil, gold prices doubling- Reuters--4.5.11

Gold Rises to Record $1,458.60 on Ounce on ‘Chaos' Hedge; Silver Tops $39- Bloomberg--4.5.11

Silver's perfomance to treble that of gold over 3 to 5 years - Eric Sprott- Mineweb--4.5.11

Real money gold is king of tangible assets, silver queen- Mineweb--4.4.11

Gold, Silver Rise as Inflation Protection - The Street--4.4.11

Turk - Record Silver Backwardation Spells Danger for US Dollar - King World News--4.1.11

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