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4.29.11 -- Metals Signal Rising Inflation -- Listen

Gold prices shot over $1,565/oz. Friday as the dollar fell for the 5th straight month. The Fed's decision to extend their 'weak dollar policy' along with downbeat economic news sent precious metals up over 4% this week.

Gold prices last traded at $1,565/oz.,silver prices fell on profit-taking to $47.94/oz. after topping $49/oz. earlier. Gold prices ended up 8% in April, while silver soared 28%!

Gold and silver prices were popping Friday as investors opted for the metals amid a weak dollar and strong inflation numbers out of Europe, reports Bloomberg News.

Silver has posted it's biggest monthly gain in 28 years during April.
Gold has climbed 33% in the past year, and silver has more than doubled.

“The sinking dollar is driving people to the gold market,” said Lim Han Jo, a Seoul-based trader at Tongyang Futures Co.

“The dollar will continue to lose ground for the foreseeable future, so it only makes sense to be invested in precious metals,” said Matthew Zeman, a strategist at Kingsview Financial in Chicago.

"You'd almost think Ben Bernanke wants Americans to dump the dollar and switch into precious metals," said Adrian Ash, head of research at BullionVault.com.

4.28.11 -- Metals reflect 1970s stagflation effect --Listen

Gold prices reached fresh nominal highs above $1,535/oz. Thursday after downbeat economic news today; 1.8%, Q1 GDP and rising U.S. jobless claims. Gold prices last traded at $1,536/oz. and silver prices at $48.39/oz. Metals and commodities reflect a rising cost of living and crashing U.S. dollar.

Growth slows, inflation surges. This feels a lot like 1970s stagflation.
Economic growth braked sharply in the first quarter as higher food and gasoline prices dampened consumer spending and sent inflation rising at its fastest pace in nearly years.

Silver hits record near $50, first time since 1980
Silver soared to an all-time high on Thursday and gold rose to another record, as a falling dollar and signs that the Federal Reserve would maintain a loose monetary policy boosted precious metals' appeal as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty.

Adjusted for inflation, however, the current price of silver is still sharply below its record at well above $100 an ounce. According to SATC Inflation Calculator What cost $50 back in 1980, today costs would cost $134. So that would be the minimum inflation-adjusted price of silver would need to reach today to exceed the previous high of $50/oz. price in 1980.

4.27.11 -- Bernanke: Fed money pump still on -- Listen

Gold prices shot up over 1% on Wednesday after the Fed announced no change in rates or in their defacto 'weak dollar' policy. "Inflation has picked up in recent months, but longer-term inflation expectations have remained stable," said the FOMC statement.

Gold prices last traded at $1,527/oz. and silver prices popped up 5% to $48.32/oz. Metals are widely viewed as a barometer of the rising cost of living and the crashing U.S. dollar, which hit a 3-year low today.

Secretive Fed Holds Press Conference?! -Derry Brownfield
Swiss America Chairman Craig R. Smith today told The Derry Brownfield Show that the Fed is causing havoc in the currency markets and that there has never been a more confusing time for investors. The key is to be have assets well diversified, including physical precious metals, and then ... just be patient.

Critics Say Fed Policies Devalue the U.S. Dollar - Fox
"One of the fundamental problems with the U.S. economy right now is the Federal Reserve thinks the answer to all our economic problems is printing money," says Stephen Moore, a senior economics writer and editorial board member at the Wall Street Journal. "We haven't created new jobs from all of this printing of money, but what we have produced is inflation in prices."

4.26.11 -- Weak vs. "Strong" Dollar Policy - Listen

Gold prices steadied above $1,500/oz. Tuesday on profit-taking amid lower oil and commodity prices. Metal prices are a barometer of rising inflation and signal a further dollar sell-off. Gold prices last traded at $1,507/oz. Silver volatility, driven by short-term liquidations by speculators, pushed prices down 3% to $45.60/oz. - after rising 8% last week.

Strong Dollar Policy Double-Speak - Breitbart
US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner vowed Tuesday that the United States would never follow a strategy to weaken the US dollar. Saying... "We will never embrace a strategy to weaken the dollar."

Obama Administration Attempts to Outst CEO Raising BIG GOVT Fears - Fox
Stuart Varney at Fox news asks Craig R. Smith: The threat of gov't contract purchase withdrawal, could it really ruin Forrest Labs?

CRS: Yes. Losing 82% of their business could destroy the company. I am proud of Forrest Labs, sticking by their guns. This is a page right out of the Chicago book of politics! Something we might expect to see in Russia or China ... but NOT America!

4.25.11 -- Dollar decline fuels ending "Age of America" -- Listen

Don't Like a Weak Dollar? Might as Well Get Used to It - CNBC
Weakness in the US dollar, which is causing everything to go up—including gas prices, food and stocks — is unlikely to go away soon as a selling frenzy hits the currency market.

The greenback is approaching pre-financial crisis lows and threatening to smash through its all-time low when measured against the world's predominant national currencies.

IMF: Age of America nears end - MarketWatch
The International Monetary Fund has just dropped a bombshell, and nobody noticed.

For the first time, the international organization has set a date for the moment when the “Age of America” will end and the U.S. economy will be overtaken by that of China.

According to the latest IMF official forecasts, China’s economy will surpass that of America in real terms in 2016 — just five years from now.

4.21.11 --Metal prices: no ceiling in sight -- Listen

Gold prices rose above $1,500/oz. Thursday on a weaker dollar, safe haven and inflationary concerns. Gold prices last traded near $1,504/oz. Silver prices jumped up 3% near $46.61/oz. and 8% for the week! Silver has been leading the precious metals rush since 2010.

Reuters Poll: Gold to Rise to $1,700 by 2015
Gold's decade long bull run could continue at least another 4 years. Many experts see Gold reaching $1,700 by 2015, that is up 12.7% from Thursday's high of $1,508/oz.

Asia demand to underpin bullish sentiment
Growth potential in gold demand in India and China, the world's top two gold consumers, will provide strong support for prices, analysts said. "The increasingly wealthy general public in China will be looking for places to store their value, and gold investment will continue to be one of the most popular choices," said Li Ning, an analyst at Shanghai CIFCO Futures.

Happy Easter!

4.20.11 -- $1,500 gold! $45 silver! Crashing dollar! -- Listen

Gold prices topped $1,500/oz. Wednesday on a weaker dollar, safe haven and inflationary concerns. Precious metal prices are signaling higher real-world inflation and growing fear of a U.S. debt downgrade. Gold prices closed in NY at $1,502/oz. Silver prices jumped nearly 3% to end at $45.23/oz.

Dollar hits 15-month low against euro
The dollar recently took a beating and has fallen to its lowest levels in 15 months against a range of currencies. Usually a safe haven asset during turmoil, the dollar continues to drop amid global turmoil.

$6 Gas? Could Happen if Dollar Keeps Getting Weaker
As the value of the dollar drops, many Americans are feeling the inflationary pressure, especially on their gas tank. The trend for higher gas prices will continue throughout the summer, experts say.

4.19.11 -- BYOB: Be Your Own Banker -- Listen

Gold prices touched $1,500/oz. Tuesday on safe haven buying and inflationary concerns. Precious metal prices are signaling higher real-world inflation and growing fear of a U.S. debt downgrade. Gold prices last traded near $1,495/oz. Silver prices jumped over 1% near $43.97/oz.

"The U.S. credit rating will undoubtedly be lowered in the next few years," said Michael Pento, a senior economist at Euro Pacific Capital. “This will mean much higher borrowing costs and a much lower currency."

Be Your Own Central Bank; Own Gold, Silver Famed investor Marc Faber, Editor and Publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report said investors "should be their own central banks and gradually accumulate gold reserves as a currency", rather than speculating in gold.

According to Faber once the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing ends in June, the central bank will come under pressure to announce another round of easing, or QE3.

4.18.11 -- Metals reflect U.S. debt outlook fears -- Listen

Gold prices climbed toward $1,500/oz. Monday on safe haven buying after after today's S&P U.S. debt downgrade following last Friday's consumer price index uptick. The government calculates consumer prices have climbed 2.7% over the past 12 months.

Precious metal prices continue signaling higher real-world inflation spikes ahead. Gold prices last traded near $1,495/oz. Silver prices climbed fresh highs near $43.26/oz.

U.S. Headed for Another Great Depression, Unless...

Today Standard & Poor's Ratings Services Inc. cut its outlook on the U.S. from 'stable' to 'negative', increasing the likelihood of a potential downgrade from its triple-A rating.

The government's response to the downgrade: "We believe S&P's negative outlook underestimates the ability of America's leaders to come together to address the difficult fiscal challenges facing the nation," said assistant secretary Mary Miller.

“Give me a break,” says Mr. Smith. “Our political leaders have made way too many promises that can no longer be kept. Someone has to tell the people the truth. Do you really think that will happen during an election season?”

“If Americans are betting the future of our country on the ability of our leaders to come together and agree on cutting the spending in Washington, we are in very serious trouble, as I have been warning for over a decade now,” says businessman and author Craig R. Smith. more..

4.15.11 -- $1,500 gold, $50 silver on the horizon -- Listen

Gold prices climbed toward $1,500/oz. Friday on safe haven buying after the government reported consumer price inflation (CPI) rose .5% in March. The government calculates consumer prices have climbed 2.7% over the past 12 months, the fastest pace since 2009. Gold prices last traded near $1,487/oz.. Silver prices climbed almost 2% to $43.05/oz. In April gold prices are up 6.2% while silver jumped 13%!

US Will Resolve Debt by Returning to Gold Standard -KWN
How will the United States resolve its debt and deficit problems, Jim Grant, Founder of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer remarked, “Well, in my mind it will resolve them necessarily by undertaking the step of restoring the dollar to convertibility into gold.”

Gold joining silver and going hyperbolic? More at Real Money Blog.

4.14.11 --Calculating inflation's monetary impact -- Listen

Precious metal prices shot upward Thursday on a weaker dollar and safe haven buying after the government reported wholesale price inflation soared .7% in March. This is the sixth monthly rise in PPI Index since Oct. 2010, confirming higher consumer price inflation (CPI) is approaching fast. Gold prices last traded up over 1% to $1,474 per ounce. Silver prices shot up over 3% to $42.11 per ounce.

Swiss America's new Historical Inflation Calculator will calculate the amount of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) price inflation between any two dates from 1913 up to the latest month reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In addition to comparing the impact of inflation upon the buying power of the U.S. dollar we have also included a comparison of the price of gold and silver, real constitutionally-authorized money.

Note: These stats are official government calculations of cost of living adjustments. The actual rate of "real world" inflation is estimated to be much higher. For example, in 2010 the official CPI was near 2%, yet alternative inflation indexes report that the actual inflation rate is almost 10%.

4.13.11 --New: Swiss Historical Inflation Calculator -- Listen

Precious metal prices rebounded Wednesday on bargain hunting and safe haven buying. Metals touched fresh nominal highs last week on geopolitical and economic worries amid growing U.S. inflationary signs. Gold prices last traded near $1,457 per ounce. Silver prices rose to $40.60 per ounce.

News Flash #1: Inflation Actually Near 10% - CNBC
Inflation, using the reporting methodologies in place before 1980, hit an annual rate of 9.6 percent in February, according to the Shadow Government Statistics newsletter. Since 1980, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has changed the way it calculates the CPI.

News Flash #2:New Swiss Inflation Calculator
Swiss America Trading Corp. today released their new "Swiss America Historical Inflation Calculator" as a new tool to determine the amount of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) price inflation between any two dates from 1913 up to the latest month reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

4.12.11 --Silver rushes as oil gushes -- Listen

Precious metal prices closed lower on Tuesday as both stocks and commodities took a breather. In recent days precious metals hit fresh nominal highs on Mid-east unrest, Euro debt and growing inflationary worry. Gold prices last traded near $1,453 per ounce. Silver prices closed at $40.12 per ounce.

Silver Rush
Silver bullion prices are now up over 120% year over year. But did you know that investment grade (Mint-State-65) Morgan Silver Dollars are up 55% over the last year, almost double the growth of gold bullion. Learn more about this undervalued market niche here or call 800-289-2646 to request our 21st Century Silver Rush special report.

$5 gas by summer?
The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in the Chicago area is $4.11, $4.39 in San Diego, up 10% from just a month ago. Some experts say $5 per gallon gas is possible by Memorial Day or sometime this summer.

4.11.11 -- 4 Ways to Inflation-Proof Your Money - Listen

Precious metal prices traded lower on Monday as speculators took some recent profits off the table. Last week both metals touched fresh nominal highs on Mid-east unrest, Euro debt and rate worries and inflationary warning signs. Gold prices last traded near $1,463 per ounce. Silver prices rose to $40.24 per ounce.

How to Inflation-Proof Your Money!
Americans are facing higher inflation or perhaps even hyper-inflation in the next two years. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to the “Fourfold Swiss Diversification Strategy” designed to help you to win the coming Inflation War.

The Fourfold Swiss Diversification Strategy includes; 1) Gold Bullion, 2) Gold Numismatics, 3) Silver Bullion and 4) Silver Numismatics. Call 800-289-2646 or click here! Discover how to Inflation-Proof your money now!

4.8.11 -- Dollar down, commodities up, up, up! - Listen

Precious metal prices rushed to fresh nominal highs Friday on safe haven buying, impacted by; Euro zone worry, Oil spike on Mid-east unrest and inflationary warning signs. Gold prices closed up over 1% at $1,475 per ounce. Silver prices ran up 2% to close at $40.93 per ounce.

In the news...

Dollar Turns Toxic
Traders are warning of a dramatic change in dollar selling. They fear central banks from the Middle East may force their Asian rivals to more aggressively drive the dollar down. In 10 months, the Dollar Index has lost 14% because the world keeps accumulating dollars it doesn’t want and sells them. Asian central banks are key.

U.S. Dollar Crisis Looms
What should we expect in the future during this major currency crisis? The catalyst for the crash of the US dollar has begun with QE2 and a debt crisis that will result in the dollar crisis.

4.7.11 -- Gold and the new global economy -- Listen

Precious metal prices steadied near fresh nominal highs Thursday impacted by; Euro zone rate hike amid debt worry, Mid-east unrest, inflationary warning signs. Gold prices last traded near $1,460 per ounce, silver prices at $39.55 per ounce.

WSJ reports "Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy"

Two years ago, George Soros said he wanted to reorganize the entire global economic system. In two short weeks, he is going to start - and no one seems to have noticed.

On April 8, a group he's funded with $50 million is holding a major economic conferenceand Soros's goal for such an event is to "establish new international rules" and "reform the currency system." It's all according to a plan laid out in a Nov. 4, 2009, Soros op-ed calling for "a grand bargain that rearranges the entire financial order."

The event is bringing together "more than 200 academic, business and government policy thought leaders' to repeat the famed 1944 Bretton Woods gathering that helped create the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Soros wants a new 'multilateral system," or an economic system where America isn't so dominant.

4.6.11 -- $1,500 gold, $40 silver fast approaching -- Listen

Precious metal prices reached fresh nominal highs Wednesday on a weaker dollar, higher oil prices, Mid-east unrest, Euro zone debt worry and growing inflationary pressures. Gold last traded near $1,461 per ounce, with silver at $39.55/oz.

Marketwatch report, "Gold prices are likely to remain buoyant as risk aversion increased on the back of Moody's downgrade of Portugal's credit rating," analysts at ICICI Bank said in a note to clients.

CNBC says "Analysts Backing Gold All the Way to $1,500/oz. -- Now as the slow process of recovery continues, the price tag of the precious metal shows little sign of retreating."

Meanwhile oil prices topped $108 a barrel, the highest price since 2008. Regular unleaded gasoline now goes for an average $3.69 a gallon, according to AAA's daily fuel gauge survey, up 86 cents from a year ago.

4.5.11 -- Metals barometer signals danger ahead -- Listen

Precious metal prices jumped to fresh nominal highs Tuesday on disappointing economic data and Mid-East unrest as a weaker dollar boosted metals. Gold last traded near $1,456 per ounce, with silver at $39.28/oz.

In the news today...

"March Madness: U.S. Gov't Spent More Than Eight Times Its Monthly Revenue," reports CNS.com. "Oil could hit $200-$300 on Saudi unrest" says Reuters. The National Inflation Association issues "12 warning signs of hyperinflation," says WND.com.

"In our estimation, the most likely time frame for a full-fledged outbreak of hyperinflation is between the years 2013 and 2015," the National Inflation Association warns. "Americans who wait until 2013 to prepare will most likely see the majority of their purchasing power wiped out. It is essential that Americans begin preparing for hyperinflation immediately."

4.4.11 -- Hard money logic from today's headlines -- Listen

Precious metals prices stepped higher Monday on safe haven buying. Rising oil and commodities are fueling growing inflation worries. Gold last traded near $1434 per ounce, with silver at $38.55/oz. In the news today ...
"12 warning signs that hyperinflation is imminent," exposes WND.com.
"The Fed Is on 'Different Monetary Planet," says CNBC.
"Debt ceiling will be hit by May 16, Geithner says," reveals Marketwatch.
"Big bank customers exposed as big data breach grows" reports Reuters.

So you today have three good reasons to own physically-held precious metals ripped straight from the headlines; 1) Metals are not dreamed-up money from PhDs, as Jim Grant told CNBC last week. Precious metals are from planet earth, for use as the foundation of sound money on planet earth. Period. 2) Metals are the perfect anti-debt money, sadly growing in price as our nation sinks in debt. 3) Certain U.S. gold and silver coins offer 100% privacy of ownership. So no worry about cyber-theft.

4.1.11 -- Real Money vs. PhD Money - Listen

Precious metals prices dipped Friday on a higher dollar index, based on stronger U.S. employment data. Gold last traded near $1428 per ounce, with silver down slightly, to around $37.83/oz.

The U.S. is in danger of falling behind the inflation-fighting curve over the next few months, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond President Jeffrey Lacker said Friday in an interview on CNBC, adding that he would not be surprised to see action on inflation taken by the end of the year.

Speaking of CNBC, please take the time to visit swissamerica.com to watch a very insightful interview with Jim Grant, of Grant's Interest Rate Observer. Mr. Grant covers everything from the Fed's damaging policies to the advantages of returning to a Gold Standard in the U.S. before we fall into a hyperinflation thanks to what he calls "PhD" money.

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