April News Archives

'There will be more wealth confiscation, without a doubt' - The Telegraph--4.30.13

Labor pains continue despite soaring profits - NY Post--4.30.13

Don't Break Out the Champagne Just Yet - Real Clear Markets--4.26.13

Total US Debt To GDP: 105% - Zero Hedge--4.26.13

Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever - Rolling Stone--4.25.13

Oops! Economic Growth Wasn't So Great After All - CNBC--4.26.13

Rutherford Institute: “The police state has arrived.” - American Vision News--4.25.13

$2 Trillion Underground Economy May Be Recovery's Savior - CNBC--4.24.13

Welcome to the new recession - MSN Money--4.24.13

The global economy is losing steam - CNN Money--4.23.13

Data shift to lift US economy 3% - CNBC--4.21.13

IMF Warns Spanish Debt-Load Is Unsustainable - Zero Hedge--4.18.13

Wall Street Analysts Good As Flipping A Coin - The Reformed Broker--4.17.13

Someone Has to Pay - Will it Be You? - Financial Sense--4.4.13

RAHN: From stagnation to prosperity to stagnation - Washington Times--4.16.13

The Fed’s Attack on the Elderly - Daily Reckoning--4.11.13

The bull market's last stand - MSN Money--4.10.13

An Opinion on the Renewed Push to Use the C-CPI for COLA, Inflation Indexing - Shadow Stats--4.8.13

Government Spending Per Household Exceeds Median Household Income - Sumner Books

The US Housing Recovery Is A Mirage And A Serious Delinquency Crisis Is Coming - Business Insider--4.8.13

Currency wars are going nuclear - NY Post--4.7.13

Laiki Bank: The Cyprus bank staff hit worst of all - BBC News--4.5.13

Are the Markets Staring at a Massive Plunge? - Wall Street Cheat Sheet--4.8.13

U.S. stocks stumble on subpar jobs report - Market Watch--4.5.13

BOJ to pump $1.4 trillion into economy in unprecedented stimulus - Reuters--4.4.13

4 Reasons People Don’t Care About the Record Dow - Yahoo! Finance--4.4.13

Neil Macdonald: Ottawa weighing plans for bank failures - CBC News--4.3.13

Stockman fires back at Krugman, critics - Market Watch--4.3.13

Helicopter QE will never be reversed - The Telegraph--4.3.13

Bank Website Attacks Reach New Highs - CNBC--4.3.13

Blast From the Future on the Crash of 2015 - CNBC--4.2.13

Are housing investors creating a new bubble? Cash purchases cloud outlook for market - Washington Times--4.2.13

Obama administration pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit - Washington Post--4.2.13

State-Wrecked: The Corruption of Capitalism in America - NY Times--3.30.13

Not Your Grandfather's Bank Holiday - The Street--4.2.13

What Happened In Cyprus Will Happen Everywhere: Marc Faber - CNBC--4.2.13

El-Erian: Unfortunately, the Cyprus Crisis Is Not Yet Over - CNBC--4.2.13

The April Fool’s economy - Washington Post--4.1.13

Cyprus crisis: Moscow will not bail out Russian savers - BBC News--4.1.13

Five Reasons You Should Care About Cyprus - Forbes--4.1.13

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