April Gold News Archives

U.S. Mint Sales of Gold Coins Jump to Highest in Three Years - Bloomberg--4.30.13

Arizona lawmakers pass bill making silver, gold legal tender - Reuters--4.30.13

Gold Rush From Dubai to Turkey Saps Supply as Premiums Jump - Bloomberg--4.30.13

Down on Gold? Here's Why You Should Be Buying - CNBC--4.29.13

The Great Gold Debate Continues, And It's Serious - Forbes--4.29.13

China Goes Gold Crazy. Why Now? - Forbes--4.28.13

Gold Remains 'Under-Owned' Asset In Portfolios - Kitco--4.26.13

From Rout to Rush—Gold Stages Quiet Rally - CNBC--4.25.13

Gold halfway back from rout, up over $30 an ounce - Market Watch--4.25.13

Shortages of physical gold now a global phenomenon - Mineweb--4.25.13

American Eagle gold coins soar in value and forces Mint to suspend sales - Independent--4.25.13

Be bullish on gold as long as chaos reigns - Market Watch--4.24.13

US Mint Suspends Some Gold Coin Sales After Demand Surge - CNBC--4.24.13

INTERVIEW: Thomson Reuters GFMS: Silver Could Reclaim $30/Oz In 2013 - Kitco--4.24.13

Paulson says he's staying the course on gold - Reuters--4.24.13

Physical gold sales surge as retail investors cash in - Mineweb--4.23.13

After the flash crash in gold: Andy Xie - Market Watch--4.22.13

The US Will Be Cyprused & We Will See $50,000 Gold - King World News--4.19.13

Gold Drops! What 'They' Don't Want You to Know - The Motley Fool--4.19.13

Something Sinister Behind the Recent Drop in the Gold Price - Kitco--4.17.13

Fed and Bank of Japan caused gold crash - The Telegraph--4.17.13

Gold Will Get The Last Laugh On Central Banks - Forbes--4.17.13

Gold Rout Mars Investor Appeal, Fooled the 'Experts' - CNBC--4.17.13

Arizona Becomes Second State to Approve Gold and Silver as Legal Tender - Yahoo! Finance--4.16.13

Gold futures up nearly 2% after sharp selloff - MarketWatch--4.16.13

Cramer: The Gold Market Is Being 'Frozen' - CNBC--4.16.13

Mark Fisher: Gold Bulls Should Love This - CNBC--4.15.13

Maguire - “155 Tons Of Paper Gold Sold In Just One Hour!” - King World News--4.15.13

Buy a further dip in Gold for long term protection - TradingFloor--4.15.13

Marc Faber ‘Loves’ Gold Price Decline, Sees Buying Opportunity - ValueWalk--4.12.13

The Gold Takedown: Another Glimpse into the Central Banking Matrix - BMG Bullion--4.15.13

Cyprus to Liquidate Most of Its Gold Reserves - CNBC--4.10.13

Cyprus to sell $523mln in gold as part of bailout - Market Watch--4.10.13

Comex Gold Inventories Collapse By Largest Amount Ever On Record - Bull Market Thinking--4.9.13

Cramer Picks Gold Coins Over ETFs - The Street--4.9.13

The Assault on GOLD: Paul Craig Roberts - Casey Research

Nullify the Fed! Arizona House Passes Constitutional Tender Bill, 36-22 - Tenth Amendment Center

Trust in Gold Not Bernanke as U.S. States Promote Bullion - Bloomberg--4.8.13

New bill requires gold and silver registration - WND

The seasons of investment and gold's role in Winter - Mineweb--4.5.13

Gold to remain in demand medium to long term - Commerzbank - Mineweb--4.5.13

Gold’s Paper Price “Doesn’t Mean Anything” - 247 Bull--4.4.13

Physical gold deliveries to customers - Examiner--4.3.13

Gold drops as demand for ‘paper’ form shrinks - Market Watch--4.3.13

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