December Market News Archives

Here's How a 'Cliff' Fall Will Affect Your Taxes - CNBC--12.24.12

DAVID ROSENBERG: Here Are Two Reasons To Be Bullish On Gold - Business Insider--12.27.12

Investors Must Catch The Next Massive Play To The Upside - King World News--12.25.12

The internet is leaving children brain-dead: Inventor warns 'Google generation who spend life in front of screens are losing creativity and skills' - Mail Online--12.25.12

A Republican Sellout Invites Stagflation - Real Clear Markets--12.26.12

Obamacare Tax Hikes May Just Be Getting Started - CNBC--12.25.12

The trivial difference between Obama and Boehner, in one chart - Market Watch--12.20.12

Call NOW to Save Charitable Tax Deduction! - NRB--12.20.12

Uncle Sam Books 50% Loss As Government Motors Buys Back 200MM Shares From Tim Geithner - Zero Hedge--12.19.12

Arthur Brooks: America's Dangerous Powerball Economy - Wall Street Journal--12.19.12

Fiscal Cliff's Dirty Secret: It's Not About Taxes At All, But Too Much Spending - Investors--12.18.12

The road to Egypt: job creators in the Ancient World - The Times of Israel--12.18.12

We’ve Been ZIRPed - The Weekly Standard--12.24.12


Fed drops the pretense, buys bonds - MSN Money --12.17.12

The Bondage Of Redistribution Ideology - Real Clear Markets--12.17.12

QE 4: Folks, This Ain't Normal - Peak Prosperity--12.14.12

Fed Hands Obama Power to Shape Monetary Policy - Newsmax--12.13.12

A Brief History of American Prosperity - City Journal--Autumn 2012

The Government, Not The Market, Created Our Financial Crisis - Investors--12.12.12

Federal Reserve to spend $45B a month to buy bonds, links rate hike to 6.5 pct. unemployment - Washington Post--12.11.12

How Fed's next trick will hurt bonds - MSN Money--12.10.12

Need help with money? Play a game- Christian Science Monitor--12.3.12

Is the Economy Creating a Lost Generation? - Real Clear Markets--12.10.12

Retiring on the edge of the fiscal cliff - Market Watch--11.13.12

Fed Exit Plan May Be Redrawn as Assets Near $3 Trillion - Bloomberg--12.7.12

Why Grover Norquist's Tax Pledge Works - Forbes--12.6.12

Quantitative Easing: The Monetary Policy Of the Adolescent - Real Clear Markets--12.6.12

The Pinocchio Recovery at the Edge of the Fiscal Cliff - Wall Street Journal--12.5.12

Which Country Is Most Corrupt, and Which Is Least? - CNBC--12.5.12

Dollar Cliff? - Merk Funds--12.5.12

The Coming Derivatives Panic That Will Destroy Global Financial Markets - Mens News Daily--12.4.12

Paul Ryan addresses fiscal cliff: ‘We’re nowhere. We’re farther than where we started’ - The Daily Center--12.4.12

Why President Obama's Tax Hike Will Hurt the 98% - Forbes--12.3.12

The Hollowing Out of America - The Nation--12.3.12

Ceiling is a cliff hanger - NY Post--12.2.12

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