by Craig R. Smith, SATC

Mar 22, 2004

JERUSALEM, March 22 (Reuters) - Israel's assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was meant to decapitate Hamas but could end up drawing a wave of new recruits ..."

Overnight Hamas religious leader Yassin was killed by Israeli attacks and Hamas has vowed immediate retaliation because they hold the U.S responsible for giving the Israelis the green light to kill the leader. Hamas believes the Bush Administration played a role in the killing.

Hamas said "the doors of hell have been opened" by Israel. They have ordered unlimited attacks against Israel and her friends. I hope and pray it doesn't hit our shores, but fear is building on Wall Street with a test of Dow 10k possible any day.


* The stock market hates uncertainty -- and this creates an environment that is very unstable not knowing when and where the next terrorist attack will occur. After the bombings in Madrid the Dow dropped 134 points and momentum has been down ever since. Today the market is down over 120 points as the news filters into the market.

* The concerns include a link between the elections in Madrid and the bombing ... and the elections in America and subsequent possible attacks here during this election season.

* The value of the dollar is very dependent on the confidence the markets haave in U.S. leadership and it's ability to keep the American people safe.

* Recent revelations in a book authored by former White House terrorist expert Richard Clarke, give concern that the Bush Administration neglected to take the threat al-Qaeda seriously and they ignored advice to deal with the problem. This is adding additional concern to the markets.

* Keep in mind that Sept 11th 2001 caused a huge drop in the Dow and intelligence extracted from detainees at Guantamano indicate a large scale financial attack on America. Coupled with a possible physical attack the markets are very uneasy. Until the threat assessment can be made we will remain very leery.

* The Dow is just above 10,000 after running to 10,700. While many of the cheerleaders on the street are calling this a "correction" one cannot discount the impact of the geopolitical impact the killing of the #1 leader of Hamas will have. Remember, Yassin was not just a leader but a "religious" leader. Many militant Muslims will feel an absolute call from Allah to avenge this killing. This alleged "peaceful" religion is promising the "gate of hell" have been opened. So much for a peaceful religion.

* How can a godly religion open the door of God's greatest enemy the Devil? I would think only agents of the devil could open the front door of his domain.

I have a simple financial strategy to protect your assets from a prolonged market decline, no matter what happens. Please, take action today! Call us for financial solutions ... please don't needlessly suffer the consequences of financial terrorism. -CRS

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