Michael Savage Interviews Craig Smith
Recorded: March 16, 2004 (44:30 trt)

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Craig, before we start -- I just want to say that over the last 2 1/2 years of reading over your book and other educational publications, I’m personally fascinated by your perspective and know that tens of thousands of my listeners feel the same. Last year (in Feb. of ’03) we discussed your forecast for the economy, stocks the dollar and gold. The Dow was at 7,400 … gold was at $340 and oil was about $30 /barrel. Since then stocks, gold and oil are all up about 20% … which was about what you said to expect and your recommendation was to simply to diversify your asset to include gold coins. As I remember, the economy and jobs were in pretty sad shape in 03. You said a very slow recovery was on the horizon, but there were many so called “wild cards” to be aware of … like the Iraqi war, our growing debt and rising oil prices ... but that through it all gold would shine brightly … and so it has! So, today let’s dig into some of the REAL financial stories behind the headlines ...


1) On any given day, you can flip on the TV to a financial network and it seems they are always promoting stocks … if they’re down - it’s a good time to buy … if they’re up - it’s a better time to buy. You’d think stocks were the only viable investment out there! Now, given that gold has risen 50% since 2001 (from $250 to $400 per ounce) while stocks are still below their 2001 peak, why does the mass media coverage of gold seem so sparce? DO YOU THINK GOLD GETTING ENOUGH COVERAGE, OR IS THERE SOMETHING ELSE AT WORK HERE?

2) Let’s talk about some of the pressing domestic economic issues facing America in 2004 the historically high debt levels … trade and budget deficits and now, the Social Security funding crisis. Should we really be all that concerned about all these issues, or are they just political weapons the Democrats are firing at the Bush administration to scare Americans?

3) Terrorism is on the rise worldwide … most recently targeting Spain, a U.S. ally which just elected an overtly socialist government in response to the Madrid attack. Is terrorism destined to become the next political weapon? What other weapons do you think the radical Islamic world has in mind to reach their goal of destroying America … including our financial and monetary system?

4) Let’s discuss the scandals on Wall Street. I see Bank of America was just fined $375 million for helping favored clients trade mutual funds improperly at the expense of ordinary investors. Insider trading scandals have brought down even the rich and famous Martha Stewart. Should we expect more house cleaning on Wall Street this year ... or is the worst over? What will it take to restore confidence in Wall Street … OR … is the little guy always destined to be taken advantage of? How can we bring ethics/accountability back into the financial markets?

5) I know gold is up … I also hear that silver is starting to rise … how about the collectible U.S. rare coins? … How are they doing? What are your expectations for the next year or two in the coin market and WHY?

6) Craig, tell us about why your company is so committed to educating investors and what are some of the tools you offer to help Americans understand how to navigate the treacherous financial waters we find in the 21st century?

7) Any closing thoughts or advice to my listeners before we go?


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