Americans Cheer New Animated TV Ads

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"Brilliant!!! Especially the 2nd spot. More people should understand that the Wizard of Oz (ounces) is a veiled money tale, smacking of symbolism. Follow the gold brick road. Hold tight in those silver slippers. They have great power, that the wicked witches covet. The magicians can create an 'emerald city' with just a pair of eye shades. There's no place like home... ......... the good old days of honest money in America. Dorothy always had the power to go back to Kansas, but she just has to learn it for herself. Can she even keep all of her own possessions........ in toto? And Toto too! There are multiple ways to interpret the hidden meanings. But the smoke & mirrors of Oz (US Presidents), & their big show of power on TV, verses the hidden operator behind the curtain, is great symbolism to exploit with your ad. My favorite part was always adorable little Toto, smarter than the trickster, pulling back the curtain. Except in reality, the hidden powers are no nice old guy who just wants to go home. The situation is much more critical. While they fight for endless power, the people are fighting for their lives. Good luck with those ads. I strongly approve!" -Catherine

Additional Swiss America resources on The Wizard of Oz:
-Wizard of Oz attacks deflation - St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 11.02
-Watch: Hugo Salinas Price explain "Dorothy's Silver Slippers", 4.08


"Wow....those should get lots of attention! I am thankful you are letting the American people know the truth, because the media isn't. I'm sure that there will be a lot of unhappy politicians when they see this....or possibly they will roll on the floor with laughter, as they see smoke and mirrors being exposed." :0) -Shellie


"Commercial of the Year! - Decade!" writes ibchristian2 at

"Make this advertisement go viral," writes paulrprichard at


Tom says: "Right on the Money ... Awesome, Thanks Craig!"

Ben says: "LOVE IT!!"

Jim says: "I thought the Ad was GREAT. It was well done and certainly LESS political or offensive than ANYTHING from the Obama camp."

Byron says: "These are two funny, well done commercials. I don't believe there is any overt political message that we all haven't heard before."

True Patriot says: "There’s not a darn thing wrong with this ad. Is this censorship? Why do they censor the truth?"

Tweety says: "Especially appropriate today as Bernanke bails out all of Europe with our non-money. Add another trillion or so to the debt."

Phillip in TX says: "Love the ad! They need to show it during the Super Bowl!!"

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