Secret War Against Cash Exposed!

The Government's SECRET WAR Against Cash Exposed!

TSW The war on cash has been intensifying for decades, but has ramped up significantly since 2020; as insurmountable US debt and a dying dollar have set the stage for a currency reset.

The U.S. Government and Federal Reserve have worked tirelessly to make carrying cash risky and to make it illegal to use cash in a manner they deem improper. If they are able to push through a Central Bank Digital Currency, what remaining financial freedoms we have will evaporate overnight; and could even lead to a social credit system in which the government decides how and when you can spend your own hard-earned money.

In a cashless future it will become much easier for the government to rob you, especially if they don't like your religious, social or political affiliations.

How can you protect yourself from this? Read this report.

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