The 2017 Gold Report – Early Edition

We are living in extraordinary times. The world is gripped by deep political divides, unsustainable debt, volatile markets, vulnerable currencies and a political power structure that has been turned upside down.

17GR The 2017 Gold Report - Early Edition is an in-depth assessment of the dramatic political and economic events that will impact our financial security in 2017. A pro-Brexit, Euro-sceptic, anti-establishment fever is rippling across the globe. Demonetization and confiscation have returned to our vocabulary. And as America realigns and redefines itself, Trumpnomics is a study in uncertainty.

From the election of the new American president to the rise of European populism and the faltering Indian and Chinese economies - 2017 is likely to be a pivotal transition for world markets, international currencies, the global economy and gold. There is perhaps no better moment in time to diversify than right now.

This special report reveals dozens of common sense reasons why owning physical gold is vital. Given today's political and economic unknowns, gold is no longer a luxury - it's a necessity!

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