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The 'Secret War' On Cash!


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SecWarCD "You are a casualty of the 'war against cash' if you have a bank account "“ and probably do not even know it," according to author and Swiss America Chairman Craig R. Smith.

Governments have always had a love-hate relationship with cash because cash is anonymous money which may represent untaxed earnings.

This explains why the fix is now in to outlaw cash and usher in a "cashless society," according to a radio interview that I just conducted with Mr. Smith.

According to Craig, "The federal government, big banks and the tech giants all have plans to digitally end paper money ... forever!"

SecWarCD-Report You must hear this confidential interview with Mr. Smith, which is now available on a complimentary CD or mp3.

It is vital to understand what steps must be taken to protect your hard-earned money from this accelerating WAR ON CASH.

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