Will China Win the Economic War with the U.S.?

Will China Win the Economic War with the U.S.?

In 1972 the United States took a big gamble. We bet we could turn communist China into a capitalist nation before they used the wealth we gave them to destroy us. Almost a half century later, China has turned into a monster.

Instead of China becoming more like us, it is making us more leftist - like itself.

ChinaRpt Since 2001, America has gotten hooked on China's cheap products, easy borrowing, and opiate war - which now kills as many Americans each year as died during the entire Vietnam War.

Meanwhile, America has lost tens of millions of jobs, thousands of factories and one of our two political parties has became increasingly anti-capitalist. Where will it all end?

Today China is waging deceptive economic warfare against us, and your savings and investments are now at risk.

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