2020: America at the Crossroads

AMERICA was founded upon sacred principles, which built the world's strongest economy; but today our position as the world's leader is at risk.

Our nation's social and economic divide is approaching a boiling point. Unless cooler heads prevail, we may soon face an even more disunited United States.

2020RMP Solutions demand unity and clarity of vision. That will require taking off our rose-colored glasses to see today's dangerous economic red flags more clearly.

In 2020 investors face emerging political upheaval here and abroad; in China, North Korea, the Mideast and Europe. We also face a very heated 2020 presidential election which could incite panic among investors. Any of these wild cards could blindside those who are unprepared!

The goal of Swiss America's 38th anniversary newsletter America at the Crossroads is to prepare our readers with the wisdom needed to prepare for what may lie ahead.

America at the Crossroads covers vital economic and financial topics such as; Surviving an Upside-Down Economy, Why Debt Destabilizes the Dollar, China's Plan to Rule the World, Election 2020 and Your Retirement Account, and more!

Protect your savings from a year full of potential wild cards! Call 800-289-2646 or register here for your free copy of America at the Crossroads today!

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