Fineness and Karat Weight

Fineness is the actual gold content in a coin or bar and is expressed in grams or troy ounces. Karat weight is a unit of fineness for gold equal to 1/24 part of pure gold in an alloy. For example, pure gold, which is 1000 fine, is 24 karat; a fineness of .750 is expressed as 18 karat. Below are the standard karat weight to fineness conversions.
24 karats= 1000 fine
23 karats= 958.3 fine
22 karats= 916.6 fine
21 karats= 875.0 fine
20 karats= 833.3 fine
18 karats= 750.0 fine
16 karats= 666.7 fine
14 karats= 583.3 fine
10 karats= 416.6 fine

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