Investment Fraud In the News

Investment Fraud in the News

Tips to protect yourself from fraud - ElmLeaves--4.9.12
Swiss America wants to continue to help consumers protect themselves from all investment scams and frauds. This article gives several tips on how investors can protect themselves from frauds and scam artists and also educates them on the different types of frauds and scam artists out there.

Shock as 44 million £1 coins are fakes - The Sun--4.2.12
In scam and fraud news, it has been reported that around 44 million 1 pound coins are counterfeit, that comes to about 3% of all those currently in circulation. This discovery was made during one of the Royal Mint's six-monthly checks on forged money.

Tungsten Filled 1 kilo Gold Bar Discovered in UK - Silver Doctors--3.26.12
In one of the biggest gold scams in history, it was recently discovered that one-kilo gold bars have been filled with tungsten. This was only discovered when the bar was cut in half. While there have been many reports of this happening, this is the first time it has been documented and verified with photographic evidence.

Outsmarting the Con Artists: Top 5 Ways to Avoid Scams - ABC News--3.26.12
In the latest in gold scam news, a man named Tom Arnold is currently waiting sentencing for a gold scam. He made nearly $3 million in commissions selling these supposedly rare coins. This article shows how to avoid scams and frauds and keep your money protected.

How to Spot a Fraudster-Understand and Identify the Warning Signs of Investment Fraud- Market Watch--3.22.12
Swiss America continues to bring information to consumers on how to prevent gold fraud or any other type of scam that they might come across. This specific article talks about ways consumers can spot a fraudster and be able to identify the warning signs of investment fraud.

From basketball stars to collectable coins and the gold scams in between- Mineweb--3.21.12
In an effort to protect consumers from gold frauds and scams, Swiss America wants to share articles that helps protect consumers and make them aware of the types of gold scams out there. This article looks at some of the most common gold scams and how to avoid being duped.

How to Avoid Being Caught in a Common Gold Scam - IB Times--3.20.12
Swiss America wants to protect consumers from gold scams and gold fraud. Here is an article explaining how to not be one of those many people that get scammed into believing they are making a gold investment and then end up with no gold and no money.

JOBS Act Will Open Door to Investment Scams - Forbes--3.14.12
The JOBS act would allow start-up companies to go directly to investors on the internet with little or no regulation or disclosure. This gives individuals the ability to raise money with almost no strings attached and without regulations, it leaves the door open to many to fall victim to investment scams and frauds.

Games Market Players Play - Business Today--March 2012
There is a growing problem with companies not using their money in a way that investors believed their money was being used. This is a serious financial fraud problem and when a company is caught, investors are out a lot of money. This article helps investors recognize certain signs to look out for before this happens to them.

Mortgage execs charged with accounting fraud - CNN Money--3.13.12
The SEC has announced today charges being brought against three senior executives from Thornburg Mortgage, accusing them of fraudulently overstating the company's income by over $400 million. These executives are guilty of issuing misleading statements during Thornburg's rapid fall back in 2008.


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