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The following are the general characteristics that define the different coin gradings. (Listed from lowest to highest) When grading coins, any defect should be noted, such as bent, scratched, etc. Cleaning or mutilations of any kind should me mentioned. (i.e., Extra Fine with rim nick at 9 O'clock, small scratch on face).

Poor or Fair
(Mint state 1 to 3)
Designs and lettering partially visible, quite worn.
G or Good
(Mint state 4 to 6)
Legends, designs and date are clear.
F or Fine
(Mint state 12 to 15)
All major details will be visible with the major details virtually complete.
VF or Very Fine
(Mint state 20 to 30)
More details will be visible with major details virtually complete.
EF, XF or Extra Fine
(Mint state 50 to 55)
Light wear on the high points with some mint lustre present.
AU or About Uncirculated
(Mint state 50 to 55)
Small trace of wear visible on the highest points with at least half of the mint lustre still present.
UNC or Uncirculated
(Mint state 60 to 65)
No trace of wear with some small nicks or marks present.
PF or Proof
Coins specially struck for collectors. Usually mirror-like surface. Sand blast and matte proof in some series.

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