History of Gold, Silver and Platinum

Brief History of Coins and Precious Metals


The romance and allure of gold is enhanced by its unmatched versatility as an investment vehicle. Gold's value is intrinsic. It is a precious metal that cannot be destroyed or altered. Gold is highly liquid, has few geographic boundaries and can be bought, sold and stored in most parts of the free world with privacy.


Collecting of Silver Dollars of the U.S. Mints began in the 1840's, with the appearance of the new Seated Liberty pieces. At first, most collectors entered the field, prices generally rose, and rare date and mint mark combinations came to recognized as rare and carried an appropriate premium. This growing collector and investor interest was enhanced in 1964 by the elimination of silver from our coins.


Platinum's relative scarcity in the face of newly discovered and ever-increasing uses makes for an attractive 21st century investment. Platinum's historical price performance and its unique fundamentals are attracting an increasing number of informed investors. Sophisticated investors have long recognized the importance of owning precious metals as a means of stabilizing their financial portfolios.

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