The author of the article pleads with the media to stop trying to "understand" what has recently happened in the quiet town of Newton, CT and instead, at the very least, wait until the dead are buried. We will never be able to understand what drove someone to do something like this and we should allow the victims to rest in piece.

December 17, 2012

As the father of a 5 year old boy, living in Colorado, and hearing about the tragic shooting of innocent children, the heroic efforts of the teachers and administration, and the cowardice and apparent mental illness of the perpetrator, my thoughts and prayers remain with the survivors and victims families. No parent should ever have to bury their child, and while our children are in school, we should never need to worry about their safety. Other than our own homes, school should be the safest place for our children, especially at that age.

As our 24/7 news cycle continues to "report" on this tragedy, attempting to "understand" how this could happen; as our politicos now debate gun control and rights, I would respectfully ask that they all pause, until the dead are buried, at the very least.

To the media, just as after the tragic shooting here in Colorado during the Dark Knight Rises, it is pointless and futile to attempt to rationalize the irrational; to find reason in the unreasonable; to find logic in the illogical. We will never be able to "understand" what drove the killer to do what he did, so PLEASE stop attempting to do so. PLEASE allow these victims to rest in peace. Please allow the families to grieve, out of the glare of cameras, unless specifically invited by those families. No one will ever make sense of this senseless crime, so just STOP already. Please, stop reporting about the type of weapons used, the body armor that was used, the number of bullets, and their caliber. It entices the already sick, and is a blueprint for copycats. Your culpability is as strong as the weapon used when you provide the details for how to carry out this act.

To the politicos, both pro and anti gun, your debate and whatever it's outcome, will never prevent this. You are discussing the means, and not the root of this evil. Of the most recent tragic shootings, all were in gun free zones. More laws in restricting a constitutional right (the second amendment) will only create more charges against those that already ignore the most obvious of laws, murdering another human. To the gun proponents, that feel that MORE guns, or less gun free zones, would have prevented this tragedy, please just stop! More guns simply will not address the insanity that persists for monsters to commit these acts, and unless fully trained and prepared to take another life, anyone shooting another human, will live with that forever.

We may never be able to prevent these instances. But what we can attempt to do is return our culture to respecting life. For parents (not a parent, but parents) to have conversations with their children about respect for life. To monitor the movies, television shows, and games they play. To be active participants in their children's lives.

Neighbors need to take the time to get to know one another. Sec. Clinton once spoke about it "taking a village." Well, our government isn't the village, the community is the village. Be "neighborly" and find out if your neighbor needs help, or talk to them about the help you may need.

And regardless of one's religious affiliation, or lack thereof, if no other message applies, believing and living the motto of "loving one another, as you love yourself" is never the wrong way to live. Let's stop focusing on the aftermath, the tool, and the criminal, and let's use every ounce of who we are, to start loving. Start with your family, live by example, and pass it forward.

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