November Gold Market News Archives

Gold jumps on co-ordinated action - Mineweb--11.30.11

Gold Prices Soar as Central Bank Actions Pummel U.S. Dollar- The Street--11.30.11

Are the days of gold as collateral getting closer? - Mineweb--11.18.11

Record Gold Hoard Spurs Bullish Bets - Bloomberg--11.25.11

Jim Rickards - Who Will Bail Out the Fed & How High for Gold?- King World News--11.23.11

Can gold save the eurozone?- CNN Money--11.23.11

Price Stability and the Gold-Linked Dollar - The Gold Standard Now--11.22.11

Gold to Gain on Central Banks, Corn to Advance, Hermes Says- Bloomberg--11.22.11

In Nervous Market, Gold Gains Respectability - Yahoo! Finance--11.22.11

Gold will shine at $3000 in 2-3 yrs: Superfund Financial- Money Control--11.21.11

European debt crisis drives gold rush - CNN Money--11.18.11

Silver, gold prices should continue rising - Coeur CEO- Mineweb--11.18.11

Gold and the Eurozone - what happens when the Euro fails?- Mineweb--11.17.11

Silver price to hit $50 plus next year - Klapwijk - Mineweb--11.17.11

Gold demand soars in Europe - World Gold Council- Mineweb--11.17.11

Lynn: Gold Likely Winner After Dust Settles In Europe- Barrons--11.16.11

What Should the Gold Price Be?!- Gold Seek--11.16.11

It's All About Gold Now- Gold IRAs--11.16.11

Gold Dealers Pitch to Institutional Investors, Cite Market Turmoil- International Business Times--11.16.11

Gold soars to a new high in India as wedding season gets underway- Mineweb--11.15.11

Gold closes up as traders mull safe-haven appeal- Market Watch--11.15.11

Is Gold Headed For $3,000?- Forbes--11.14.11

Investors Fleeing Bonds, Savings Spur Record Flows Into Gold: India Credit- Bloomberg--11.10.11

Is gold headed to $2,200?- Market Watch--11.14.11

Euro debt crisis could launch gold to record highs above $2,000/oz- Mineweb--11.11.11

New gold bugs are young and restless - Market Watch--11.11.11

Investors Fleeing Bonds Spur Record Gold Inflows: India Credit- Business Week--11.11.11

Gold Traders Most Bullish Since ’04 on Debt Crisis: Commodities- Business Week--11.11.11

Huge Gold Buying Means Higher Gold Prices Are Coming - Seeking Alpha--11.10.11

Three drivers, two months, one gold rally?- Mineweb--11.10.11

Bye-Bye Bernanke? The Case for the Gold Standard- Yahoo! Finance--11.10.11

Trend in gold “is clear and the bears are on the defensive”- Gold Alert--11.8.11

October Surprise: "Gold is an electoral jet stream."- The Gold Standard Now--11.7.11

Gold Advances as Mounting EU Debt Crisis Stokes Demand for Metal as Haven- Bloomberg--11.8.11

Dennis Gartman: Gold Gains Suggest More Woes Ahead- CNBC--11.8.11

The more gold the West sells the more China is buying- Mineweb--11.8.11

Italy is Next to Fail and Gold at $3000?- University of Maryland--11.8.11

Gold Confiscation, Here's How it Could Happen and What to Do About It- The Market Oracle--11.8.11

Gold starts the week higher on worries over Italy - Google News--11.7.11

30% year on year price growth for gold as economic instability continues- Mineweb--11.7.11

Gold Futures Rise to Six-Week High as Europe’s Debt Woes Mount- Business Week--11.7.11

Gold Traders More Bullish as Hedge Funds Increase Bets on Gains- Business Week--11.4.11

For Asia’s Rich, All That Glitters Is Still Gold - CNBC--11.3.11

Gold: The hedge against political stupidity- CNN Money--11.3.11

Gold futures climb to six-week high - Market Watch--11.3.11

Gold jumps as European Central Bank cuts interest rates- LA Times--11.3.11

Comex Gold Higher on Bargain Hunting, Safe-Haven Demand- Forbes--11.2.11

Top Gold Forecasters See Rally to Record by March: Commodities- San Francisco Chronicle--11.2.11

Gold price set for greater gains - Finance News Network--11.1.11

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