By Kevin Lipton, KLRC

Dec 17, 2003

(PHOENIX, Arizona) -- This is the best, most sustained bull market in U.S. rare coins I have seen in 20 years. It is being fueled by ...

-A RED HOT GOLD BULLION MARKET -- for the first time in a decade. Acceptability of the U.S. rare coin market has never been higher from both investors and collectors.

-A SENTIMENT FLIP-FLOP -- First hand I have witnessed a complete flip-flop from prospective coin buyers -- from mistrust of physical rare coins in favor of stocks to mistrust of stocks and more trust in physical rare coins!

-$20 GOLD PIECES -- I expect $20 gold pieces will rise on the coat tails of rising gold bullion prices, but it is the truely rare gold coins (with smaller populations) that I think will rise the most.

-OVERALL RARE COIN DEMAND IS UP -- at every level; wholesale, retail and auctions. I see more retail buyers at auctions shopping for value. Supply is not keeping up with demand, which will drive prices higher in 2004 and beyond.

-MORE COINS SOLD ON TV -- and the price levels going up! Rare coins are now selling for $ thousands each. For example; I know that 300 Kellogg $50 gold coins sold for $3,500 each -- in just days of a mass media promotion. These are private issue, very limited supply rare coins to be held for the long term, not just hobby quality coins.

-U.S. GOLD COMMEMORATIVES (1903-1926) -- are a great value today and are becoming more difficult to find at coin shows and auctions. With 2004 being a bi-centennial for Lewis & Clark Expedition, these coins could suddenly become a welcome addition to both collectors and investors -- especially in comparison to the continued volatility of stocks and the falling U.S. dollar.

- "I don't know enough about rare coins!"
- "I don't understand the rare coin market!"
- "I need to feel comfortable... I need an education first."

All valid reasons to get up to speed on the gold coin market with Swiss America. They have books, magazines, tapes, CD's and soon, I hear, a DVD ... all with one purpose: to help America rediscover gold in the 21st century. And best of all, they are FREE!

I recommend calling Swiss America at 1-800-289-2646 to discuss these exciting trends in the market with a broker ... before prices really take off.

Read more from the Kevin Lipton Archives. Kevin is President of Kevin Lipton Rare Coins of Beverly Hills, CA. and is among the most respected experts on U.S. rare coins in the world.
DISCLAIMER: All of the information in this story is believed to be true, however errors are possible.
Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. All investments have risk. -SATC

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