October Gold News Archives

Central banks top up gold reserves- The Telegraph--10.30.11

Highlights of new Orleans Gold Conference - Kitco

Gold Price “Close to a Big Breakout” - International Business Times--10.27.11

Gold goes for fifth day of gains - Market Watch--10.27.11

Gold prices shining again- CNN Money--10.26.11

Gold Gains to One-Month High as Europe Debt Woes Spur Demand- Business Week--10.26.11

Is gold back? - More upside seen as it probes $1720- Mineweb--10.26.11

Gold In Portfolio Can Boost Performance, Reduce Risk--World Gold Council- Kitco--10.26.11

Gold Tops $1,700 as Europe’s Debt Woes Spur Demand for Haven- Business Week--10.25.11

John Embry - Physical Gold Demand Crushing Manipulators- King World News--10.25.11

Gold Price Jumps 2.9% to $1,700, Silver Soars 4.5% as Euro Fears Grow- International Business Times--10.25.11

Gold Gains for a Second Day as Europe Debt Concerns Spur Demand- Business Week--10.24.11

Gold always a good option, especially in times of uncertainty- Economic Times--10.23.11

Gold Not a Bubble: It’s On Its Way to $10,000/oz- Resource Investor--10.11.11

Gold: Here’s Why It Could Get to $2000 Soon- Wall Street Journal Blogs--10.19.11

Prudent investors will turn to gold and silver as the only true safe haven - Levenstein- Mineweb--10.18.11

No Coattail Effect in Gold’s Surge- NY Times--10.8.11

Hong Kong starts trading gold in renminbi- Finance Asia -- 10.17.11

Gold Traders Most Bullish Since July After Plunge- Bloomberg--10.14.11

Return to Gold Standard? Why Price Would Hit $10,000- CNBC--10.13.11

Gold's financial role likely to expand - Lassonde- Mineweb--10.12.11

Lackluster economy could lead to next gold rush- Politico--10.11.11

Crashing Gold and Silver- Kitco--10.7.11

Load Up On Gold and Silver as Bernanke Dives Off the Deep End- Money Morning--10.6.11

Gold's long-term outlook positive despite short-term dip- ABC News--10.6.11

The Debt Crisis In Europe And A Weak Dollar Boosts Gold And Silver - Seeking Alpha--10.6.11

Gold rises past $1,650 mark- Google News--10.6.11

Gold Rebounds as a ‘Proxy for Fear’ Amid Persistent Europe Woes- Businessweek--10.5.11

Gold rises as investors see bargains, bet on continued uncertainty- Washington Post--10.5.11

Johnson: I'm Still Buying Gold- CNBC--10.4.11

Savers turn to gold while between a rock and a hard place- Mineweb--10.4.11

Gold ETFs Fall, But Bound To Rebound, Say Experts- Investors--10.4.11

Technical Analysts Say Gold is At a Bargain - Investment U--10.4.11

Gold to regain glitter, say bankers to the rich - Reuters--10.2.11

Gold rises for third day after Greece rocks markets- Reuters--10.3.11

More physical gold to serve as collateral: CME - Market Watch--10.3.11

Gold Climbs as European Crisis Spurs Demand- Bloomberg--10.2.11

Gold rises as recent lower prices entice buyers - Market Watch--9.30.11

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