The Time For Silver Has Arrived!

James M. Carrillo
October 10, 2012

Silver has broken out of a major 17 month consolidation to the upside. Anyone who knows me, knows I very rarely talk about or recommend silver, I am not normally a silver buyer because of its volatility. However, in the past 10 years I have noted two major breakouts that have led to massive profits. Combine this buy signal with the fact the Fed is printing massive amounts of U.S. Dollars and that they announced they will continue to hold Interest rates to near zero for at least the next two years, this could be a tremendous opportunity for investors seeking to increase the size of their investment capital and exit a dollar that is being diluted.

The last two Silver buy signals led to a doubling in price. This action comes three months after the gold breakout noted in my article "The Time Is Now"


In the shorter term both gold and silver have become somewhat oversold on the very recent sideways action. Technically, the gap noted in the chart action is very bullish, it is commonly referred to as a breakout gap which is, typically followed by a runaway gap then finally an exhaustion gap over time. If you look carefully at the chart data above there are NO gaps in the past decade which leads me to believe this powerful breakout could lead to prices near or above $100.00.

The time to buy silver has arrived!

James M. Carrillo

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