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Intro: The Greatest Scam in History
by James Carrillo, Sr. Broker, Swiss America
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by Craig R. Smith, Swiss America CEO
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"I’m not as concerned about the return ON my money as I am the return OF my money," -Will Rogers

* U.S. consumers now have $14 trillion in personal debt...
* The national debt has risen sharply to nearly $11 trillion...
* U.S. debt could surge to $20 trillion in the next four years...
* Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare unfunded liabilities total $99.2 trillion... according to Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Richard W. Fisher.

"Every bubble expands until it finds its pin. Real bear markets last 10...15...20 years. And judging by the meltdown in the financial sector...we have a real bear market on our hands. This bear market actually began in January 2000 when the tech sector crashed. But it was reversed when the Feds opened a Hoover dam of liquidity, beginning in 2001-2002," - Bill Bonner, DailyReckoning.

"All the currencies will slowly debase themselves against gold and keep the dollar as the currency for global trade. It appears we are now going through that inflection point moving from deflationary forces to an inflationary cycle," -Frank Holmes, CEO of U. S. Global Investors.

"What we are likely in for is an unprecedented period of price inflation, economic depression, and high unemployment, i.e., 'depflation' (inflationary depression). Purchasing power declines as prices for consumer goods increase faster than wages. Taxes increase when nominal incomes rise. Interest rates increase, hurts investments in capital goods, stocks and bonds," -SafeHaven.

Introduction: Greatest Scam in History
By James Carrillo, Sr. Broker, Swiss America

When history looks back on the early 21st century financial markets it will reveal the greatest coup ever. The United States will be the greatest financial super power in the world, built on the destruction of world markets.

Think about it. Today the Federal Reserve and United States Treasury are now buying the same corporate and financial company debt that it sold, for literally pennies on the dollar.

All of the massive debt we have been selling to foreign countries is now considered worthless and nobody can put a price on it. The Hang Seng index is down 66 percent this year, the Nikkei is down 81%, Russian RTS is down over 80%, Saudi TASI down 55%, Dubai down 55% by comparison the Dow is only down 40% and I expect a boom like no other over the next few years.

The reason? In my opinion, this is the greatest scam in history. The Fed sold all of this massive bloated debt to unsuspecting wealthy “emerging market” countries, then let it collapse in order to literally take over “rescue” the worlds largest Financial Institutions, Mortgage giants, Insurance Companies and major Corporations for next to nothing.

Bloomberg reports,"Securitization was based on the premise that a fool was born every minute," Joseph Stiglitz, a professor of economics at Columbia University in New York, told a congressional committee on Oct. 21. "Globalization meant that there was a global landscape on which they could search for those fools -- and they found them everywhere."

Who stands to benefit? The United States Government! We the people have also been defrauded out of Trillions. The next phase is the release of the mass creation of currency.

When this dollar panic buying reverses, so will the gold panic selling. Gold is way too cheap today relative to its bullish fundamentals and the incessant fiat-currency growth all over the world. This anomaly is a great opportunity for capital move into gold.

We will continue to deal with extreme circumstances after the global financial panic. This has been driving a rally in the US dollar. This rally has hammered gold. But once the panic subsides, money managers all over the World will yet again chase good returns, the U.S. dollar and T-bill buying frenzy will reverse in a very hard and rapid decline. And the U.S. dollar will sink again reflecting its dismal fundamentals. Gold returns to favor and explodes.

Here is a financial scorecard since the turn of the 21st century (2000 -2008). Eight years invested in these markets, your money is...

* Dow Jones DOWN 25% (This even factors in that 5 of the 30 Dow Stocks did so poorly they were replaced!)
* S&P 500 DOWN 45% (Many of the 500 have now gone bankrupt and have been replaced with others!)
* U.S. Dollar DOWN 30% (Mass creation after 9/11 created a free fall, what will a larger mass creation do now?)
* Gold UP 260% (Has NO DEBT, NO liabilities and can NEVER go bankrupt)

As TRILLIONS of new dollars are created, your dollar buying power will lose even more value. People currently fleeing for safety are hoarding dollars. This literally is akin to jumping out of the frying pan, directly into the fire. Please ... Don’t miss the forest for the trees. BUY GOLD!

Sell gold? Buy stocks? -Jim Carrillo, 8.07.08


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