We’re Headed For A Crash, Says Seer Gerald Celente — Keep Buying Gold

According to famous forecaster Gerald Celente, the world is in the midst of another depression and the US is heading for another crash. According to him, "society as we know it will break down." Celente advises investors to keep investing in gold and protect themselves.

By Henry Blodget
September 14, 2011
Yahoo! Finance

Famous forecaster Gerald Celente of Trends Research says the world's in the midst of another depression and that we're headed for another crash.

Celente won't get specific about what he means by "crash," at least with respect to the stock market, but he's convinced that the world is going to the dogs.

We'll have riots, he says. And wars. And society as we know it will continue to break down.

Unlike other doomsayers, Celente doesn't lay the blame for this ghastly situation on one political party or the other. He ridicules both of them, along with our government in general.

And could the right policies save us from this crash?

Yes, says Celente. If we cut our spending and debts and returned to a government by the people and for the people, we'd eventually be fine. But that's not going to happen. In the meantime, consumers are tapped out, inequality is increasing, and the people are getting restless and angry with a government that is now run by lobbyists.

So what's an investor to do?

Keep buying gold, says Celente.

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