Take a moment to study this chart. As you can see, not one investment category
has performed consistently over the 20-year period.

For example, in 1983 and 1984, the gold sector was the worst performer. By 1987, it was the best. Fast-forward to 1999, when, at the peak of the dot-com boom, small-cap growth stocks were the best performers. The next year, they hit rock bottom. This is why you need a well-balanced, diversified portfolio.

Also note that 2000-2003 gold has been among the best performing sectors, while at the same time, Large Growth stocks (DOW) have been among the worst. Therefore, by allocating your assets among a variety of categories, you protect yourself from from unpredictable shifts in the market. In other words, you avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.

It has been a decade since gold made the top category in 2002. We expect this trend to continue. Swiss America clients understand that the true definition of asset diversification must include gold and silver. In 2001-2003, their patience has been rewarded. Here is a sample quote from a long-time client and well known entertainer, Pat Boone ...

"Swiss America taught me an investment strategy that works, whether stocks go up OR down! I call it my 'NO-MATTER- WHAT-HAPPENS Strategy' because it includes tangible assets, like U.S. gold coins, which are not driven by Wall Street shenanigans, but rather, by the simple law of supply and demand." -PAT BOONE

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