Sep 09, 2003

Without a doubt, gold is the best financial news out there, yet the mass media still goes out of their way to ignore it. Thus, so far, the new gold rush has been pretty much hushed.

But not so in Phase Two. The lid will soon be blown off and both the skeptics and the pubic will understand why gold represents the healthiest bull market in the financial world.

The steady rise in the gold price should be telling us that something big is getting ready to happen out there. Greenspan has said that gold prices foretell of higher interest rates, inflation and further dollar devaluation.

->Gold has served as the ultimate hedge against uncertainty.

->Gold has served as the most private investment available.

->Gold has served as the asset with best growth potential - whether the long-awaited economic recovery arrives in '03 or not!

In Sept. 2001, gold was $285. By Sept. 2002, gold rose to $320. Now, in Sept. 2003, gold has topped $380. As I have told you, gold is now well on it's way to $480-$600 over the next year.

During this next, more explosive Phase Two of the 21st century gold rush, I expect to see daily and weekly advances of 2-4%, based on many converging social, political and economic factors.

Wars, soaring debt and deficits, dollar declines, stock and real estate overvaluation, take your pick - but the cumulative effect will be expotential - reducing American investors portfolios dramatically, unless decisive action in taken ASAP.

IF you have NOT yet taken time to diversify a portion of your assets into tangibles like U.S. gold and silver coins, PLEASE do it today!

Read more about these converging factors leading to Phase Two in The New Gold Rush, Part II. Featuring 39 quotes and articles by market gurus like Richard Russell, Bill Bonner, Martin Weiss, John Mauldin, The Aden Sisters, Stephen Roach, Thom Calandra... just to name a few. Now the fun begins! Cheers! -CRS

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