July Market News

NIA Exposes Debt Ceiling Truth- National Inflation Association--7.30.11

Debt Deal Offers Only Small Blessings for US Economy- CNBC--7.31.11

Top economist Williams: No matter what happens with the debt ceiling, the money printing will continue- The Daily Crux--7.28.11

Lacker Says More Fed Stimulus Would Increase Inflation Rather Than Growth- Bloomberg--7.28.11

Investors, Worried About Debt Talks, Look for Havens- NY Times--7.27.11

Debt impasse or not, Social Security reform is coming - MSNBC--7.27.11

Talk of US Default Sparks Interest in Alternate Currency Investments- NUWIRE Investor--7.27.11

Federal Reserve won't solve debt ceiling crisis- CNN Money--7.27.11

Brace for the Worst as Debt Ceiling Crisis Deadline Nears- Money Morning--7.26.11

IMF head Lagarde warns 'clock ticking' on US debt deal- BBC News--7.26.11

Dollar hits four-month low as Obama warns on debt- DAWN--7.25.11

QE3 could push inflation in emerging markets - The Economic Times--7.24.11

Dollar may Plummet as Debt Ceiling Deadline nears- Forex Dice--7.23.11

Wall St. Makes Fallback Plans for Debt Crisis - Yahoo! Finance--7.20.11

Joke Is on China as U.S.’s AAA Becomes Laughable: William Pesek- Bloomberg-- 7.19.11

US debt talks threaten dollar's safe haven status- The Telegraph--7.17.11

Economist Forecasts 20 Percent Further Drop in Housing Prices - ABC News--7.17.11

Manufacturing Gauge Slumps as Core Inflation Gains- CNBC--7.15.11

‘QE3′ Would Be The ‘Most Bullish Factor’ For Commodities — Panel- Forbes--7.13.11

US Default Inevitable: Fund Manager- Gold IRAs--7.13.11

Dollar in full retreat, NZD storms 30-year peak- Reuters--7.13.11

The Fed's Game Plan: Growth Today, Inflation Tomorrow- Business Insider--7.13.11

Whatever Happens, Commodities Win: Jim Rogers- CNBC--7.11.11

World stocks slump on renewed EU debt concerns- Yahoo! Finance--7.11.11

Geithner says hard times to continue for many - Yahoo! News--7.10.11

U.S. Greater Depression Accelerates- Bullion Bulls Canada--7.8.11

The next, worse financial crisis- Market Watch--7.6.11

Fed's Massive Stimulus Had Little Impact: Greenspan- CNBC--7.1.11

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