Metals and Energy Hit Highest Values in Decades
Las Vegas Hard Assets Investment Conference, September 6-7, 2006

PHOENIX, AZ (IFNews) -- If ever there was a perfect time to rebalance your portfolio with hard commodities, this is it.

The 13th annual Las Vegas Hard Assets Investment Conference, this year at the Mandalay Bay Resort, is a must-attend event for both experienced and new resource investors.

Profit in the new economy as gold, silver metals and energy hit decade-highs and learn about new exploration and developing projects, fueled by rocketing resource prices.

Attend two full days of workshops, investment panels, market forecast seminars and executive presentations, all free with pre-registration.

Wednesday, Sept. 6th hear keynote Craig R. Smith, noted author on oil economics and gold investing discuss "Oil, Gold and the Iranian Wildcard."

According to Mr. Smith, "Oil rich countries have latched onto the "peak oil" theory and are now using it against us. Why in the world would they want to sell their oil for a penny less than what the market would bear, if the earth is in fact running dry of oil as the Peakers suggest?"

"Guess what?" Mr. Smith continues. "That's exactly what the oil producing countries have embraced and that's why many are now looking to be paid in the Euro, Yen, or gold -- or any other form of money that doesn't have a portrait of a dead U.S. President on it."

"Chevron's find in the Gulf of Mexico validates our argument in Black Gold Stranglehold that oil did not come from the remains of ancient plant and animal life but is made naturally by the Earth -- and the Gulf is a huge resource for finding oil and natural gas", Craig R. Smith told Tuesday.

Mr. Smith will be signing copies of his latest release, Black Gold Stranglehold, at the Conference Cocktail Party Wednesday at 5:45pm together with Howard Ruff, who will sign his latest release, Safely Prosperous or Really Rich?

Thursday, Sept. 7th hear keynote speaker John Dizard, weekly columnist for the London Financial Times and former gold bear turned bull.

"The general public is finally accepting the real estate bust as fact, a long time after it began. The consequent wariness among the investing public is leading to a search for safe-haven industries" wrote Mr. Dizard in the London Financial Times last week.

Mr. Dizard has previously written, "The four-figure dollar numbers [for an ounce of gold] that are now only a gleam in the gold bugsí eyes could well be hit. How can we be sure this isnít a long-term peak for gold? Well, the public really didnít get as caught up in this gold frenzy as it did in the dot-com stock boom, or anywhere near as involved as it did in real estate speculation."

Other featured Speakers include; Pamela Aden, Robert Bishop, Adrian Day, James Dines, John Doody, Michael Economides, Peter Grandich, Elliott Gue, Frank Holmes, Ian McAvity, David Morgan, Lawrence Roulston, Howard Ruff, Rick Rule, Richard Sachs, Jay Taylor and James Turk.

FREE ADMISSION with pre-registration; register online at or call 305 669 1963 x222, US and Canada 800 282 7469, x222. Conference rates available at the Mandalay.

DISCLAIMER: All of the provided information is believed to be accurate, however errors are possible. The opinions in the Commentary section do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Swiss America. Past performance of any investment is no guarantee of future performance. All investments have risk.

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