Other Videos of Interest Continued

United States Budget Dilemma- 3.14.12

Just Like 1965, These Are Golden Years - WSJ/MarketWatch, 6.12.12

U.S. debt crisis explained: IOUSA 4.20.12

"If I wanted America to fail" , 4.20.12

Ron Paul on CNBC: Paper Money's Moral Hazard, 4.23.12

Taxing Time For Americans - David Walker, CNBC, 4.16.12

Detlev Schlichter - author, "Paper Money Collapse", 10.5.11

"End of the Road" Documentary Trailer, 3.22.12


"Capitalism Is An Alternative For What We Have Now" -Jim Grant on CNBC, 3.7.12

Ron Paul Confronts Ben Bernanke- 2.29.12

Pat Robertson Predicts 2012 Economic Collapse, 1.3.12

"Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano" Fox Business interviews Lewis Lehrman, 12.30.11

Gold's Purchasing Power Rising 'Dramatically' - CNBC, 12.11.11

When Telling the Truth is Wrong -11.21.11, Prager University

Jim Grant: Inflation Will Hit Suddenly - Wealthtrack

Lowell Ponte explains 'Occupy Wall St.' to CBN News - 10.13.11

Gold in Fort Knox? Part I - Brad Meltzer's Decoded - History Channel

Is Fort Knox Empty? - History Channel 10.5.11

Central Banking: The God That Failed -FoxBiz, 9.12.11

Reagan Campaign Ad on The Gold Standard - GoldStandardSolution.com, 9.2.11

Keynes celebrates the End of The Gold Standard - Mises.org, 9.4.10

Santelli's Rant on Govt. $ Printing- 9.2.11

Gold Standard Comeback Enjoys Support - 9.1.11

Ron Paul vs Bernanke: Is Gold Money? - July 13, 2011

"Thank Your Military"

Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two, April 2011

Iranian Regime Video Says Mahdi is Near- CBN, April 2011

GoldNomics - Cash or Gold Bullion? - GoldCoreLimited, January 2011

"The Madness of a Lost Society 2: Final Warnings" -SGTbull07, January 2011

"Crashing the Dollar video" -Idea Factory Films, December 2010

"The Day the Dollar Died" - inflation.us, November 2010

"Quantitative Easing Explained" -omidmalekan.com, November 2010

"I want your money!" - RGentertainment.com, August 2010

"Fear the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem -Econstories.tv, January 2010

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