Robin Griffiths - We Will See at Least $8,500 Gold

One of the top strategist in the world, Robin Griffiths, claims that it is essential to own gold. Central banks have been trying to stimulate growth by printing money and Griffiths claims we must hedge that risk by owning gold.

July 27, 2011
Eric King

With gold and silver consolidating recent gains, today King World News interviewed one of the top strategists in the world, Robin Griffiths of Cazenove out of London. Cazenove Capital is the appointed stockbroker to Her Majesty The Queen. When asked about gold Griffiths responded, “It’s essential to own it, basically the West is so deep in debt across the western world that it can’t possibly grow at more than very modest rates. Central banks, to try to stimulate growth, are printing paper money into oblivion, and we’ve simply got to hedge that risk by owning gold.”

Griffiths continues:

“If you adjust the old all-time high in gold...if you use the RPI, you come up with a figure near $8,500 as the genuine price for gold, the old all-time high adjusted for inflation. I think we have to own it. Obviously it won’t go there in a straight line, it gets a little overbought and has setbacks, but I think it will probably hit $1,750 on this run. Then it might well have a three month period going sideways before moving up again.

It’s probable now at last that the gold mining companies which have massively lagged behind bullion, will start to catch-up because they’ve become very cheap. You see if you go back to a much earlier cycle, when people wanted to buy gold they had to buy gold mining companies.

This time a few billion has gone into exchange traded funds that would have bought the gold mining companies, so they have lagged. But they are now astonishingly cheap and I think a catch-up period will take place. So owning some bullion and some selected mining stocks makes a lot of sense.”

Robin Griffiths has access to and consults with many of the wealthiest families in the world. He discusses in this interview what they are doing with their own money.

The KWN audio interview with Robin Griffiths will be available shortly and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.

To see original article CLICK HERE

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