Steady growth despite gold market volatility

By Tom Rodriguez, Sr. Broker, Swiss America
July 12, 2006

Since I last wrote about U.S. Gold Commemoratives in May 2004, we've seen an average of a 30% price increase in grades MS64, MS65 and MS66, with several dates increasing 45% to over 50%!

This niche of the U.S. rare coin market offers a true diversification on your portfolio of tangible assets. Due to the increase in demand and limited availability of high quality "sight-seen" coins, we expect this series to continue performing for several years to come.


For years, Swiss America has suggested high-grade (MS64-MS67) U.S. Gold Commemorative coins (minted 1903-1926) to our clients as part of a properly diversified portfolio of tangible assets.

With only 11 coins in the set (excluding the 1915-S $50 Round and $50 Octagonal), U.S. Gold Commems are extremely popular with collectors, investors, and novice beginners.

The Lewis and Clark gold commemorative coins were the only two-headed U.S. coins ever minted. They were originally sold in 1904 for two dollars at a Portland, Oregon, fair celebrating the famous expedition.


Despite the recent volatility in the gold bullion and lower grade generic $20 gold piece markets, the U.S. Gold Commemorative coin prices have remained steadfast without a downward correction. Why? Well, to quote another major national coin dealer;

"They [Gold Commems] bridge the gap between gold bullion and the ultra-rare condition census coins. U.S. Gold Commemoratives are influenced by factors, which are independent of the price of gold. For example, collector motivation can be a significant source of demand for these coins, a factor completely absent in the bullion market. These factors have enabled these sectors to appreciate during bear markets for gold bullion."

The major national firm quoted above has also started to recommend U.S. Gold Commems to their clients.

U.S. Gold Commemoratives have been almost completely overlooked in recent years as demand for both lower-grade $20 gold pieces and gold bullion have consistently moved up in price.

But what if the price momentum for gold bullion stalls, or moves sideways for weeks, months or even years? No problem to the owners of high-quality U.S. Gold Commemorative coins!

The U.S. Gold Commemorative series is one of only a handful of rare coin collections, especially in U.S. gold coins, that you can put together a complete set without paying a king's ransom.

These golden gems represent outstanding value, both as a long-term investment and as a current undervalued asset. U.S. Gold Commemorative coin prices start for less than a common-date, gem-quality $20 gold piece! I personally know of a gentleman who put together five sets of U.S. Gold Commemoratives for each of his five children's trusts.


Swiss America only deals in "Sight-seen" (hand-selected) U.S. Gold Commems, in other words the BEST. The reason is that they historically command the highest premium at resale or liquidation.

Call your Swiss America broker today at 1-800-289-2646 to discuss specific recommendations, pricing and availability. Read more about Lewis & Clark Gold Coins online at www.swissamerica.com

If you haven't thought of, or purchased any of these gems yet … PLEASE DO IT! We may never see these prices again (especially when other MAJOR dealers are now acquiring them for their client's portfolios). Supply is very limited. Get yours before the demand starts to effect the current prices!

Read more about Lewis & Clark Gold Commemorative Coins online:

REDISCOVERING GOLD IN THE 21ST CENTURY by Craig Smith (7/01) ... "While the stock market bulls and bears were busy battling, a quiet bull market in tangible assets and collectibles began in 1999. A this moment U.S. Gold Commemorative coins are blazing a trail toward a modern renaissance of historic American gold - with annual growth of 30-50% per year."
U.S. GOLD COMMEMS: BUY THE DIPS! -Craig Smith (1/04)
U.S. GOLD COMMEMORATIVES (1903-1925) Research Report (5/01)
WHY I'M BULLISH ON LEWIS & CLARK, by Craig Smith (7/02)
BULLION DOWN, COINS UP? by Craig Smith -"The New Gold Rush" (8/02)

** REQUEST A FREE COPY OF "REDISCOVERING GOLD IN THE 21ST CENTURY". Since published in 2001, a growing army of analysts, economists and responsible journalists have announced that gold is in a confirmed, fundamental, technical or "secular" bull market.
DISCLAIMER: All of the information in this story is believed to be true, however errors are possible.
Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. All investments have risk. -SATC

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