Obama Is an Equal Opportunity Betrayer

According to Lowell Ponte, a noted author and commentator, President Barack Obama has become an equal opportunity betrayer. President Obama has recently promised amnesty to certain illegal immigrants and would bypass Congress, the Constitution and existing federal laws.

Monday, 18 Jun 2012 10:46 AM
By Lowell Ponte

In its sheer, high-handed arrogance, President Barack Obama's new directive to stop enforcing the law — his order to officers sworn to uphold ours laws and Constitution to cease deporting up to 800,000 illegal aliens — may have no parallel in American history.

As Bill Gheen of the Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC) put it, President Obama's decree would "bypass the Congress, existing federal laws, the outcome of the elections, the opposition of most American citizens, and the U.S. Constitution."

"While this dictatorial action may gain him more legal and illegal Hispanic votes, it will likely cost Obama the election," wrote Gheen, "sending more Americans to Mitt Romney's promises of immigration enforcement instead of amnesty for illegal immigrants."

President Obama's decree does, indeed, open the door to amnesty and a "path to citizenship" for those he has put above the law.

And once they have citizenship, U.S. policy allows "chain migration" giving citizens ways to bring relatives from foreign lands — not only parents but also others — legally into the United States.

Not long ago President Obama told an audience that he wished he could impose this policy by himself, without having to secure the agreement of Congress, but that the U.S. Constitution did not give him this power.

On Friday Mr. Obama, facing likely defeat in the November elections, simply seized this power.

Republicans have thus far been embarrassingly quiet about this outrage, perhaps out of fear of offending Hispanics or because Obama claims to be implementing the "Dream Act" ideas of GOP rising star and potential vice presidential nominee, Florida Cuban-American Sen. Marco Rubio.

Perhaps even more astonishing, Obama's decree directs not only that deportion of up to 800,000 illegals be halted, but also that these people be given work permits.

As Rush Limbaugh rightly asked, does this mean that these 800,000 will now be added to today's sky-high unemployment rolls?

Unemployment officially stands at 8.2 percent, but when the underemployed and those too discouraged to keep seeking work are added, the real number of those needing full-time work soars far above 14 percent.

Among men age 25-54, one in five has no job.

Among teen-age job seekers, unemployment this summer is projected to be 70 percent.

And President Obama has just added 800,000 people to America's legal pool of potential workers.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will be pleased. Days ago he told Congress not to worry about high inflation from all the paper money the Fed has been generating out of thin air. Why? Because, said Bernanke, of high unemployment. Having 24 million Americans desperate for work keeps wages and raises down and thereby suppresses the cost of labor.

What fascinates this columnist is the special egalitarianism of President Obama.

The group suffering today's highest unemployment — above 13 percent — is Obama's most loyal core constituency, African-Americans.

And on the lower rungs of the employment ladder, the most devastating competitors taking jobs from African-Americans are Latinos, especially illegals willing to work for low pay.

Obama has likely just driven up black unemployment to 14 or 15 percent and driven down African-American incomes.

Other politicians routinely betray their opponents, but they support their friends and allies.

President Obama loves equality so much that he has become an "equal opportunity betrayer," willing to betray African-Americans to gain votes from Latinos.

Latinos should ask themselves: if President Obama betrays even his most loyal followers, then why believe you can trust him?

To judge this tree by its toxic fruit, since President Obama is ruling like a megalomaniac who puts himself above the law, can any American ever again trust Barack Obama as president?

It was our mistake in 2008. We elected as America's chief executive someone with zero executive experience.

We picked a commander in chief with zero military experience.

And, in a time of terrorism, we elected someone to safeguard America's security an ideological radical who — because of his past associations with terrorists such as Bill Ayers — would probably not qualify for a security clearance to see America's classified information.

Voting for President Obama was a dangerous mistake that no one should make again in 2012.

Lowell Ponte is co-author, with Craig R. Smith, of "Crashing the Dollar: How to Survive a Global Currency Collapse"; "The Inflation Deception: Six Ways Government Tricks Us . . . And Seven Ways to Stop It"; and "Re-Making Money: Ways to Restore America's Optimistic Golden Age." For a limited time, you can get a free postpaid copy of "The Inflation Deception" by calling 800-630-1494.

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