America's growing government

Lowell Ponte, noted author and commentator, points out that since President Obama has been in office, government has grown at least 25%. With so many government workers and individuals receiving a government check, the country is turning into a welfare state because the only thing those individuals will care about is their government checks.

Russ Jones
6/15/2012 4:05:00 AM
One News Now

While some believe President Barack Obama's stimulus programs have been good for the economy, a noted author and commentator points out that government has grown 25 percent during Obama's three years in office.

Obama shocked the nation last Friday when he declared that America's "private sector is doing fine." But Lowell Ponte, co-author of The Inflation Deception: 6 Ways Government Tricks Us and 7 Ways to Stop It!, says that is anything but true.

He points out that taxes and regulatory fees now consume 61 percent of the average American's life, while Obama has hired up to 10,000 new federal employees every month and expanded the federal government's share of a weakening economy.

"They basically have half the country and are receiving a government check or benefiting from it," Ponte reports. "That means that once you exceed 50 percent, as researchers found at … London School of Economics, you're basically locked into a welfare state forever, because the only thing half the populous cares about in an election is Will my government check keep coming and get bigger?"

The author explains that the average federal employee gets paid $126,000 each year in wages plus benefits -- roughly double the income of the typical private sector employee.

"A government check is a government check -- it means that those people look to government as their source of income rather than [to] the private sector," Ponte offers. "It means they are now more allied with government than they are independence. It means that government is the teat from which they draw their sustenance."

Ponte is currently a columnist at and has been a guest on the Today show, Good Morning America, David Letterman and other programs. He has also served as an aide to the California legislature, a reporter in Washington, DC, a foreign correspondent reporting from 33 countries, co-partner in a successful Hollywood public relations firm, and a radio talk-show host.

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