June 13, 2011

The CEO of General Motors wants to raise the gas tax by up to $1 per gallon as a way to “nudge” Americans into buying more fuel-efficient cars.

“GM wants to force Americans to buy cars we don't want,” says Craig R. Smith, who is available for Talk Show interviews, adding, “Such as the quasi-electric Volt that costs $48,000 and gets as little as 35 miles to a charge-up. No wonder only about 2,000 have sold nationwide since last December.”

Such a tax hike would hurt the poor most of all, warns Smith, author of the book The Inflation Deception: Six Ways Government Tricks Us...and Seven Ways to Stop It!, to be published later this month.

“Imagine what an extra $18 per fill-up two or three times each week will do to the minimum-wage worker who must drive 40 miles a day in a gas-guzzler to and from a job,” says Smith.

“That will cost working Americans at least $1,800 a year for each car a family drives to work! If husband and wife both commute, that's more than another $3,600 a year out what you earn!” says Smith.

“The gasoline tax is one of the most regressive of all taxes. It devastates the lives of many of the hardest-working Americans.”

“By picking this worker's pocket, GM makes it even less likely that he or she can ever afford a new car,” says Smith, whose 2010 book Crashing the Dollar: How to Survive a Global Currency Collapse received wide media attention.

“And it gets worse,” says Smith, a frequently-interviewed monetary expert and the Chairman and Founder of Swiss America Trading Corporation.

“A $1 jump in fuel prices will also hit all the truckers whose eighteen-wheelers deliver almost everything you buy, including food at your local supermarket,” warns Smith.

“Even if you don't drive, a huge jump in fuel taxes will quickly ripple through the economy, make the prices of almost everything skyrocket, and take a big bite out of your wallet,” says Smith. “They're steering our economy off a cliff and into high or even hyper-inflation.”

“President Barack Obama, whose expropriation of two auto makers at the start of today's financial crisis turned General Motors into Government Motors, effectively handpicked Dan Akerson as GM's CEO,” says Smith.

“This $1 jump in gasoline taxes is apparently President Obama's idea,” says Smith, “because the General Motors CEO is Mr. Obama's creature, put there to help carry out President Obama's crony capitalist economic agenda.”

“To be fair,” adds Smith, “taxpayers may have lost more than $14 Billion through the government takeover of General Motors, yet the company has committed itself to spending $1.5 Billion on new manufacturing facilities to provide jobs.”

“The only problem,” says Smith, “is that General Motors is spending the $1 Billion of this on a car factory in Brazil and the remaining half-billion dollars on a GM car factory in Mexico.”

“As to President Obama and Chrysler, he nationalized this once-successful American auto maker and is now de-nationalizing it by making it an Italian-owned company,” says Smith.

“Mr. Obama gave nearly half the company to his political allies and big money contributors, the United Auto Workers union, and is now giving a majority stake in Chrysler to the Italian auto maker Fiat. Chrysler will no longer really be an American car maker.

“We'll be colonial workers enriching Italy, a little like one of the colonies that two thousand years ago shipped their wealth to the Roman Empire,” he says.

“The U.S. Dollar is now a paper fiat currency that gets its only value from a fiat, a government command,” says Smith's co author Lowell Ponte, a former think tank futurist, who is also available for Talk Show interviews, adding, “We should not be surprised that we are getting fiat jobs from a Fiat foreign-owned Chrysler Motors.”

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