7 Mega Trends of Precious Metals

7 Mega Trends of Precious Metals
By David Bradshaw
Editor, Real Money Perspectives
June 23, 2008

No, you're not too late! In fact, you're just in time for the best stage of this multi-decade bull market cycle in commodities like gold, silver, oil, food and collectibles: the mega-stage. Big moves over a few years time.

Sure, gold has already tripled, but experts say it may rise fivefold again over the next decade, based on; history, facts, fundamentals and common sense.

Bull markets in commodities run 15 to 23 years on average. Experts say these first six years have been a stealth bull market, mostly hidden from the public. But not for much longer! The mass media is gradually informing the public about the exciting future of gold. We suggest staking your gold claim ASAP, ahead of the crowd. But first you need some trustworthy educational tools to get up to speed on gold quickly!

According to Harry Schultz, one of the top financial newsletter editors: "Gold is starting into the most exciting part of its long-term bull market, the so-called second (and monetary) phase. Herein we normally see the biggest percentage gains, matched by biggest corrections. My tentative targets (by end of 2008): 14% inflation, $1,600 gold and $45 silver."

Moving no faster than a 19-century stagecoach, the 21st century secular bull market in gold has managed to escape mainstream media fanfare so far. But not in 2008!

In 2008 gold prices rocketed from $833 to over $1,000/oz., then pulled back below $900/oz. Gold prices have grown at least $100/oz. per year since 2003. Experts now see $2,000 plus gold by 2012!

"Gold is NOT a mainstream investment YET, because it's seen as difficult to understand," financial gurus tell Reuters. But with Swiss America's GOLD 101 DVD, understanding gold has never been easier!

Even mainstream investment banks like Morgan Stanley and Citibank are now forecasting four-digit plus gold in 2008! So, does this mean it's too late to buy gold? In a word, NO!

$900 gold: cheap or expensive?

When it comes to understanding gold, don't expect much help from the financial "pros". Few understand the full impact of real world inflation. Consequently, Americans need help deciphering "real" gold prices.

Example: In 2007 financial media headlines reported: "Gold at 28-year high" yet, fail to mention that after discounting prices for inflation, gold must rise above $2,200 an ounce -- over twice the current price -- to achieve the previous price 1980 peak.

In reality gold is just under half way toward reaching a "real" new high. Using the official CPI inflation adjuster $800/oz. gold in Sept. 2007 equated to $316/oz. gold back in 1980. Rather than being near a market top, gold remains the buy of a generation.

For the last two generations Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that paper money and credit have replaced gold as "real money", but today's growing currency, credit and confidence crisis explains gold's meteoric rise perfectly.

Since the dawn of creation, gold has been the world's ultimate store of value: Gold has served as a universal monetary substance in all civilizations. Why? Because gold is one of the few common values that has united mankind throughout the millennia, transcending race, religion and geography - a rarely noted fact but significant in light of today's growing cultural convergence and emerging global economy.

Athough the so-called financial experts had officially declared "Gold is dead!" a decade ago, substance always triumphs over symbolism in the long term. Today gold, the ultimate substance, is one of the hottest commodities in the 21st century!

Slowly but steadily gold prices have nearly tripled over the last seven years: Now that gold prices have touched $1,000/oz. an exciting NEW public phase is beginning. Strong physical demand, a falling dollar, central-bank buying and concerns about inflation are but a few of the major elements driving this worldwide precious metals rally which has yet to fully impact the U.S. public.

To fully grasp this historic opportunity, request a free copy of our new 75-page Special Report "7 Mega Trends in Precious Metals", together with our "GOLD 101 DVD" you'll understand why the summer of 2008 offers a great value buy for gold and silver -- before the next surge by this fall. Prepare to be inspired ... to rediscover gold in the 21st century with us!
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